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  1. yep, unfortunately, I agree on all points...and looking at the opening line vegas thinks 32ish - 20ish...Ravens can definitely hang 32 plus on us...can we score 20?...don't think so...but you never know in the NFL...if we can manage 2 and 2 over the next four games heading into the bye week... I believe we have a puncher's chance at the expanded paloffs...but that could be a mixture of my burgundy drink and gold glasses...HTTR
  2. sounds like another Jonathan Martin...just not as talented
  3. To quote Guns n Roses "Just A little Patience"...I was never high on Haskins but that's probably because he's an Ohio State QB...He does have a great arm...and he does have an NFL body...he seems to be smart enough...seems to have that QB "grit" but sans the "poise"...I didn't get to watch the game (work) so I can't quantify or qualify his interceptions...and we all know not every interception is weighted the same...situational context and what not...but 3 ints are gonna kill ya every time, just ask Sexy Rexy...so can't be doing that...I hear that he's staring down receivers...not good...and I
  4. well, I will say that Haskins has one of the strongest arms I've seen in a Washington/Redskins football jersey...its a laser...still that doesn't mean anything (Jeff George) but it's a good start...and he seems to be improving...
  5. as of 3pm on Sunday, September 20th, all three rival NFCE teams are losing. If this keeps up and Washington wins we could be up 2 games 2 weeks into the season!! lol
  6. Damn Moses did look good on those replays!! I'm surprised that Curl got so many plays too
  7. wow 72 sacks is still extraordinary...Bears
  8. nice blocking...especially by Thomas...eagles look shocked!!! I want to keep this name and shock the world!!!
  9. he slid and these announcers didnt even mention it....crazy
  10. man we did a false start too that wasnt called thank God
  11. I think we are the tougher team...its been a while since Ive thought that...
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