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The Trump Riot Aftermath

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@The Evil Genius


This is so amazing.


Man Charged In Capitol Police Assault Has A Controversial Sandwich Business Back Home



When news broke Monday that two men had been charged federally with assaulting Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, who later died after defending the Capitol during the Jan. 6 attack, one of the names carried a long history in Morgantown, West Virginia.

“This guy has had so much bad karma coming his way that I hope he goes to jail for a long time,” one commenter on a Morgantown Facebook group wrote of one of the defendants, George Tanios. “He’s such a horrible person.”


“I wish I could say that I was surprised,” wrote another.


Tanios now faces charges including assaulting an officer with a dangerous weapon and conspiracy to injure an officer. Prosecutors say Tanios was with another defendant, Julian Elie Khater, who appeared to spray police officers — including Sicknick — with a chemical irritant during a scuffle on Capitol grounds. Khater allegedly retrieved a canister from Tanios’ bag, telling him “Give me that bear ****,” and then used what prosecutors said appeared to be a chemical spray on police.


But the bad blood against Tanios in Morgantown, which is home to West Virginia University, doesn’t have much to do with the alleged assault of a police officer during an attempted insurrection.


Tanios has… a reputation, one that quickly becomes evident reading through reviews for his restaurant, Sandwich University. (Tanios allegedly wore clothing with a “Sandwich U” logo to the Capitol attack.) 


After one reviewer, David, complained about his food on GrubHub, the Sandwich University account replied: “David is smoking crack everyone!” When someone else complained about a Sandwich University driver on Google, the store responded by acknowledging the complaint and saying they had reprimanded the driver — but that wasn’t all. 


“Like the Old Snowflake that you are, you stayed in a fit of rage and could not tell me what to do about it,” the response read. “Yes we were very busy and I am sorry we do not have a dedicated person to sit here and listen to you cry about it over the phone for over 10 mins (Which I did). You get 1 star for crying on the phone and half a star for complaining online wishing we go out of business.” 


It wasn’t just customers with a grudge against Tanios: Over the years, student-focused publications including Barstool Sports and TotalFratMove captured Sandwich University feuding with former employees over Twitter. 


An archived Twitter account for Tanio’s restaurant shows Sandwich University frequently retweeting then-President Donald Trump. And on Instagram, an username associated with Tanios, “kingofthefatsandwich,” posted a screenshot of a one-star review that read “If donald trump was a restaurant manager, this is who he would be.” The account seemed to take that comment as flattery. 


“To [sic] epic not to share,” the account responded. 


On top of the decidedly aggressive customer service, Tanios also ticked off some customers with so-called “ghost kitchens,” or restaurants that purport to be independent eateries when, in fact, they are re-branded versions of an existing kitchen. In September, one disgruntled West Virginian Reddit user counted multiple restaurants that shared Sandwich University’s address, including “Sub Me Sideways,” “Burgers in Bed” and “Wingin’ It.”


“My friends and I have actually made a game of guessing which restaurants are real and which restaurants are ‘****ing Sandwich University again,’” the Reddit user complained.


Tanios told Morgantown Magazine that the different restaurant names allowed him to appeal to different customers.


“Our location here has always been delivery-heavy, but everyone kinda put us in a box, saying we were just drunk food. But in reality, we really aren’t,” he said.


Sandwich University’s Facebook account has been suspended, but a post from three years ago, preserved on the store’s website, seemingly shows Tanios pushing the so-called “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory with the hashtag #CometPizza, an apparent reference to the pizza place at the center of the off-the-walls theory, Comet Ping Pong. 


“If you care about your children, read on it a bit,” Tanios wrote. “Careful it is a worm hole they don’t want you in.” 


Business troubles were part of what led to Tanios’ downfall, according to an FBI agent’s affidavit. One of the witnesses who allegedly helped federal agents identify Tanios noted a business dispute, authorities said, in which Tanios allegedly embezzled $435,000 from a former business. (Details of that case weren’t available Monday.)


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26 minutes ago, visionary said:




Seems like this should be a bigger story.


I literally grew up a couple of blocks from there.


Thankfully, these people aren't too smart.



Harris has not moved into the residence at the Naval Observatory due to a need for repairs at the building, media outlets have reported.


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4 hours ago, PokerPacker said:

I'm guessing that's a DC "The Supreme Court told us we couldn't ban guns, so we'll just come up with a bunch of other stuff".

It also sounds like "we're reaching here to find something to charge him with" 

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54 minutes ago, Larry said:

It also sounds like "we're reaching here to find something to charge him with" 

Nope. Real law. And yeah it’s a way of getting around them losing the gun ban they had in place. 




the short of it is you’re only allowed to carry ammo that matches the gun you have properly registered. 

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The FBI releases videos of assaults on police officers at the U.S. Capitol, seeks public help in identifying suspect.

Warning: Content may be disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.



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‘It’s the Peaky Fookin Blinders!’: Photo from Days Before Pro-Trump Insurrection Comes Back to Haunt Accused Capitol Rioter


Federal prosecutors filed a sentencing memo containing several new details about—and a striking new image of—alleged Capitol Hill rioter Scott Kevin Fairlamb on Wednesday.




The government’s memo is a continued effort to keep Fairlamb behind bars pending trial. After originally being granted bail by U.S. Magistrate Judge James B. Clark III, a series of procedural moves—including the judge essentially overruling himself by granting the government a stay of his decision—kept the defendant in custody.


In anticipation of an upcoming sentencing hearing, federal prosecutors allege the “former MMA fighter” from New Jersey can be seen “standing on the scaffolding erected on Capitol grounds” and boasting of his exploits during the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol Complex.


“We ain’t ****in’ leaving either,” Fairlamb is allegedly heard screaming in a video submitted to the court as an exhibit. A still image from the video is embedded within the sentencing memo with a man identified as the defendant circled in red.



According to the government, an additional video allegedly containing evidence of Fairlamb’s participation in the siege of the Capitol was provided to the FBI by another “concerned citizen.”


“Several minutes later, the JaydenX video [the government’s Exhibit 2] shows a horde of rioters pressing past police attempting to hold the line on the West Capitol Front,” the memo notes. “The JaydenX video shows the rioters overwhelming the outnumbered police and successfully breaking through metal barricades.”


In the second video, Fairlamb is allegedly seen breaking through the “skirmish line” before “picking up a baton and putting it under his arm.”


A third video, again said to have been provided to the FBI by a “concerned citizen,” is allegedly sourced from Fairlamb’s own Facebook account. In the footage, the defendant appears to be carrying a “collapsible baton” and rallying fellow travelers outside of the Capitol.


“What Patriots do?” Fairlamb asks before answering. “We ****in’ disarm them and then we storm the ****ing Capitol.”


Click on the link for the full article

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U.S. Intelligence Agencies Warn Of Heightened Domestic Extremism Threat


A new report from the U.S. intelligence community warns of future, unspecified, violence committed by domestic extremists, who have been emboldened by the siege on the U.S. Capitol and conspiracy theories about the 2020 election and coronavirus pandemic.


President Biden commissioned a threat assessment shortly after taking office. An unclassified summary of the findings, issued by the U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security, was released Wednesday. The full, classified report was sent to the White House and Congress.


It concludes that racially and ethnically motivated extremists, such as white supremacists and those tied to violent militias, are considered the "most lethal" threats. Lone offenders or smaller cells of extremists are more likely than organizations to carry out attacks, and are proving harder for law enforcement to track.


The threat of militia extremist groups increased last year and is expected to continue to heighten throughout 2021, the report said.


Click on the link for the full article

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Remembering somebody making fun of a classic movie trope.  


An army of cops pull up in front of a secluded shack.  


As the cops exit the vehicles, machine cun fire erupts from the shack's windows, riddling every police car with bullet holes.  


The police captain puts a bullhorn to his lips.  


"All right, Bugsy.  We know you're in there."  


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FBI: Overwhelmed police released violent riot suspect on Jan. 6. Then he rejoined the mob.


An accused Capitol rioter captured on camera repeatedly striking at police with a long pole during the Jan. 6 insurrection was arrested on the spot but released back into the crowd after officers waiting to transport him learned no transport would be arriving.


The suspect, Mark Ponder — who berated police during his 25-minute detention on Capitol grounds — then returned to the mob and was seen on the makeshift inauguration stage hours later, prosecutors say in a newly filed case that underscores the chaos facing overwhelmed officers that day.


Among the many lingering questions about the Jan. 6 Capitol riot is the absence of immediate arrests of many of the most violent figures in the mob. Wednesday's filing hints at an answer: Officers were so outmatched, prosecutors say, that they simply couldn't hold detainees while they were needed for riot control.


"While the officers are standing with Ponder waiting for transport, Ponder verbally engages with other nearby rioters saying 'I will say this. When our country is being attacked with, like we are, we have a right to fight…that is what the Second Amendment was built on,'" according to the FBI affidavit supporting Ponder’s arrest. "Eventually, the officers learn that transport will not be arriving for Ponder and that they are needed for continued crowd control. At that point, they inform Ponder that he will be released."


Police escorted Ponder to the edge of the Capitol grounds and told him not to return. As he was released, "other rioters cheered him on," the charging documents say.


Ponder's example is among the most brazen assaults on police revealed publicly so far. Another alleged rioter, Daniel Egtvedt, was seen on camera repeatedly assaulting police in a Capitol hallway before he was ultimately released from the building.


Click on the link for the full article

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