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The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

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Today in American History...

Actual recording of President Lyndon Baines Johnson ordering pants from Joseph Haggar of the Haggar Clothing Company, August 4, 1964. 



Not sure which part is better... that LBJ carried a knife in his pocket, Johnson saying they're the best pants he's ever had then listing everything wrong with them; the President of the United States asking for more room for his nuts, the robust belch into the phone, or asking for an inch margin between the zipper and "my bunghole."



(Legend has it that Johnson was extremely well endowed.  Some said "LBJ" stood for Long Boner Johnson. Which might explain his need for more room "down there.")


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Early Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, circa 1855.

D59spv7XoAAPH85 (1).jpg

Biggest changes in the 2019 edition:


- different pose,

- slightly different swim cap,

- ecstasy snorted before rather than during photo shoot.



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All roads lead to Rom – confused bloke’s pilgrimage to Rome ends 1,000 miles off target


The man, an 81-year-old from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, made a small typing error when entering his destination. Instead of arriving in the holy city of Rome and having an audience with the Pope, he ended up in the tiny town of Rom, in north-western Germany – around a thousand miles from The Vatican.


To make matters worse, when he stepped out of his car after he was told he had reached this destination he was so distracted by the absence of the Vatican that he forgot to put his handbrake on, allowing his Jaguar to roll down a hill and demolishing the sign telling him he was in Rom.




Click on the link for the full article


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4 hours ago, twa said:

the buck has a point, about a dozen....beats a hard head every time.


Hmmm...so all of the points made on this forum are beating your hard head?

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