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  1. Could literally take months. Supposedly, they brought supplies. Having money doesn't not mean that it's prudent to spend it that way. They didn't bring spouses or kids in, no reason not to Waco the place. Really? Please tell me what specific individuals were responsible for stopping traffic? Obstructing the process of several emergency vehicles responding to calls? Initiated violence in Ferguson? Started riots in Baltimore? Who are these "specific individuals?" If you don't think that BLM was not only aware but encouraged such behavior, you're crazy.
  2. If you actually believe that, I'm not sure how to respond. Because that is pure garbage.
  3. BLM committed arson, destruction of property, robbery, and larceny. Nothing happened.
  4. Okay. Still falls under an "oops." Point is, old Bundy still owes more time and is trying to claim Double Jeopardy
  5. Uh, it definitely falls under an oops. Unless you're saying the judge knew about the minimum sentence and chose to ignore it.
  6. Because they were released prior to having completed their sentence. What else is it?
  7. The part where they served less time than the minimum
  8. The whole point of the 2nd Amendment is to threaten the government.
  9. If we don't call shutting down malls and freeways, blocking ambulances, destroying businesses, burning cities and openly calling for attacking LEOs, "terrorism," why should we call this? They served time. Due to a clerical error, they did not serve the minimum required sentence. The government appealed and now the Bundys are claiming Double Jeopardy.
  10. Anyone ever heard of a company called Washington Cabinetry? They gave me a rather reasonable quote today
  11. Well know one really knows what the Dear Leader will do. Or how long it will be declared legally binding.
  12. But what about Unlimited Breadsticks?
  13. The entire incident was investigated. It's entirely possible that asking about age is not part of the procedure. More over, people are terrible about estimating age. Caller could have said black teenager. That can mean anything from 12 to 19 years old.
  14. Hence why I laugh at most police training. Because the two are different? Police only need to feel threatened.
  15. I didn't say they were right in this instance. I'm only pointing out that it is correct to train police that when going to call where there was a report of a gun, to assume that there is a gun. BTW, if you think police are "highly trained," you should probably research what goes in to their training.
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