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Terrell Owens Loses Valuable NFL Memorabilia After Storage Unit is Auctioned


If you were an NFL superstar, you more than likely made a massive sum of cash during your playing days. That's the case for Terrell Owens at least, and the Hall of Fame wide receiver was not afraid to spend his hard earned money. Owens found himself with a ton of sports memorabilia from his days in the league, and without enough houses to store all of the goods, he placed them in a storage unit




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I shared the "UP" meme with my coworkers, and the two 20-somethings didn't get it. They're both big Disney/animated film buffs but they had no idea who Rick Astley was. I was floored that they didn't at least know him because of internet culture and the whole "Rick Roll" phenomenon. I'm very disappointed in them 🤣

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