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  1. I have the UA Sportsmask as well, and it's the best mask I own. I wear it the entire time I'm at the gym lifting weights, I would recommend it. I would make sure to measure from your nose to your ear like they show online to make sure you buy the correct size, it's not a one size fits all type of mask.
  2. As stated before diet is a huge factor and losing weight. Also I would recommend the couch to 5k program especially since you're starting from zero. https://rockay.com/blog/how-to-go-from-couch-to-5k-training-plan/#:~:text=Couch to 5k is a,for 20 to 30 minutes.
  3. Yeah, I took it in a couple of weeks ago, and the tech replaced the crank shaft sensor using his knowledge because there was not definitive way to say what was causing the Jeep to cut off. He also reset the check engine light and so far the Jeep hasn't cut off, and the check engine light still is off.
  4. My wife's 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee has cut off twice now while driving, once while making a turn and another while sitting at a stoplight. When I google it, the main response seems to be a faulty crank shaft sensor. Does that sound right to the experts on here?
  5. You also have to apply for a forbearance. The lenders aren't automatically handing them out.
  6. It wasn't overhyped, what happened is what Don Slater and Wavy 10 had said was going to happen. It was going to be too warm for any snow to stick to the roads and accumulation was going to be around 1-3" for most of the southside with some areas getting 2-4"+, which happened. They never stated it was going to be a massive even that would shut down the area for a few days to a week. It was nice to see on the yard and even better to not see it on the roads.
  7. My QB situation is terrible for this week, currently I have Minshew (Jac) @ Oakland starting with Cousins (Min) @ LA Chargers on the bench. Should I ride with Minshew, or start Cousins? Or should I pick up any of these options available: Brissett (Ind) @ NO Manning (NYG) vs. Mia Rivers (LAC) vs. Min Carr (Oak) vs. Jax Also, which 3 RB's should I start (PPR): Lindsay (Den) @ KC Mostert (SF) vs. Atl Singletary (Buf) @ PIt Montgomery (Chi) @ GB Laird (Mia) @ NYG
  8. I know I'm late in seeing this, but I wish I had taken that bet. Hopefully we're able to stay hot and keep it going today and on Tuesday.
  9. I'm not convinced it will be in Milwaukee. I don't believe they're the hottest team, they're the team that's playing the easiest schedule out of all the potential playoff teams.
  10. That's a bold lineup, especially defensively playing without a SS. Hopefully Davey doesn't go through with your lineup.
  11. I'm in Chesapeake, but I primarily work in Virginia Beach. I make a left on at the light onto Nimmo Pkwy, it's crazy thinking that this happened so close to home.
  12. I haven't used Kodi in a good while. Terrarium has worked much better and is much faster and simpler to use IMO.
  13. Rendon needs to be re-signed today, there's no reason to wait now that Harper is officially gone.
  14. Goodwin was traded to KC last year. But yes, I'd rather give up a combination of Eaton & Taylor than Robles, even if Harper does resign with us. https://www.mlb.com/news/royals-trade-for-outfielder-brian-goodwin/c-286809242
  15. Very funny, but when I apply the brake the light doesn't come on. My wife had the same issue with her '02 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and failed the state inspection over it. The place that did the inspection wanted to charge $180 just to diagnosis the issue. Luckily my father-in-law just cleaned off the switches that are in the center console near where her parking brake is located. The Explorer is a different animal with the brake being a pedal and I'm not sure what wires or connections I need to being looking for to correct this issue so the brake light comes on when the pedal is engaged.
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