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  1. right. I recall seeing the exact dive to the pylon when he was ODU...I dont know how important of a game it was but its literally a carbon copy of the Bucs game...which makes me think thats just what he does...you can tell he knows when to slide and when to dive...*looking at you RG3*
  2. I think he does...I don't think he goes 1/2 speed...plays too instinctually...but Ive only seen him through 5 qtrs
  3. makes sense to me! should be...and he should be willing...
  4. agreed...but I'm not hoping for the next Brady or Montana, I'm just hoping for a top 10 qb...and if the "GOAT" can be so easily dismissed then maybe Heinicke has been dismissed too...a boy can dream can't he...
  5. lol or you could conclude that scouts aren't infallible...
  6. didn't wow teams with his arm strength or athleticism. In fact, his 5.24-second 40-time was pretty awful. --Poor build --Skinny --Lacks great physical stature and strength --Lacks mobility and ability to avoid the rush --Lacks a really strong arm --Can’t drive the ball downfield --Does not throw a really tight spiral --System-type player who can get exposed if forced to ad lib --Gets knocked down easily Tom Brady
  7. I liked that guys college break down of Montez...seemed to have the same kinda skill set (to a lesser degree) of hienicke...goes through his progressions, good pocket awareness, good at re-establishing...maybe a better arm...nice athleticism...not Houdini heinicke...but something there...looked bigger...
  8. I’d love to be in position to get Howell after next season...but, baring the injury thing, I truly believe hienicke/Allen/cheap veteran/build THIS team is the way to go...I’ve been drinking but from what I’ve seen a either Allen/hienicke/tyrod-esque combo gets us to 10 wins playoffs/division champs...all in on the TEAM...that’s culture
  9. I wouldn’t do it...I’d save money for the homegrown...but I definitely trust Ron’s judgement over mine
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