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  1. I've never smoked weed before, but a good amount of my friends do, and I'm totally fine with it. Honestly, I've always thought it should be legal. Even in high school, all of my friends smoked, but I usually just had a few drinks. I figured if I didn't try it back then, I would probably never try it. People I know are shocked when they find out that I've never smoked. I'm a pretty happy, fun loving guy, and most just assume that I smoke all the time. Haha.
  2. Same here. After football season ended, I almost completely stopped listening to DC sports talk. It's just the same stuff over and over about the Redskins, and it gets a little tiring. Even if the team was coming off of a great season, it would be tiring. The takes on hockey, baseball and hoops have never been particularly strong, and they just don't spend much time on those sports. I know the Redskins are where their bread is buttered, but how much can you talk about the same stuff? I still listen to Cooley and Kevin every once in a while and Bram occasionally, but my listening wi
  3. Hearing the news about Phil was like a punch in the stomach. I understand that things change, and all good things must come to an end, but I've grown up with Phil Chenier. I don't live in the D.C. area anymore, but I try to go to Wizards games when they play here in Charlotte, and I've talked to Phil a handful of times after games. He's always been so nice and so approachable, unlike some people in the media. The last time I talked with him, he came up in the stands after the game and hung out with my friends and I for a long time. It was a great talk about basketball and broadcast
  4. So...was that not a majority draw? Or did Buffer just botch that? I am so confused. I called majority draw as soon as it was over, but then I was confused when they read the cards.
  5. Damn...that's crazy. I was just reading about that. Apparently they didn't know who he was, it was just a random thing. Haha...I like this line: http://thebiglead.com/2016/08/24/nick-diaz-involved-in-brawl-at-las-vegas-night-club/
  6. http://mmajunkie.com/2016/08/report-former-ufc-welterweight-title-challenger-rory-macdonald-headed-to-bellator I figured this was going to happen as soon as he became a free agent. I have never been a huge MacDonald fan, but he is a very good fighter. I assume he is going to get paid very well, and good for him. He deserves it. I don't think it is a huge loss for the UFC though. Although he is an excellent fighter, he never seemed, to me at least, like he was a "must see" fighter. Earlier in his career, he seemed like he had all the talent in the world, but he has never really gotte
  7. I agree. I liked Sheehan and Loverro. I liked Cooley and Czabe. But Sheehan and Cooley just don't have the same kind of chemistry together. There is just a whole lot of awkwardness on that show. I am definitely not writing them off, it could very well get better over time. But I do not listen as much as I initially did. However, I am pretty excited for Bram's glorious return.
  8. Yep. Fight is off. http://mmajunkie.com/2016/07/jon-jones-notified-of-potential-anti-doping-violation-ufc-200-main-event-with-cormier-off
  9. Did you see that is was a PED? Everything I am seeing just says "a potential doping violation." So I guess it could be a PED, or the ever popular "drug of abuse." Unless you have seen something different.I guess at the end of the day, it does not matter, but I would just be curious given his past and everything he has been saying about being clean.
  10. Unbelievable. Seems like the only person that can beat Jon Jones is himself.
  11. And I don't have a problem with the school, I have a problem with the travel company attached to the school. It's a setup to essentially launder money to get players. Is the point to get these kids schooling (hahahahahaha) and develop them from a basketball perspective, or to make tons of cash? It just feels like the same thing as the shady basketball factories that are routinely set up and shut down and lose accreditation here in the U.S. that were only there to make money off of talented kids. I guess the rules are a little more fuzzy and it is not as easy to monitor a place like that wh
  12. You'll see Kentucky take a $5M overseas travel trip that would have cost $50K elsewhere.
  13. That's not true. There are plenty of schools that don't blatantly cheat or resort to shady stuff and do just fine with recruiting. But to your point, there is a whole lot of garbage that goes on out there. The problem is that the NCAA does not have the manpower or the backbone to do anything about a lot of it. With that said, I am not calling what Maryland is doing here cheating, because the tactic has been out there for a while and the NCAA has not done anything about it.
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