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  1. This I agree with. If the younger guys stay healthy, then as the season goes on they will be the ones getting the touches. What that ultimately means for Peterson, we shall see. I just don't want them putting all their eggs into the "I hope he stays he stays healthy" basket.
  2. I disagree with that assessment. You have perennially injured Guice and Love who has never played a snap because of injury. So you are putting your faith in those two guys? Peterson is still better than Barber, even at his age. So why would they cut their only dependable and known quantity at running back? I just have no faith in Guice to stay healthy and you know nothing about Love. It's just a risky proposition to have him be the one you let go. Maybe in training camp they see something in Love and Barber plays great. So then they take a gamble on Guice, which I expect them to do anyway, and
  3. Reading this thread, we should probably keep a list of names he's already being compared to. Jerry Rice Calvin Johnson Julio Jones Hines Ward Alshon Jeffery Niles Paul Josh Doctson Robert Davis Cam Sims Did I miss any?
  4. Yeah, I've seen that and I agree. I just don't want fans to think he's a bust or the coaches aren't using him or Sweat correctly if they don't see them out there on the first snap of the year or of any game. They are going to rotate the guys and with Del Rio I expect him to utilize their abilities to the max. It's going to be awesome to watch.
  5. I could see Kerrigan starting the year for either Sweat or Young, but it won't last. Eventually, Kerrigan becomes a sub or a 3rd down only package guy. I was at Sean Taylor's first game and he didn't start nor did he play a lot. It takes some time for rookies to get adjusted, and you can see Sweat last year. You have to play who is better for the team at that moment. It could end up being Young and Sweat. But part of me thinks that early on, it could be Kerrigan before the younger guys just start playing better.
  6. @98ORAKPO98 Yeah, what this team needs is to over pay an over hyped defensive lineman and his 3 sacks.
  7. My first memory came when I was 5 years old. The Redskins had just won Super Bowl XVII. I didn't watch a single play in the game. But my parents called me into their room to watch as President Reagan called the Redskins in their locker room to congratulate them for winning. My next memory of the Redskins came the next year during the Super Bowl. My parents went to the game and I stayed with a friend of the family. I was running around playing and doing whatever a 6 year old does, and I remember coming into the room where they were watching the game and asking if the Redskins were w
  8. 2131 on ESPN right now. Cal just homered in the bottom of the 4th. Top of the 5th right now. Getting chills knowing what is next.
  9. I don’t know if the 91 Redskins are the best team ever. That’s a tough argument to make. But, they are the most underrated and overlooked team of all time. No one ever brings them up as one of the best teams of all time. They may not be the 85 Bears or the 72 Dolphins. But man were they dominant. The playoff run was completely dominant. They held Barry Sanders to 44 yds in the Championship game and Thurman Thomas to 13 in the Super Bowl. Just completely under appreciated by everyone. Most likely because they were sandwiched between the 49ers of the 80s and the cowgirls were about to go on the
  10. I came here looking for some John Beck memes. Where are they?
  11. It was like winning the Cup again! And yes, I was nervous watching too. Got excited when they scored. I did forget about the clock issue though. It's pretty awesome watching them celebrate.
  12. I'm still getting chills watching this game. That pass by Backstrom to Ovechkin for the power play goal. Absolutely beautiful.
  13. Next year will be interesting. I'm surprised he doesn't have any better players coming in. He has done a really good job recruiting talented players. Next year's class is just meh at best. They have no big men coming in, but you would expect some late signees now that the Mitchell's are gone. But how good will they really be?
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