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  1. MarkB452

    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    When your biggest tormentor is also your shrink:
  2. At this point, I am OK with signing Uncle Rico. 10 Reasons Uncle Rico Would Be a Better Redskins QB than Most Names Being Floated they should look no further than Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite. Sure, laugh all you want. But when you sit down and think about it, you’ll realize that I am absolutely right. Here are 10 reasons that Napoleon Dynamite‘s uncle, Rico, would make a great Redskins quarterback.
  3. MarkB452

    The Winter Holiday Cartoon/Meme Thread

    Regarding the first one about indoor plumbing, we had a dog that was often confused by large house plants. So, we did not take a chance on getting a tree. I had a friend who once made this one as well as a few of the others that Calvin made. I think my mom served us Eggplant once or twice in my lifetime and then NEVER again...
  4. He is on Philly's roster right now as their 3rd QB. He is a RFA after this season.
  5. MarkB452

    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    Burger King is giving away Whoppers for 1 cent — but you have to go to McDonald's to get them Burger King has a new deal that requires customers to go to McDonald's. On Tuesday, the fast-food chain announced that it was "turning more than 14,000 McDonald's into Burger King restaurants." In fact, Burger King is debuting a McDonald's-themed deal. If customers go within 600 feet of a McDonald's location, they can order a Whopper for one cent via the revamped Burger King app. The deal starts Tuesday and runs through December 12.
  6. MarkB452

    The Conspiracy Thread

    Another blown call...not that it mattered, but it's nice to keep a log of these for future reference. Referees miss clear false start on Eagles touchdown
  7. MarkB452

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    ..just saw that too...interesting...btw, here is a link to attendance across the league:
  8. MarkB452

    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    Shenzhen Half Marathon: Traffic cameras catch cheats taking shortcut The annual half marathon in Shenzhen attracts about 16,000 runners – there is no suggestion that any of the runners pictured was involved in cheating Almost 250 runners in a half marathon were caught cheating when traffic cameras captured them taking shortcuts through bushes. Organisers of the race in Shenzhen, China, also discovered 18 runners wearing fake bibs and three runners they described as “imposters”. All who cheated are now facing bans.
  9. MarkB452

    Random Thought Thread

    I watched this the other night and was surprised at how mean Santa and EVERYBODY (except Clarice and maybe his mom) else was to Rudolph. Rudolph's own father was ashamed of him as well. BTW, It also looks like Santa does not provide any dental coverage for his elves and a self trained/unlicensed elf had to step up to provide services. I doubt they have any medical insurance. Anyways,...... 4 Bad Lessons 'Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer' Teaches Kids Christmas movies are supposed to be heartwarming parables that entertain us while simultaneously teaching us the invaluable tenet of selflessness. Christmas is not about presents, the Grinch teaches us, it's about being together. Christmas is not a time for selfishness, A Christmas Carol teaches us, it is a time to set right past wrongs. Christmas is not meaningless, A Charlie Brown Christmas teaches us, it is a day to reflect on the life of Jesus and be thankful we were not born hydrocephalic. But one Christmas movie doesn't want to teach you kindness or charity, or any of that crap; it only wants to teach you spite and how to commit hate crimes. It's called Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and here's what it wants you to learn: Lesson #4 Santa Claus Does Exist, and He is Sick of Your Crap.
  10. MarkB452

    XFL To Return In 2020

    Given that they are playing in Feb, I would expect teams to be in cities with either indoor stadiums or warmer climates....can't see DC getting a team. No way Snyder lets them use FedEx, plus the Skins are not drawing that well anyways.
  11. MarkB452

    Redskins vs Eagles Prediction Thread: Kenny Loggins Special

    Allen Iverson delivers emotional half time speech to rally the Skins. Skins 20 Iggles 17 Police arrests: 8
  12. BTW, Dallas' OL continued their streak of not getting a holding call against them. Skins got 4 sacks in the first half and none in the second half. Here's the play by play game summary: Just search on the word penalty. Dallas had 4 for 30 yards, but one of those was for 15 yards for jumping in the salvation army pot.
  13. That’s actually a good thing more often than not. .....unless it is our own players, coaches, or owner making the bets......
  14. MarkB452

    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    ...that certainly is an interesting way to limit immigration.....
  15. —November 24th, 2012: Loss at Cowboys 31-26: ??? Redskins beat Dallas BOTH games in 2012....those two wins were part of the magic 7 game run to the NFC East must be thinking of another year.