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  1. Yes he went as high as Grand Master, then became more involved with the Shrine Club after years in the Masons. He went all in. I know he wished I would follow in his footsteps but it was too time consuming for me.
  2. He was the grand master of a lodge.
  3. Not true. My dad was a grand poobah. And a shriner. And the treasurer for another offshoot of masons (Tall Cedars). And he talks politics. Plus he works with a female group of the masons. Forget the name. Masons is all about charity, nothing more, nothing less. Doing good for people.
  4. Jordan forced Abe Pollin and the Wizards to finally try and field a competitive team. That's his greatest accomplishment. Jordan made Honest Abe look like a fool and made him spend a dollar.
  5. My buddy with his big green egg had one piece of advice for me. Buy it from a place that will deliver and set it up. He said trust me. Ordered Black Crack based on a recommendation in this thread. Family loves it.
  6. My wife works for the best DUI attorney in Anne Arundel County in MD. This is exactly what you do. You don't give them anything. Now in MD they will suspend your license for refusing the breathalyzer. But your attorney doesn't have to defend what you blow. Say nothing, do nothing, and ask for an attorney.
  7. Well we don't use lync or skype, etc. My developers use the free version of slack and we do business using webex and other methods. I don't have any IT infrastructure to speak of other than some development linux stacks/vm's. I also have no IT support so to speak. My developers built the development environment to include openstack accumulo etc. What my developers wont do is manage an exchange server, which means I would have to hire someone. That's not cheap.
  8. I only use Rackspace as an exchange server. I get all my MS office licenses from 365. When I moved to Rackspace they didn't offer the Office suite. And not sure what addons you are referring to. I just use email and calendar.
  9. Well as with everything in life, it's not all black and white. I used to have a different provider for my exchange email. Without getting into the gory details I went through, the provider was "migrating" my companies email from exchange like 2007 to 2012 or something at the time. They knocked out my email for a week. Pissed me off. My IT wanted me to move email providers. I was so pissed off about the week long outage and skiddish I was opposed to moving. Long story short, Rackspace had by far the cleanest and most comforting option of not only providing the new exchange servers but mi
  10. Obviously it is a cloud solution. And not sure how I could get more out of it. I get exactly what I need.
  11. You went to a cheap italian restaurant. If they don't have soup, salad, and breadsticks they aren't a knockoff. All italian places offer the same ****.
  12. LOL tshile, I am pretty sure you were busting my b's saying I should have used Microsquish instead of Rackspace. Regardless, if you are running a corporation you are in a no win situation. At least buying Office 365 you get some level of hope for backup recovery and continuous uptime. Hiring some certified exchange schlub isn't much of a better option imo. Keeping your own servers, backups, backup power, etc. We are prisoners of technology and the buildings that house it and the clowns that manage it.
  13. On ES, the measure of success seems to be spending as a percentage of the GDP. A real win for everyone.
  14. You seem to imply there is a difference in the two policies and one is better than the other. I would like an explanation of how things are better for either party.
  15. He said the black prints fine from the browser. I invested in a laser printer for my home. It costs more up front but I think in the long run it pays for itself. Plus the quality is way better.
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