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  1. You absolutely can. And you do just that to set the tone for an organization that needs a Captain at the helm
  2. He has incredible value right now...to us. If we keep him, he dangles around our neck like a ball & chain...if we cut him, a clear message is sent to our floundering yet rebuilding franchise. Cutting him is about who’s the boss...imo. If it’s really Rivera...he has to make this move
  3. This thread should really be...QB 21...who is it?...bc he ain’t on the roster right now. And if we don’t finish dead last, it may just end up being?.....see?..,this is much more productive.
  4. This is dumb. You give him the stick and you let him carry it at least long enough to overhaul his roster. You have to. Our team and culture were rotten...not close...rotten. It doesn’t change overnight with a coach. It can however change overnight with the right QB
  5. Yup. If we’re truly changing culture...send him packing. He started the season a C...he played his way to the bench and showed his own butt out the door...easy call at this point
  6. Now that I’ve seen the entitlement in his character...it’s impossible to unsee. This guy is bad news. Cut him.
  7. We weren’t a player away. We were/are bad bad. Losing culture is a beast to undertake. I’m betting on Rivera. People really need to realize, myself included, truly how bad this organization is. A stud QB could change errrrthang.
  8. yes, and errrrbody outside chase young is vulnerable
  9. If we can’t get Lawrence, we should sign Cam.
  10. No thanks to AJG. Why do WE, of all teams, think a player with injury history is goin to magically come in WFT park and be healthy? Y’all killing me with this.
  11. An average qb with accuracy and touch would completely change the dynamic of our offense
  12. Yes, we can see better than Stevie
  13. You don’t have to watch his head to see how fast he’s goin thru his reads. His feet tell the entire story. His feet are never settled when the ball is in his hands.
  14. Definitely did not show any improvement today. Opportunities were there. At this point, Simba looks way in over his head. QB confidence is so fragile. I’m ready to throw in the towel on this guy....I really hate saying that
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