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Game Day Thread ~ The Commanders @ The Cowboys - Gobble Gobble... oh yeah, **** DALLAS!!!


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I am heading out so here you go...

NFL should never schedule the Commanders on Thanksgiving Day until this team becomes relevant first!

Commanders media people have no clue what a Thanksgiving tradition is... Washington getting stuffed like a turkey is not a tradition lol

Anyway, try to have some fun and be safe :) 






Inactives will be out after 2:30pm...




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4 minutes ago, AlvinWaltonIsMyBoy said:

Sounds like a plan…pass the fork!! 😂

Happy Thanksgiving KB (hope the eye issues heal up) and to all my favorite ES degenerates. 

I remember being a kid on Nov 23rd 1978, just turned 5 and wanting to talk to my Zedo and sitting on the floor next to him while he yelled words I wouldn't hear again until I was a teenager. I asked who he was yelling at and he said "always against the Cowboys, they're bad people, like the Italians" and I watched them beat the heck out of the Redskins 37-10 and I was sad with him. 


Only to find out later at Christmas that he was an Eagles fan and hated the Redskins, too, just not as much.


But from the day of that embarrassing loss, I was hooked on this awful team.


So, happy thanksgiving and cheers to all of ES as we get ready for another embarrassing loss on the most prime of prime time football and my hats off to all the sad children, who will be blessed with growing up under new management and hopefully know high times eventually.


And for that, I am grateful today.


and all of you knuckleheads on this board I sorta consider some kind of odd new friend/family type of relationship with. 

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I know that I should be accepting of our fate and enjoy the draft position, however, I can’t ever get passed the thought that I want to beat Dallas. 

I’ll be here, more sparingly than usual… but go Ders!


(In no way to a think we’re going to win today, but I’m hoping we will and this is the kind of game we typically win after a disappointing loss…)

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Forbes inactive? I guess he was on the injury report but I didn’t see that coming….




Well, Detroit laid an egg at home against the packers.


Or at least is in the process of laying an egg.  We’ll see if that continues…

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