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  1. I've always played them but not so sure on this one, if I do pick it up it will be a while.
  2. I finished the main story for mordor this weekend and had about 45 hour played. Now I did all the weapons quests and found all the artifacts and spent lots of time just messing with orcs though.
  3. Rediculously excited for the start of my local AHL teams season tonight
  4. I love it been playing it non stop since Tuesday.The whole orc heirachy system is awesome, combat is fun, It reminds me a little of farcry in the sense that there are main missions to do all over the map but then you can also collect artifacts and do side missions that can improve your weapons, also like farcry there's a tower in every area you have to open up before you can do the missions in that area. If you have any specific questions let me know, I'll try to check back if I'm not playing it all day lol.
  5. I've been playing Madden MUT mode and it seems like defense is just ridiculously hard, QB's I don't even recognize light me up.
  6. So just because I'm a sens fan and follow those guys on twitter I have to say he was misquoted. It was something like I'm ready to compete with men on a nightly basis, but the person wrote it down wrong.
  7. Pre-ordered it yesterday, really looking forward to picking it up.
  8. I thought the same thing, I enjoyed reading the hunger games that's what made me want to look into this. Thanks.
  9. Keep seeing ads for that maze runner movie, has anyone read the book? Wondering if it's worth picking up.
  10. Yeah definitely won't be picking up NHL15 with that list of missing features. Maybe once they patch some back in I'll buy a used copy but no way I will give them any money. Because of that I've been thinking about getting Madden, how's franchise mode? Is the scouting/drafting system interesting? I haven't played in a couple years.
  11. Best friend got married last night, I've been working on my best man speech a long time, we've been friends for 25 years so it wasn't hard to come up with. I wasn't sure how it would go over as I'm typically not one for public speaking but afterwards I got so many compliments it was crazy. Like people from the brides side that I don't even know were coming up to me and telling me it was one of the best speeches they've ever heard. Was pretty happy with myself.
  12. What's GMC mode? I don't even recognize that. They already said all the additional features they didn't have time to finish but will add will be free.
  13. Sims 4, NHL15, and Destiny.
  14. Went to gamestop yesterday pre-ordered 3 games, after all my trade ins total cost for all three games, $24.
  15. Not sure why but lately I've really been wanting to learn how to play the guitar. Thinking about doing it. I actually think it comes from all the country music I listen to in the summer.
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