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  1. What would you have rather I say? Go to HomerTV and register to watch? You would have just spammed this thread with "OMG homertv is broken theres no links" and then I would have had to say "oh, you have to be approved and it takes like a week or two" and I would have had to explain yet again. So I was honest in my first post, not a dick move at all...
  2. It's up on HomerTV channel 6, but if you didn't pre-register a week ago to get approved, you won't be watching it today, sorry.
  3. NOBODY IS SENDING OUT PM'S YOU SHEEP. Think about the logistics of everyone of you getting a PM? Use some common sense and wait for a link to be posted..
  4. god bless king cobra malt liquor in this economy
  5. I'm still streaming the homertv passworded one with no problems.. I wish people who have 0 idea how this works would quit making up crap. These links are not going to go down because of being posted here. We are a very very small population of people. edit: For stream torrent you put the link into the browser and it should default to opening stream torrent
  6. http://cdn1.ustream.tv/swf/4/viewer.185.swf?cid=1/1441927 password : homertv.net
  7. st://A0ECgpwEdTkDOQaCoAHIgBZsnxxfWWWNVfWdYt1J84H1ihcHU1%20Q4MzE5NophAIpBB2RlZmF1bHSKogZTcG9ydHM=
  8. http://eplsite.com/channel7.html# audio for now, working on fixing video
  9. Its absurd, stop spreading rumors that we should PM only so that we can actually watch this game.. Post a link if you are currently streaming it, don't be selfish.
  10. I really doubt we are responsible for these streams dying. And its unfortunate that people are now going to be greedy with their links because they think the people from this site are overloading a stream. These streams have thousands of people watching.
  11. Come on guys somebody be useful and help us out.. don't just find your own like and leave your fellow skins fans in the dust
  12. When I go to homertv its just a blank page? i made an account but I see nothing
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