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  1. Presumably if we win a super bowl, it would be because the team is better run. This would mean Snyder is not as involved/meddlesome compared to decades past. It seems so far he is allowing others to run the team. We have heard this trope before so who knows how accurate it is. If we win a super bowl in the next few years based on this current trajectory (which likely won't happen), then I think a lot of people will support Snyder for finally learning from his mistakes. By contrast, if we had won the super bowl in 2012, it would feel like a fluke and likely the team would have imploded soon thereafter.
  2. While the 17 game season is polarizing, does it reduce the number of tie breakers needed for playoff seeding? Isn't it as likely that there could be multiple 9-8 teams now? Just asking out of curiosity. Also, 3 wild card teams is nice but hopefully it doesn't lead to a 7-10 team getting in.
  3. Mr. S

    A tight end by any other name

    bring in Anthony Mix for a tryout. He is tall.
  4. Mr. S

    Redskins to lay new turf before 2020 Season

    Yeah, it seems that the issues with the field have subsided after the 2012 season. Grass is what the NFL was and I would prefer they keep that. However, it may make sense to embrace technology and progress by switching to field turf. Don't they say it's better medically for the players also?
  5. Mr. S

    Was Keeping "Hail to the Redskins" worth it?

    These were my thoughts. Soon after Dallas joined, the Falcons and Buccaneers got teams. Kansas City and Houston were AFL teams I believe but they existed. The merger occurred in 1966. Dallas would have eventually gotten a team eventually. It seems back then anyone with financial backing could set up a team. Not as much as in the 1920s to 40s but still doable. It was a pointless move by Marshall and he nearly lost the song as a result. Marshall's personal views and issues are well documented overall.
  6. Mr. S

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    You posted what I planned to post. To add, there always seems to be some great prospect every year. Some pan out, some do not. You all mentioned Peppers, Mario Williams, Myles Garrett, Clowney, the Bosas, Von Miller. What about JJ Watt, also good. Further, remember Vernon Gholston? People look at the draft and think of hope and promises compared to actual production. That is fine as I still believe you build through the draft. When you have as many holes as we do, however, you need to see if your good pick can be turned into more picks. If we do land Ron Rivera, we know that he is a competent, defensive minded coach. We are not one player away from the Super Bowl and we have competent rushers in Kerrigan, Sweat, Anderson. OL, CB, TE, those should be the focus.
  7. Need to know who the Defensive Coordinator and Head Coach will be first. I would be for it since we are losing Norman and need to figure out longer term plans for Dunbar and Moreau.
  8. I worked for Toys R Us during my senior year of high school and one summer during college. That doesn't make me any more qualified to speak about the economics of the situation but I do want to see the store return. Frankly it seems their lack of innovation is what drove them to bankruptcy. They could not adapt knowing that people prefer Amazon and other online retailers. They should have trended towards experiences in store and increased the benefits of coming into the store v. shopping online in general. The Fair Lakes store had a restaurant and carousel at one point. They are following a similar model to Best Buy in allowing other brands to "lease" space within the store and then train Best Buy employees to sell the product. This benefits both Toys R Us and the manufacturers. Also, everything we do is being tracked these days. Most people leave their gps turned on with their smartphones. That data is being mined and sold to analytics companies who then use it for whatever purpose they need (I keep my gps off until I am using maps). Finally, the information gained from monitoring will hopefully help to determine better plans for success. If this helps get the franchise back up, I would be happy simply to see that.
  9. Mr. S

    The { Possibly } Sweetest Game Of The Year

    Agreed with the majority here. While I always like a good win against Dallas, what is the point? It will only hurt us for the future in that we have a lower draft pick and possibly allowing Bruce to remain. Allowing Bruce to remain means that possibly talented head coaches go elsewhere. We have needed to explode and rebuild this team for sometime and at the beginning of the year, we had a good chance to with trading Trent. Now we are sitting with a falling 1st rounder and no 2nd round pick. Yes, draft picks are not guaranteed but it still is a valuable part of building a team. We have to stop being short sighted.
  10. Mr. S

    A billboard?

    Signage laws are pretty strict in Virginia and possibly Maryland too. I think DC allows it in some parts, I am surprised we haven't seen one there yet.
  11. Tank for Tua. Back in 2014, I thought it made more sense to promote Kyle to head coach instead of Jay Gruden. Both were considered "up and coming coaches" so may as well have kept the one who was already in house.
  12. Mr. S

    Robert Davis and Adonis Alexander released.

    Who was that player, a few years ago, who we seemed to release and re-sign every other week? It seems Davis is getting into that territory.
  13. Mr. S

    Reasons for watching Redskin football

    I can't stop watching. If this team is ever good again, I want to say I suffered through the worst of it. Also, it is entertaining to see how comically bad we are. May start trying to bet on how many turnovers and other stupid plays we will have in a game, especially with the Patriots coming up.
  14. As much as I hate wasting a 1st, this is what I hope happens. Give us Tua or Jalen Hurts and trade Haskins away. If Haskins shows enough, still tank the season so some team will trade up with a lot of picks for the right to draft Tua or Jalen.
  15. Mr. S

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    I would be curious to read the attendance statistics at the past two home games. There were many empty seats and seemingly more opposing team fans. I, like most, won't pay to attend another game nor have I bought any merchandise in many years. Where does most of the revenue for an NFL team come? How much do ticket and merchandise sales factor in as that is the most we as fans can do to show Dan our contempt.