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The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)


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7 minutes ago, PleaseBlitz said:


It may not be.  Because I had to research this to get rid of the nightmares, it may be that they actually killed the chicken on site, and so sometimes when it's that fresh, muscles can still fire.  


Here is another horrifying nightmare example:




we need a 'this is nightmare-inducing' reaction

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I did see a Gordon Ramsay video where he was eating a snake in Vietnam.  The restaurant butchered the snake basically in front of the table.  The chef pulled the snake's heart out and it was still beating.  They put it in a shot glass and Gordon did a beating snake heart shot.  I might pass on that if offered.  


I'm good w/ sushi, sashimi and carpaccio.

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On 7/25/2019 at 11:37 AM, SemperFi Skins said:

Always heard that Faurquier would close because of their roads.... 


It's a big county (especially from north/south).  The roads in the mountains generally dictate how the county goes.  Plus the county has always had a pretty cautious approach to precipitation.  

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LOL, growing up in MoCo, the one winter that always stood out to me was 1995-96, when I think we actually had 2 weeks of schools canceled (And made up later in the year) because of first, a blizzard, and then a deep freeze.


My neighbor growing up worked for FEMA and had planned a family vacation that December (preceding Christmas and the winter weather). That was also the winter when the first-ever government shutdown happened and he was deemed non-essential and told to stay home.  I remember our family going over to their house during the week of the deep freeze (early to mid Feb at this point), and he told us that between his planned vacation, christmas, the blizzard, the shutdown and the deep freeze, he'd been to work a grand total of like 3 times in the past two months.

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