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If you HAD to wear 1 of the prep designer brands which would it be?


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I'm not afraid to admit that I judge people for what they wear!!!!!!!!!!!

I do too. The way people present themselves can tell you a lot about that person. It's not just clothing brand, it's the whole deal.

Those judgements certainly arent set in stone, but i have found they are more often accurate than not.

Same with the car people drive, or the drink they drink.

Also, i hope nobody is a big fan of Eddie Bauer, they are filing for Chapter 11.

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I have a ton of Eddie Bauer clothes, mostly because of their warehouse store in Columbus OH.

You can get dress slacks for $2. My wife bought a wool sweater for $.25 (that's right, decimal point in front of the 25)

For a while I had about 10 very high quality wrinkle free dress shirts that I'd paid $5 each for. Dam I'm going to miss that place. Monogramed luggage (sure it wasn't your name but who gives a ****) for $10.

Often while the store is full of customers (it always is), they'll announce on the loudspeaker "next 10 minutes only, all shirts are $1", etc. It's the way shopping should be :)

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Yeah, those are nice. Did you buy them online, or get them from a store in Charlotte?

I got one pair in Charlotte and the other pair offline.

Every time I go into North Lake Journey's or Underground Station, they never have my size. North Lake has gotten a lot nicer over the years but I still prefer South Park.

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Britches was a money store. I was bummed when they went out of business.

I absolutely loved the cut of Britches boxers. They were my fav's, now i get my boxers from gap and banana republic... damn close to the same cut. I hate nut hugger boxers that are too short in the leg and your dong slips out past the bottom of the leg. Its uncomfortable when you are at work and you feel like you are falling out and laying against your slacks.

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