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  1. I had a case of bubble guts all morning
  2. I love T-Mobile's rates! Excellent customer service over Spring and Verizon, both of which I had prior. HOWEVER, after moving to Frederick, I get horrible reception and I get a lot of dropped calls. It was great when I lived in Rockville and the main metropolitan area. Now I am thinking of switching. We don't have a home phone line, so our cell is our only source of com.
  3. Thanks. We are finishing the basement this coming spring to meet the criteria for a daycare (ie bathroom, kitchenette, speperate room, seperate entrance etc). The only thing that needs to be added is finishing the bathroom, adding a fridge, and adding a fence to the backyard. Luckily, she is studying to be a school teacher, so she has a lot of credentials already and she has made good contacts with others who have successfully started and operated their own daycare. Its just a matter of getting it up and started. Its nerve racking!!!
  4. My wifes contract as a nanny with the family she works for ends at the end of July 2010. She is going to start her own daycare at home. Luckily, our next door neighbors are already more than happy to have her watch their two kids. Hopefully she can get a couple more. We are both nervous and excited about this. Probably more nervous!!!
  5. The blonde dude totally got back Jackson for hitting him in the eye. You can see in instant replay that he extended his fingers on purpose!!
  6. After eating good all week and working out like crazy, I BINGED tonight!!!!! ... Now, I have liquid poop
  7. Some of the callers that call in to ESPN 980 DON'T need to be calling!!! Its as if they haven't even thought about what they were going to say when they call in. Also, the people that speak low and soft spoken who exagerate sharp sounding letters like "T" sound like disgusting pervs and should call either!!!
  8. I completely forgot the tailgate with the start of the season
  9. I'm a Vet. too and I don't see how that has to do with anything?
  10. We DEFINITELY need a Brian Orakpo and Albert Haynesworth avatar!!!!!!!
  11. This is for people to get their post count up who never discuss football but spend more time in the tailgate
  12. Whats even funnier is that he is using his friends thoughts about an old topic in an annonymous message board...he couldn't even have come up with this himself? Why post?
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