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  1. Redskin4ever

    The Official Maryland Terrapins Thread

    I wish they had included this speech in that clip. I was at this game and was sitting in the overflow student section at N.C. State. It was an interesting place to sit. But the game was amazing and I’ll never ever forget that feeling after this game was won. I went over to the MD section and was signing the fight song and celebrating with the fans. It was an awesome night capping off an amazing season.
  2. Redskin4ever

    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    Sounds like the kid found out what mommy and daddy have been using Alexa to order.
  3. Redskin4ever

    How was the stadium crowd today?

    There are several others that are worse. The problem is that they used to have one of the best home field advantages and now have one of the worst. Watching this Sunday Night game, there are a ton of Eagles fans in Atlanta, which is surprising to me since the Falcons appear to be a good franchise.
  4. Redskin4ever

    How was the stadium crowd today?

    My brother was at the game. He said it wasn't really that loud for either team. If you think about it, if it was a 50/50 crowd, then it's as loud as a half filled stadium for both teams.
  5. I love the Redskins and hate the cowboys. Nothing that happens during the game will change that. But please make this a good day and a good week for me.
  6. Redskin4ever

    2019 MLB Thread (Trout re-signs with Angels, 12yr, 430m)

    Yeah, that sucks. He was having an MVP year for a team battling for a playoff spot.
  7. Redskin4ever

    2019 Game Day Thread

    I’ve been saying this for a few years and will probably keep saying it every week this year. Riveron was a terrible official and the league PROMOTED him so that he can decide replays in all games. As fans, we will continue to see these ridiculous calls from the replay booth that we all can see with our eyes. The pass interference replay was a stupid decision and will only make things worse.
  8. Redskin4ever

    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    He definitely was yesterday to the Titans.
  9. Redskin4ever

    Ravens Sign Robert Griffin III

    He got a piece of it today. 6/6 for 55 yds and a TD. Not bad for mop up duty.
  10. Redskin4ever

    2019 Game Day Thread

    I know I'm a few hours late on this, but that was an absolutely brutal misuse of replay. Of course the ref came out saying the call was confirmed, which means he and Al Riveron are blind. Anyone watching that could see that the ball came out of his hand forward. His had didn't come forward without the ball. In fact, the only reason the ball went where it did was because his arm was hit. By their interpretation of that play, any time a QB's arm is hit, it's a fumble not a pass. Granted, the game was over and it would have mattered. But it's just more stupidity from the refs and the replay system.
  11. Redskin4ever

    2019 Game Day Thread

    So with a few minutes left in the half, Patrick Chung knocked down a pass on 4th down. Is it wrong that I was hoping Al or Chris would say "Chung really sniffed out that play".
  12. Redskin4ever

    The Skins Can't Win With These Coaches

    I've been seeing this for years. Thompson is good in a specific role when healthy. But they don't use him in that role. They like to run him up the middle on 3rd and short for some reason. Every time I see one of these runs, all I can think about is how we are going to wear out that guy. When they do get him in space, he's usually great. But that only seems to last a few plays like you mentioned.
  13. Redskin4ever

    Fantasy Football 2019

    Do it.
  14. Redskin4ever

    The Official Maryland Terrapins Thread

    This offense is legit.
  15. Redskin4ever

    "No Zero" Policy at Maryland Schools

    i know this was 25 years ago, but when I was in high school, athletes would fail off a team if they got an F in any class. At one point in the mid 90s, they changed it to you had to have 2 Fs to fail off the team. One of the coaches who had been there for about 15 years said that in all his years of the standard being 1 F, he only had 1 player fail off the team. After lowering the standard, he had 4 people fail off in one year. That's obviously 1 example, but I always believe people will rise to a challenge if you challenge them. If you let them fail a bit, they will fail every bit you let them if not more. This is true for most students who would fit into the average to above average students. As someone mentioned earlier, the great students will generally do all the work and on time. Plus whatever extra work they are given. Now, if there is a student who tries hard and just can't get it because they have other issues, that's a completely different story. But the key there is trying hard. There are kids in that boat who just give up and don't try because they aren't gaining any ground. To me, that's where a good teacher can make all the difference. They can work with that kid and find ways to get them to learn, not just give them a grade that will pass them along.