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  1. There was one article saying how Bruce should sit tight for now. The team cannot admit they are looking for trade partners or it loses bargaining power and keeps the desperation up from teams wanting the player. However, I feel the counter may be true too; you throw him on the market and create an actual bidding war. I would hope that Bruce is actually entertaining the offers but none have been lucrative yet. I would think that if some team was offering a 1st or 2 2nds, that he would jump on that. Of course with the history of this organization, we are probably going to hear rumors after the trade (as you point out, to NE for a 4th rounder) that some team was offering a 1st for Trent and Bruce was too dumb to take it.
  2. I was looking to see if anyone knew about the tailgating scene in Cleveland. A friend and I are attending the game this Thursday and wanted ideas for tailgating. I could not find a thread on this yet. Any help would be great. Thanks!
  3. Mr. S

    Redskins' what ifs. . .

    I was probably too young to know this back then. It does not seem like he would have been better based on articles I am now reading. Hindsight of course is what it is but he planned to fire Casserly and bring in Cerrato... seems to be what ultimately happened. Maybe he would have otherwise had more patience. How was he as the Islanders owner?
  4. Mr. S

    Would you pay to go to Training Camp

    Nope, no need to rehash the above arguments stated by everyone else. I've gone a few times over the years and each time I was more and more bored watching it. I would not like any idea of paying to get a better view; it just simply makes it harder for people who cannot otherwise afford it and get stuck with less opportunities for a free view.
  5. Mr. S

    Next win will be #600 for Redskins

    Seriously, I've been on since early 2004, and the number of times we have had false hope is crazy. The Packers may have had bad seasons but your team seems better coached and managed overall. When you have only had two QB's since the early 90s, that says something. Also, team success seems to all be about the right QB and coach combo in the end. We have not had that since 1992. We won't have that for some time until we draft a QB high and start grooming them under Smith or whoever next year.
  6. Mr. S

    Amari Cooper

    Santana Moss was no slouch in New York. He had some good seasons here and some average ones. Clinton Portis had his best two seasons with Denver before coming here. Yes, he was successful overall here but when you look at his first two years, he probably would be hall of fame bound if he had stayed in Denver. Fletcher, also while successful here, was no slouch prior. Deangelo Hall is the only one from your list who fits the bill of needing a "change of scenery" to revitalize their career. As for Amari Cooper, maybe for a 4th rounder or later. Maybe he could benefit from a change of scenery but such occurs in stable organizations. We may be closer to that moniker than we ever have been since 1992, but we are nowhere near the level of the Steelers, Packers, Patriots, etc..., teams who can revive someone's career.
  7. I like Devil's Backbone; I don't knock them for being bought out as they seem to taste the same overall. I'm glad they actually partnered with a proper brewery instead of having it made by Bud directly or something stupid. The beer recipes look solid. Also, it seems DB is only saying it's in the stadium for now. If this sells well, we know Dan will ask to widely distribute it. I don't think this alone will get fans like me back into the stadium. I am looking forward to trying it though (ideally outside of the stadium).
  8. Mr. S

    Season Ticket Renewals

    Seems like more of the same from this organization. So much for them acknowledging there is no wait list and announcing an enhanced fan experience. I understand they don't want to send you paper tickets if you already sold some electronically; unsavory people can sell their seat twice and cause a load of issues. However, they should still send the ticket box out with all the promotional items as one poster mentioned.
  9. Mr. S

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    Definitely a lot of things. Do a Game of Thrones tour though not with one of the big groups. There are small companies, often with guides who were extras in the show. We had a private tour and it was worth it.
  10. I was here back then and remember when that article came out. People were indeed proud of it. Also, I think uniforms as a whole have become more skimpy; other teams cheerleaders dress downright trashy and I don't think it was the Redskins to first dress smaller. I am also curious as to why no follow up has occurred regarding this story. It may just go by the wayside but hopefully something is done regarding the pay and conditions for cheerleaders.
  11. May as well just acknowledge that our team will never be good with this kind of management. Lets enjoy our 4 to 8 win seasons and mediocrity for the foreseeable future. I'd be excited for sure if I was a Browns fan. At least they are winning the offseason and we have not for a while.
  12. Mr. S

    Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    It's probably been stated but I need to vent more. I didn't care to keep Kirk and would have liked to take a shot with someone in the draft. However, why not try and use any kind of strategy to get some value for Kirk. Simply franchise him and trade him for a 7th rounder in the least. Second, a third round pick for Smith doesn't seem like the worst, but when the 49ers got Jimmy Garoppollo for a 2nd rounder, a third seems a bit high. Then you add in Fuller, who likely was going to start next year to avoid paying Breeland a large contract? I thought Bruce Allen was more of a business/contracts guy. None of this makes business sense.
  13. Mr. S

    Nationwide Removal of Confederate Statues

    I think something can be said about how Germany has stamped down any reference to Hitler and the Nazi's. You don't see tributes to those leaders of the Nazi party around Germany. You do however see the preserved concentration and death camps showing how horrible they were. Similarly, the people whose ancestors suffered the most due to slavery (mostly African Americans) may not want to see these statues up either. Me being a US born person of South Asian (India) descent, the History fan in me thinks there is something to be said of educating and informing people about the Civil War and the lives of the soldiers and leaders on both sides. Many military innovations came about during the war and some fine strategists and tacticians on both sides played a part. Shouldn't families be allowed to honor their ancestors who died in a truly horrific war? Just like we cannot classify all German soldiers as Nazi's, can we classify all Confederate soldiers as racists? Also, where does it end? Jefferson, Washington, and others had slaves. Are they next? Will we rename Washington DC in due time? But being a history fan, what difference does it make in the end to keep these types of statues up? What benefit is it really bringing? I think at this point we do need to take a page from Germany and, legally and safely (not in protest like that Durham video shows), remove the Confederate statues. Move them to battlefields or museums to at least preserve and teach the history so others don't forget. We, as a country, should not try to honor the wrongs of the past.
  14. Mr. S

    Paloffs is Now: 2007(merged)

    This joke is one of the things that still keeps some of us together! Paloffs will never get old!
  15. Mr. S

    Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    so there are PM's going out with ways to stream the game? Someone please help me out!