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  1. That and Reaves. Both for his blatant cross check that kept the Caps from a sweep last year and then him celebrating the hit on Wilson that probably gets Wilson suspended for 40 games if it was the other way around.
  2. Going back to Raleigh will be tough. Their crowd will be fired up and the team feeds off the the crowd. The Caps need to bring that same intensity they had tonight. The Hurricanes didn’t look like they belonged on the same ice as the Caps tonight. I expect a better Carolina team on Monday, but if the Caps play like they did tonight, it won’t matter how the Hurricanes play.
  3. HA! What a shot and goal. And since I’m in an old school mood, free Jerry’s Pizza for everyone on that 6th goal!
  4. If you have a clear breakaway and the other team commits a penalty on you that prevents a goal, they will call a penalty shot.
  5. I wish the fans at Capital One would do the old Larry Murphy wuss chant every time Hamilton touches the puck. It would be so appropriate and would be the icing on the cake on this game.
  6. The Caps really need to keep hitting the Hurricanes. Their whole team is nothing but pansies. The only way they can hit is with dirty hits. And then they try to fight and guys end up in the hospital. Heck, they’ve lost 2 guys this series trying to deliver hits. Keep hitting them. They don’t want it. Look at Hamilton not playing the puck because he was scared of OV. He was 100% scared of him. He saw the refs arms waving off the icing. It was waived off early. He didn’t want to be hit. Their whole team is afraid of being hit. Beat these pansies and send them off the golf course where they won’t have to worry about being hit.
  7. What a great period. They started slow then had to endure 3 BS penalty calls. 2 were completely bogus and one was really weak. But the Caps overcame that. Then the goals. OV turning into Backstrom with the pinpoint passes. And what a job by Connolly burying that last one. Keep taking it to these guys. They can’t handle it.
  8. Really good first period. Best period for the Caps in a while. Keep playing like this boys!
  9. I have a strategy for the PP. The start of the first PP was great because they won the faceoff and worked it around for what should have been a goal by Backstrom. Why don’t they just shoot it high on goal from the blue line. Then you don’t have to worry about zone entry.
  10. Awesome. John Forsland on the NBC game call. He’s the Hurricanes play by play man.
  11. Redskin4ever

    2019 MLB Thread (Trout re-signs with Angels, 12yr, 430m)

    Until it costs them a playoff series, it won’t matter. If the same thing happens in a game they would have won otherwise in the playoffs and they go on to lose the series, then things will be even.
  12. Redskin4ever

    Random Thought Thread

    I was traveling today and we had some pretty severe storms. I was listening to the radio and they interrupt with the emergency broadcast system to tell us of the storm warnings. The announcement was broadcast the same way it’s been broadcast for my entire life. I started wondering how in the year 2019 we can’t have a better quality severe weather announcement than one that sounds like the guy is eating the microphone and talking through a tin can.
  13. I don’t see how this hit from 2010 that earned a suspension is different than the one last night. Both a push from behind away from the boards that thrust the player into the boards resulting in an injury.
  14. Ok, yeah there is a nuance to that. On play stoppages, the visiting team changes lines first, then the home team changes. Then the lines are set until puck drop. In the playoffs, it’s one of the advantages to having home ice. You see the line the other team puts out and then you can match the line you want. That’s what they mean by having the last change. But once the puck is in play, you can switch however you want.
  15. With Oshie out, they needed to replace him with a veteran. Plus, DSP brings a toughness the Caps seem to be missing this series. I don’t know if he can repeat his magic from last year, but I think his presence on the team will fire the guys up.