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  1. He has had constant pressure, and a tipped ball. Not really his fault. on the other hand, Brady has had his RBs picking up 6+ yards on first down, and he hardly been touched.
  2. Maybe we need to make a lowlight reel and email it to the special teams staff of how poor Steven Sims is at this??? I assume they don’t see it or are missing the tape.
  3. Gandy-Golden seems about as useful as a sack of potatoes. Two drops, and nothing else.
  4. Every ball so far has been great from Heinicke. Lets bench him. I don't want this catching on, not sure I can comprehend it.
  5. I'm pretty sure Scar was the good guy in Lion King now. Imagine if he'd stopped Simba, we'd not have to suffer through this BS.
  6. I have to believe he is purposely playing this bad at this point. I don't see how you "try" and do this poorly.
  7. If only our OC could take some notes and call run plays each down. Now they're dug into a hole and he'll abandon it completely.
  8. Whoever was asking why Steven Sims is afraid to field punts... thats why. Guy can't do it.
  9. Hard to answer these for me. I'm all for a name with Red____, but something ____skins seems silly, and those two are always tied together in the scenarios.
  10. That blatant hold actually made it easier for Payne to stay in position to get that INT. still no holding flags by the refs though...
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