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  1. Proof that if a player wants to be here, we will get the deal done. Also proof that if we extend your rookie deal, it’s because we like you and we gotta make the $ work. Last, but not least, this is a steal of a deal that will give us financial room for the next guy. Loooooooove this. BTW…this also came out of nowhere really. Kudos to both camps for handling it like pros.
  2. And he did it with very little prep. Our eyes didn’t deceive us. We have our man
  3. I’d argue that given an opportunity, minshew is exactly who heineke projects as... we already have heineke
  4. Thank you baby jeezus! Now report the same for darnold pretty please
  5. Yeah....this didn’t age too well. cam is done
  6. Just wandering why we want to trade for “cousins”...which is essentially what Matt stafford is.
  7. the drafts from the past few years were encouraging to me; however, Bruce’s hands on personnel issues and a coach in over his head led me to believe we would waste the talent we had hit on in the draft. in came Ron Rivera. His steadiness...the integrity, accountability and standard he commands got some movement from me. watching this team grow together under Rivera’s identity almost feels like a giant to Snyder. Thing is...Rivera doesn’t even want the power. He wants to coach football. And he wants men that love to play football. He wants to hire a gm so he can foc
  8. Fitzmagic it is! At least that’s who I’d pick from that list
  9. If heineke balls out tonight...go head and mark me down as wanting him to be our incumbent qb. Something about hometown boy making good when no one gave him a chance. I’ll take it
  10. Let’s get it young fella! Don’t let the stage be bigger than you!...this is the game you’ve been playing football your entire life for! let’s go!!!
  11. Awesome opportunity today for The Heineken man. But not just for him. Today is the culmination of a paradigm shift in DC. Congrats WFT on a gritty season. let’s fight our guts out today and show the world we’re here to stay!
  12. We shock the world and get after Brady. Chase Young has a strip sack and recovery for a TD to lead us. Alex manages the game well and hits F1 for a long TD early to set the tone for our D with a lead. Gibson has 125 total yards and grinds out an ugly but effective offensive attack 20-17
  13. A prime time game for all the nfc east marbles. Chase young is bout to be our prime time player! Ball out young fella!!
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