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If you HAD to wear 1 of the prep designer brands which would it be?


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Yeah I'll vouch for AE's durability... The jeans I have on right now are probably 4 or 5 years old... I have had problems with them ripping in a certain spot, but that's been every jean I've ever owned...

But $50 for a pair of jeans that lasted me 4 years, I'll take it... Hell I've still got shirts from Sophomore year ('01) in my closet... My polos are probably from '03 and they still look pretty new...

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Hollister is a cheap, flashy version of Abercrombie and Fitch. Ruehl is also owned by the same parent company, and is a nicer version of A&F. Basically, Hollister is for high schoolers, A&F is for college-aged kids, and Ruehl is for those who still like the clothes but feel really old when they walk in to either of the other stores.

LOL My middle school daughter wears them all.....

Bottom line, it's clothing for kids. :silly: Not that there is anything wrong with that. :evilg:

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I would consider A&F somewhat designer, and maybe Hollister. American Eagle is kinda a mid-level brand, something in between Old Navy and closer to Gap. Aeropostale and Old Navy are pretty much on the same level. Neither of them are worth buying from as their clothes do not have lasting value if worn regularly. Abercrombie, overpriced for a product that has gotten worse when it used to be much better. Don't know much about Hollister, but it caters to a specific crowd too. Either way, all these stores cater to high school/college kids who only care to dress for summer/beach environments.

ALl things considered, AE offers a pretty good value. The clothes don't look too messed up and the prices are decent. Plus I always hear of how long their jeans last.

I guess I've just outgrown those places, I don't even care for Gap much. Express, Banana Republic, Martin & Osa, J Crew, and even department stores are what interest me now, especially since they boast a good quality and have ridiculously cheap prices at times.

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Its not that they don't look right. Every black guy I know has this thing about "thong" flip flops. They think its gay or something. They are like "Its a THONG flip flop". Its just a cultural thing.
They prefer tube socks and sandals :doh:

IMO that is epic fail.

I actually prefer neither lol. When I wear flip flops, I wear regular flip flops that have the strap over them, not thong flip flops. They just feel weird. And no I don't wear socks. I only wear flip flops to the beach or pool anyways, I never wear them out in public. I prefer my Sperry's. haha it's not a cultural thing at all. I see a lot of black folks with thong flip flops on, it's just not my thing.

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I will not be with men who wear any of that nastiness. Soooooo dorky. Total turn-off.

I'm with you.

Only two kinds of sandals/flip-flops are acceptable IMO for men...


which I own with the bottle opener on the bottom:D



who hasn't owned a pair of these

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I dont consider any of those brands to be prep clothes.

I will take a Polo, Lacoste, or CK shirt any day of the week compared to those brands,

And for me, men dont wear sandals unless at the beach or pool. Men dont wear sweatpants period. Gym pants and running pants are fine but sweatpants...

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he meant these type of sandals

those are totally fine. Even WITH socks, if you're coming from playing bball. I have a pair of those that I would wear after playing ball so I wouldn't wear my bball shoes out on the street.

Better than hi tops...

Better than timberlands...

What do you want a man to wear in shorts?

NOT sandals. Wear a nice pair of KSwiss or Diesel tennis shoes. Flip flops are fine, too.

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My brother wears shoes like this with shorts and jeans:


They're surfer shoes. He surfs.

Low Air Force Ones are also nice. The all-white reebok classic looks good with shorts as well. Classic newbalances (574s) are good, too.

Many different options. Don't wear sandals.

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In shorts its either:


*disclaimer I am in no way saying that these 2 specific shoes are what I would or do wear, just random google image search results..

This is what I'm talking about.

Those kinds of sandals, "thong" sandals I guess, are a good look. Boat shoes are fine as well, although I don't personally do that style.

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