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The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

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2 hours ago, skinsmarydu said:

But what about strawberry Twizzlers? They're fat free! 

black licorice.  I don't consider the other stuff to be licorice.

6 minutes ago, Renegade7 said:

Japan is gonna pwn all of us soon




Let me know when it can walk around without external supports

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2 Temple University students fall from rooftop in North Philadelphia: Police


Two Temple University students were hospitalized Saturday after falling from a four-story rooftop in North Philadelphia, police said.


Temple University and Philadelphia police departments were called to an off-campus apartment on the 1800 block of North Bouvier Street around 2 a.m. Saturday.


According to police, several Temple students were attending a party and gathered on the rooftop.


Police said two 19-year-old women were taking selfies and fell from the roof and onto the sidewalk of a back alley.


One of the students suffered leg and ankle injuries and the other is in critical but stable condition with injuries to multiple parts of her body.


Click on the link for the full article

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