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  1. Grammar question: Can you say, "I issued in the new year by making a toast"? Is "issue in" a phrase that exists? As in if you're trying to say, "I welcomed in the new year by making a toast"? I'm sure I've heard that phrase before.
  2. I actually luckily ended up finding a few on craigslist. Thanks though.
  3. Where can I buy a 55 gallon food grade steel drum? I'm trying to make an ugly drum smoker, and I can't find any in the classifieds that are even close to me.
  4. Piece of **** itunes gift card. There's this thick layer of adhesive you have to put your body weight into to scratch off, then the letters and numbers of the code immediately scratch off with it. There's ****ing $25 down the drain. Steve Jobs is a thief. His computers suck *** too. If I see that spinning multicolor wheel one more time I'm going to rip the thing in half.
  5. Why do country songs reference "Me and Bobby McGee"? That is one of the worst songs I've ever heard in my entire life.
  6. Sometimes it feels good to get that cold burst. Sometimes, I like to emphasize my whiteness by wearing shorts with work boots, a long sleeve t shirt, and a camo hat. Yeah, those are good days.
  7. How can I find when these tickets go on sale? http://www.livenation.com/event/0100466EDFE0B2FD?crosssite=TM_US:767989:8370
  8. When you get cowboy boots resoled, can you get a different heel size or does that have to stay the same throughout the life of the boot?
  9. Is there no Favre Sterger thread? I just listened to the voicemails. There is no way that's Favre speaking. It sounds like a horrible impersonation of someone trying to sound Southern and taking it a little too far.
  10. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger is my motto for anchovies. My absolute favorite seafood is rockfish. I also like scallops and mussels a lot, although the best shellfish is definitely Chesapeake Bay crab (from VA, not MD) and raw oysters.
  11. I was about to drive down rough terrain and decided to test my 4 wheel drive (1998 Toyota 4Runner). When I shifted, there was a screech and click. Long story short, I never could get it to work and now the shifter is stuck in regular high position. What can I do? Also, does it matter if you have it in park as opposed to neutral when you make the shift?
  12. You should be sorry. I'd rather read incorrectly spelled words than ones with two many letters.
  13. I've already posted this, but it makes me angry every day. Women purposefully spel words wrog on the internet (facebook) and also put extra letterssss on maaany of theiir wordss. Guys don't use punctuation or capitalization. Call me old school, but that's just dumb to spell incorrectly on purpose as if to say, "I'm too ******* cool to care about this simple-minded task like spelling because I have much more important things to do with my awesome life."
  14. I'm glad we have a real GM to handle all this excitement. I'll admit that Vinny had a pretty good eye for talent.
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