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  1. Dan Quinn: From William & Mary to the Super Bowl Like many in the coaching line, Dan Quinn started at the bottom, working 60-hour weeks and doing the dirty work. Even at his first stint, he showed the traits—no-nonsense grinder, quick learner, good communicator—that would eventually take him and the Falcons to the Super Bowl…. https://www.si.com/nfl/2017/01/26/dan-quinn-falcons-coach-super-bowl-51-william-and-mary
  2. Quinns another William & Mary coach and that suits me just fine.
  3. Jason epitomizes the lack of attention to detail that permeates throughout an organization. Do the little things right. All the time. Be maniacal about the little things as a leader. Then those that follow will do the same
  4. Fanatically Fundamentally Sound Tackling Maniacs Wolf Mentality…Sum is Better than 1 Pride in Being City Reps We WILL impose our WILL in the trenches We WILL play with an aggressive edge We WILL Protect Our House
  5. The Monday Night Miracle was dope to watch esp since it was MNF. Honorable Mention: The season Stephen Davis burst on to the scene and was an end zone magnet. Loved me some SD
  6. How many times under former ownership did we actually interview several candidates for our HC job? It’s an incredible source of intel.
  7. Pretty sure starting a thread like someone did back in the day welcoming Chase young, will get ya banned lol
  8. Excellent point. If the QB is your franchise, he HAS to be the leader. It’s an inherent duty of the position.
  9. Interviewing EB should be a no brainer. Not for hiring purposes, but an opportunity to get a raw assessment of the talent we have among other things. Harris is thorough and meticulous.
  10. Bo Nix lookin to round out the top 4 now. Penix struggles under pressure….and he’ll be facing pressure errrr Sunday. No thanks
  11. Probably gonna get ripped for this but JJ reminds me a lot of Howell
  12. The moon-penix comp is a really good one. Good eye
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