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  1. Not sure you've noticed, but Allen enjoys getting sacked as well.
  2. Josh Allen. He takes horrible sacks all the time. The difference is he also escapes them 50% of the time, and has some athletic ability to at times make good plays out of those. I believe Haskins thinks he is an athletic guy, when he clearly isn't.
  3. Yay. Our only LB with any upside gets hurt on special teams.
  4. So I decided to try the 7 Day Trial of GamePass. What a damn joke. I cannot enter into the GamePass section of the site. No idea what it actually looks like. I get to see the same pitch page for something I already signed up for. Sent them a message, heres the response: I probably won't be able to watch tomorrow's game live, so I was looking to watch it when I got home a bit later at night. One of the few things GamePass / Preseason Package was good for. Since that likely won't happen as they sent me that message on Monday, and **** is still broken; does anyone know a place t
  5. I've been watching Hell on Wheels since it first started. It's kept me interested. Season 5 now for anyone looking for some shows that are pretty good, but they may not have heard of. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1699748/
  6. Thats fair, my original post saying everyone likes to talk **** about McGregor wasn't about specific people here, but in general. Hes got flaws, we all know that, but he somehow manages to get **** done right now. As far as Mendes, I do think he typically has more steam than that, but he also typically wins when he has those positions early in fights and I haven't seen someone with McGregors kicks land them like he did in Mendes' ribs. McGregor needs more experience to handle takedowns obviously. He is also quite slippery, and I'm pretty sure we can all agree after this that he has a chin
  7. In what sense is Mendez faster than McGregor? Faster at shooting for takedowns? Yeah. Faster in any other aspect I'd say not. Strength, probably. Its really easy to say he gassed, but you're ignoring the monster body lefts and heels that were hitting him in the stomach and ribs. I doubt we'll know for sure what caused him to start to lose it, but I'm not sure he gassed as much as got hurt. He slouched over visibly after a few of those shots and kept trying to protect it. I like having McGregor in the division, the rest can't finish Aldo, so give someone else a shot. I don't doubt he c
  8. People keep talking **** about McGregor. Mendez went for a finish and let Conor up. I commend him for that, better than the typical 5 round lay on top method that bores everyone to death.
  9. I agree on that. However, for as loud as he is, I'm pretty sure he is aware what areas he needs to work on, and he wouldn't stand like that for the leg kicks with Aldo. Pourier landed some leg kicks, but he was circling much more when fighting him knowing he had to keep moving. He knows how to play the game to get folks to listen and watch, but he seems like someone who just loves to gobble up information and knowledge when it comes to the chess-match of fighting. Thats where I think he is dangerous.
  10. I think it'll be an interesting fight, but I'm not as quick to dismiss this as easy work for Aldo as most. McGregor has great instincts and reaction. I don't know of anyone else in that division close to his stand-up. Similar to when Machida came into the LHW division, it takes time for folks to figure these guys out, and McGregor is loose enough and mixes his style up enough that it may be hard even with more tape on him. It all comes down to whether Aldo could get him down. I would definitely say he won't get him down at will, but he will at some point. Its whether McGregor can get
  11. Connor said everyone he fights says he's all talk, but they don't mention the skill because they know he has it. Again said he'd run through the entire division and will take out Aldo. Also made a joke that he meant 2 rounds, not 2 minutes. Aldo said he was a "court jester" and that the fight is good for the UFC and division.
  12. First you need to test your relief valve that it is working correctly. Bring a pot or something down that you can put right up to the valve, and gently pull up on the metal tab, it should start shooting some water out (it will be hot). Once you turn it off, it shouldn't drip much. If it does you probably need a new valve. I had a rental property where it would open every couple days even after replacing valves no matter what we did, we had to put a water pressure regulator in as the water from the city was too high. Not sure what it is in your case, but could be the valve is going bad
  13. It is possible you've hurt some of the computers on board if you didn't put the cables on in the right order when jumping the car, but that is usually unlikely and would be more catastrophic than just a check engine light. Like steve09 and Kosher Ham pointed out, just take it somewhere and have them plug it in and tell you the code. A lot of these places now will charge you a fee to then "look up the code". Don't do it, just write it down and google it. (Pep Boys I know does this, its likely others do too)
  14. Looks like I may be going back to the bars for the rest of the year. The feeds today have been horrible. VIP, First Row, etc all cut out constantly, on a 75mb/s line.
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