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Game Day Thread - Tennessee at Washington ~ Nashville Hot vs Mambo Sauce

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Last week i missed the DAL game because i was at a memorial and couldnt care less. Recorded to watch later but i deleted it after i saw comments/tweets. We're 1-3 at the bottom of the division and im already checked out on this season, but here i am. For some damn reason.


This seems like a winnable game and im a sucker for misery it seems.

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5 minutes ago, spjunkies said:

Why do we always defer? Take the damn ball first, jerks!

I always like to defer.  Gibbs did, too.  It's a win-win situation.


If you're up at halftime, you get the ball back first and a chance to add to your lead.  Conversely, if you're down, you get an opportunity to immediately erase or chip away at their lead.

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Just now, Voice_of_Reason said:

Doing what exactly?  Picked up a snap that was at his ankles and then threw on the money to Samuels who dropped it?

This is overtly critical.  But CW had time to pick that ball and look down the field instead of running up field in what appears to be a panic dash.  .. again, critical. 

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