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The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

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On 6/10/2019 at 12:59 PM, Destino said:

Somewhat related fact that’s entertaining to let roll around inside your head: China and India each have a larger population than North, South, and Central America combined.  


In related news:


India's 'Mount Everest' of Trash Is Growing So Fast, It Needs Aircraft Warning Lights


As tall as the towers of London Bridge, New Delhi's Ghazipur landfill continues to grow at a startling pace. Within a year, it is set to rise higher than the Taj Mahal, one of the country's most iconic monuments.




Nicknamed 'Mount Everest' by locals, the expansive pile of fetid matter is already more than 65 metres (213 feet) tall. As India's Supreme Court recently warned, it's well overdue for some aircraft warning lights.


When Ghazipur first opened in 1984, this was - of course - never the intention. By 2002, the landfill had reached capacity at 20 metres and should have been closed. Today, the 21 million people living in New Delhi rely mainly on this ever-growing monstrosity and two other landfills, all of which hit maximum volume at least a decade ago.


"About 2,000 tonnes of garbage is dumped at Ghazipur each day," a Delhi municipal official told the AFP on condition of anonymity. That amounts to about 10 metres of growth each year.


Not only is the huge expanse of rubbish an eyesore, it is also a hazard; on multiple occasions, the East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) has tried and failed to shut it down.


Last year, the complacency of officials turned fatal. Two locals were killed in a landslide after a section of the mountain collapsed from heavy rains. The deaths prompted a closure of the landfill and a landfill rehabilitation analysis from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


"Waste disposal practices are not well controlled which has led to the formation of steep and unstable slopes," wrote the authors of the report.


"Subsurface fires, smoke emissions from the surface of the waste, animals scavenging waste, and informal sector waste recyclers were all observed during the November 2017 site visit."




Click on the link for the full article

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Viral high school valedictorian speech calls out teachers, staff for ‘alcoholism’ and ‘negligence’


One San Diego high school valedictorian’s speech will certainly not be forgotten. In a now viral video, San Ysidro High School valedictorian, Nataly, took her graduation stage to “thank” certain teachers and staff for their shortcomings and negligence.


Nataly, whose last name has been omitted to protect her identity, started off her graduation speech like any other, expressing gratitude for the people that contributed to her success, including her friends, family and certain teachers at the school.


“Thank you for being so invested in your students’ education and well-being,” she said, standing before her class dressed in a white-graduation cap and gown on the school’s football field.


According to Manny Rubio, the communications director for the Sweet Union High School District, Nataly had submitted a version of the speech that was approved by the San Ysidro school administration. But halfway through the valedictorian’s speech, Nataly went off-script when her “thank you’s” made an unexpectedly sharp, sarcastic change in tone.


“To my counselor, thank you for letting me fend for myself,” Nataly said in front of friends, family, teachers and staff. “You were always unavailable to my parents and I, despite appointments.”


She added, “You expressed to me your joy in having one of your students be valedictorian when you had absolutely no role in my achievements.”


Nataly went on to blast staff in the main office, for “teaching me how to be resourceful.” She says they failed to inform her of scholarships in a timely manner and gave her troubles with her work permits, causing her to potentially miss out on thousands of dollars.


In maybe the most startling criticism, Nataly mentions a San Ysidro teacher who she claims “regularly” showed up drunk to class. She goes on to thank the teacher for being an example to warn students about “the dangers of alcoholism.”


“Being escorted out of school by police left a lasting impression,” she said sarcastically as her fellow graduates shouted in disbelief.


Before her voice was drowned out by the cheers of support from her fellow San Ysidro graduates, Nataly left the graduation podium with one final quip: “I hope that future students and staff learn from these examples.”


Click on the link for the full article

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On 6/10/2019 at 4:18 PM, TheGreatBuzz said:

On deployment, we bought a couple plastic inflatable sheep from the sex shop.  Brought them back to the ship, filled them with helium, and let them float around the hangar bay.

inflatable sheep.........................from the sex shop.................

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19 minutes ago, mistertim said:


Yeah that's a bit old school. I usually do my inflatable sheep shopping online nowadays. 

I took you for the inflatable spider sex toy type of person.. ( I would have attached the pic...but I think that may be considered NSFW)

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American tourist may have been trying to take selfie when he fell from Italian statue

An American tourist, 23, is in life-threatening condition after falling from a statue in Turin, Italy early Wednesday morning.

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