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  1. I don't even initiate anything. We went to the George Strait concert saturday because she ended up calling me because she was going with her friends had an extra ticket and asked if I wanted to go so I told her yea and met up with them. When I got there she was all over me and ignoring her bf when I was just standing there listening to the music and then she told me she wanted to see me on her birthday...
  2. A girl that has a boyfriend likes me. !@#$
  3. Just booked my hotel for 311 Day. Got I can't wait to celebrate my birthday in New Orleans!
  4. Damn my senior year in HS this kid shot himself in the head with a shotgun because his parents said he couldn't go to prom :doh::doh:
  5. While you were on the phone with him? Damn, I'm sorry
  6. It's all good man. I'm not on here to hate
  7. I was saying it in a jokingly way and I don't know them personally but they dont seem/act racist
  8. Except they tour with The wailers, snoop dogg, ziggy marley, etc.?? HIGHLY doubt that it means racism
  9. I need to find someone to go see 311 in Philly with me
  10. When is it supposed to stop raining? Nice tomorrow through Monday, then scattered thunderstorms until next sunday, damn.
  11. a softball banquet is more important than a high school graduation? Where the eff is my 311 CD!?!?
  12. They were mailed out. At least that's how I got mine... I want to go to the beach
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