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Game Day Thread - Skins at Fins Someone’s Gotta Win

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3 minutes ago, Stefanskins said:

WOW blitzing n getting pressure on the QB actually works...who knew?...maybe Gruden was holding Manusky bak too

In fairness there is a major difference between trying to blitz against Tom Brady and this pathetic Miami team. Brady will shred you if you blitz him. And their OL is light years better than the trash Miami has on the field right now.

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4 minutes ago, KDawg said:

Real important: I have Diggs on my bench and McLaurin, Chark and Kupp starting. I mean I can’t second guess myself too much but gosh darn it.

I cut diggs this week for a backup defense!!! Crushing myself over it. Although he had done NOTHING all year.

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2 minutes ago, ExoDus84 said:

Eagles being pillaged by Kurt. Oof.

Skins fans make it out like he is a bad qb, but in reality they are just stupid or butthurt. 


He is the best qb that the skins have had since Brad Johnson and we would 100% be a better team with him on the roster. 



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