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Game Day Thread - Tennessee at Washington ~ Nashville Hot vs Mambo Sauce

Message added by TK,



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Great title again SIP! Just like the old Carly Simon song-- Nobody Does it Better!


(ducks for cover)


Seriously, another clever one TK!





As for the game:


I'm going out on a limb here fellas and gals. 


I woke up early this morning and my creaky knees were feeling better than usual so I drove my old carcas to Planet Fitness and wore out the treadmill for a giod 40 minutes on incline.


Afterwards, I felt like I was a spry young rooster ready to raid the henhouse.


Today's gonna be a great day. I'm claiming it into manifest reality.


Those Titans are about to run straight into a buzz saw.


We're gonna command the damn day!


Make your wagers accordingly.


And afterwards remember to double fist me for good luck!





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3 minutes ago, Skinsinparadise said:




I'd love to take credit but the thread-title is from TK. 😀



Ssssh I know.


It's kind of an inside joke .


A few weeks ago I legitimately made that error in the game thread by giving you credit for what TK did and got roasted for it.


This was just a gentle ribbing.





Great news that my boy Coke Turner gets his debut.


Look for at least two big plays from him today!




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6 minutes ago, CommanderInTheRye said:

Look for at least two big plays from him today!


W/ no Logan there is nothing to get in his way


I'm interested in his blocking performance. That will go a long way in determining his usage when we are healthy. They were willing to use Logan as a blocker even as he returns from injury. As long as he does not self-destruct like Hemmingway(?) did last year he can secure a  future role over Amari


2 minutes ago, Jumbo said:

I like the title cuz commandurr fans usually need to hit the sauce hard to get through a game.


Bold of you to assume we have not upgraded to hard drugs yet.

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Listening to official pregame show on the radio as I drive my daughter to swim practice.


Julie: “Next up, Doc Walker, who you know is always strong on the Mike.”

VOR: Immediately changes channel to listen to classic 80’s metal.  Though honestly, I would listen to just about anything other than Doc Walker.  Even my daughter’s Kidz Bob Kids channel.  Though luckily I didn’t have to.  

(I did pop over to 106.7, Paulsen I like, they were going around the NFL and then went to commercial.  So I caught some some Poison instead….

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24 minutes ago, FootballZombie said:

Bold of you to assume we have not upgraded to hard drugs yet.

Who needs to upgrade?  Been doing it since the Ismael catch in the opener in 1999.  If you don’t know that game, I’m not going to explain it.  I think it’s still the toughest regular season loss of what I can remember, going back to 1984-ish. Up to you to do the research.  I get violent when discussing it further than this….

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1 minute ago, clskinsfan said:

The Giants are going to sweep this team this year. They are a good football team. 



Just look at the difference between their team and ours.  They look like they are 100% in on what their coach is preaching.  They look like they are in Year 3 or at least, Year 2.  


Everyone agrees we have a better roster.  There's no way on earth you can look at our team and theirs and claim we have as good or better coaching.  Never underestimate the power of great coaching in the NFL.   We're in Year 3 and way, way behind the Giants.  Ron sucks.

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