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  1. What if we were somehow able to deal for the 2nd pick? Holy crap just imagine that. We could get T-Rob and Beal.
  2. Wall has been playing terrible as of late, his jumper is still atrocious and he doesn't seem to play with any fire.
  3. Yeah Rashard came to play tonight, no surprise since its his old team
  4. Reaching over the back? Are you ****ing serious? I swear to god. There is a conspiracy against us.
  5. ARE YOU ****ING SERIOUS? I swear to god i have lost all faith in NBA officiating.
  6. Jesus Chirst the magic are nothing but Howard and 3's. I can't wait till he leaves and they are left with nothing
  7. Arenas to the lakers possibly, interesting. I would root for him to get a ring w/ kobe
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