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Next Day Thread: Pew Pew Pew... Shots... Explosives


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Well, it wasn't pretty. But really, when is it?


I always understand when someone says, "I'm not a win is a win kind of guy, context matters". I mean it makes sense logically. However, as someone who has been around football for a large portion of my life (in pro locker room, a college coaching staff, high school coaching staffs, JV coaching staffs, modified coaching staffs, etc...) I have to also respectfully tell you that you are full of ****.


Here's why: When you win, the mistakes become more light hearted. They are still serious, but they aren't a gigantic weight on the coaching staff or the players. If the right people are in place (remains to be seen) they will correct and emphasize the importance and the players will correct accordingly. But it's not as heavy. 


I can tell you that it is SO much easier to correct errors after a win than a loss. Of course, correcting errors when you lose is paramount and the right people can absolutely make that happen, too. But everything just feels heavy. Like you're walking in a heavy fog for the whole week. Even on the next game day. There's a weight. 


Winning also increases confidence. An early season win doesn't mean a lot, but an early season loss means a lot more. It sets you down the negative road in a 'Vette. 


So... a win is a win.



I like this Sam Howell guy. He is confident, fearless and a dawg. He can run, he can throw and he has a very short memory (I'm actually surprised that a concussion isn't contributing to that short memory today after that dirty hit early on). But he holds the ball a little too long at times. That is going to be something we learn to have a love/hate with. For every bad sack he's going to take, he's also going to have a big play that saves a drive. He took a few sacks today that were on him, and the ball security on the fumble that was recovered for six is entirely on him (keep in mind that I said the fumble and not the sack. He threw to receivers with DBs too close in coverage and because he stared them down it allowed the DB to get downhill... There was almost a few big turnovers. But he held his own and made plays when it mattered. He has to learn from his mistakes but he has shown that he does in his collegiate career.


The offensive line... Well, I think there were five of them on the field. To sum this up without me going into too much detail (I mean must of you reading this watched the game... Gates missed a big block, Charles was used as a crash pad... and Wylie... well...): I just realized today that Wylie's name is Andrew. I thought it was Tony all this time. 


Logan Thomas is... not the same. We need more Cole Turner.


Gibson needs to be used in space more and not as a runner.


Robinson is a downhill back without fantastic vision but he's good at just about everything.


Terry and Dotson need to be a bigger part of the offense from a targets point of view. 


And this team needs to learn to put the foot on the gas late in the game in the opponent's gold zone rather than settle for run, run, run, field goal. The game was by no means out of reach and a touchdown would have gone a long way.


We passed entirely too much with a young QB as well. The actual ratio looks a lot more balanced than it actually was because we went ultra conservative at the end of the game. Wound up 31:28 Pass:Run. But we all know it was worse.



Allen. Payne. Sweat. They are legit. They are disruptive and game changers. Sweat in particular. He just looked different today. His body position, his angles, his discipline and his finish was on point. He looked the part of superstar edge rusher today. Was great to see. 


We had linebackers. They were there. Allegedly.


Percy Butler flashes. But man he takes some bad angles.


Forrest is excellent. Curl is a major difference maker for us. We have four extremely legit players on this defense: Allen, Payne, Sweat and Curl. Forrest is quickly ascending. 


Forbes looked good in his first action except for when he fell late in the game and allowed AZ to covert for a first down. I'd like to see him on the field full time and either Fuller or Juste come in when offenses are in 3 receiver sets. 


We held AZ to 210 yards of offense. Pretty damned good performance. 



Jamison Crowder is much more exciting and not as... dull... as Milne. He's also just as safe.


Cheeseman... Those snaps, man. Gotta get right.


Slye... made what he needed to.


Way... Is Way too Good.


Studs and Duds:


*** - Montez Sweat

*** - Kam Curl

** - Jon Allen

** - Daron Payne

*  - Darrick Forrest

:( - Saadhiq Charles 

:( :( - Andrew Wylie

:( :( :( - Ron Rivera for his OL construction. 

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D was awesome and will keep us in most games. I see no real weaknesses on any level.


O on the other hand…ugh. The WRS are great but the OL, RBs, and TEs are all bottom tier. Howell is young and inexperienced and we saw both the good and bad but Im afraid the OL will cripple his development. 

ST was great too outside of the two early penalties. 

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This team is not good.  The Cardinals are not good.


The D is pretty good, but they aren't really elite.  The Cards are just that bad.  The OL is bad.  


Howell is interesting.


I don't understand why they didn't try to run the ball more earlier in the game.


The shame of it is this season should be about developing Howell and partly that means protecting him so he can stay on the field and not get hit a ton.  Unfortunately, I think we have a coaching staff that needs to and will try to win games. (needs to to keep their jobs).

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Gibson fumbles. That won't change.

Logan sucks and outside of one year has always sucked


Nothing new on those two things we leaned hard on, because our OC sucks as bad as our HC.


Our run game looks like it'll be both the most leaned on and the worst yet again this year.


Nice that Strom played a snap. Nobody expects Charles or Cosmi to play healthy a lot this year.


It was great to see Gates hammer White after his cheap shot, but it would have been better to see him be a good center.


Whylie sucks which most of us knew and there is a reason their previous teams ade zero attempt to resign Gates or Whylie. They're bad.


Quan had a penalty, glad we didn't go OL with that pick. Who knew?


You have a bad Oline and a very young QB prone to sacks and you decide to lean on him to start the game and not establish a run, which is NFL gospel? Brilliant EB.


Sweat is going to have a DPotY type of season like I've predicted. He's been so good for years, but finally learned to close. Had to get the game ball.

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I’m assuming Terry was not 100%. He was not targeted much at all (if at all) 2nd half. But if we are going to win games he needs to be a much bigger part of the O.


The run game lacks both consistency and explosion. Robinson is decent but not a top level back IMO - he will get you 4 when you need 3, but he’s not going to make many explosive plays. Gibson just fumbles at the worst possible times (not that there is a good time to fumble). 

Turner needs to be given a lot more snaps, Thomas a lot less.


Cant give up 6 sacks, 3 turnovers and a TD off one of those turnovers and win many games. Lots to clear up.

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Massive shout out to reeves.

Killed it on teams. Locked up their PR guy



Rough start for EB. Did not like what I saw today and I did not like how sloppy we looked at times.

Rough day for TEs too, even Bates got dinged for a couple of holds.



The D looked about how I figured it would. The O I was expecting to be below avg, but there is work to be done just to get there.

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We've been screaming about the o-line for at least 20 years. 

It's hard work.  (I'm a 4'10"girl, I can only imagine, so there's that.) 

But if we've gotta come up with a different scheme there, that's EB's job.  He's gonna have to work around what the o-line coach is doing. 


Good thing:  Eagles have a late window game today and the Thursday game this week.  Might see a divisional loss.  🤞

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6 minutes ago, Dark Acre said:

If we can get a clear upgrade on the OL at any position for Gibby, do it.  And wish him well because we don't hate Gibby.


Nobody is giving you anybody that can start in the NFL for RB in the last year of his rookie contract that's at best an ok RB.  Only way Gibson is in the NFL next year is if he's making less than he does this year.


There is no upgrade at any position on this team for Gibson.

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3 minutes ago, PeterMP said:


Nobody is giving you anybody that can start in the NFL for RB in the last year of his rookie contract that's at best an ok RB.  Only way Gibson is in the NFL next year is if he's making less than he does this year.


There is no upgrade at any position on this team for Gibson.

+ a 5th round pick.  There's gotta be some general manager out there that will give us anything for that combo.  Anything.  Two 6ths!

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Outside of the boneheaded strip sack fumble TD, Howell played decently. He does hold on to the ball too long, which is something I hope he'll clean up as he gets more experience. He made just enough plays to win, which is about all you could reasonably expect from a guy making only his second NFL start.


Here's a snip of other rookie/young QB's and how they fared today in their games. Red = loss, green = win.



Young QBs_Week1.jpg

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I liked EB’s assertiveness with time expiring.


After Sam handed off a TD to a Phoenix Cardinals player, we had 40 seconds left in the half.  EB got us up the field into FG range.  Last year, Ron would’ve ran out the clock with less than 2:00 and go to the half down 10.



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47 minutes ago, Dark Acre said:

+ a 5th round pick.  There's gotta be some general manager out there that will give us anything for that combo.  Anything.  Two 6ths!


During the draft, the Eagles traded the Lions for Swift for a 4th round pick in the 2025 NFL draft (not next years).


Swift has been a better player than Gibson, though he's had some injury issues.  But Swift has more value as the better player.


Swift has more value because he also makes about a million less than Gibson.


Swift was traded at the draft which means you've got time to bring him in during camp, have him practice with team, learn the play book, he'll be on your team for the whole season.  Etc.  That makes him more valuable.  Any player is worth more if you can get him into your system/camp earlier than the same player later.


They are both in the last year of their rookie deal.  That's the same.  


Gibson at the time of the draft was not worth a 2025 4th round pick.  Today, he's even worth less.  Even good backup OL are worth more than a couple of late draft picks.


If you want to actually upgrade the OL, you're at least looking at trading a guy like Dotson.


(The real answer would have been to not use your top 2 picks on DBs.  That people ever defended that made no sense.)

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Our backup defensive line could be starters. Our starting offensive line would be good backups.


Our secondary looks pretty strong to me as well, also with good depth.


I like Howell and expect him to get better as the year goes on. He’s going to look like a guy who’s starting for the first time in the NFL at times though.


Aside from the obvious need to upgrade the OL, I think if we could find an explosive weapon at RB, it would go a long way toward making our offense dangerous.

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