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Game Day Thread - Skins at Fins Someone’s Gotta Win


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4 minutes ago, clskinsfan said:


He has done NOTHING in Minny. 87 MILLION guaranteed for nothing.

LMAO! the guy has been there for 20 games.  not 120 games.  i understand you are like most human beings, subject to the ploys of marketing/advertising and the national media hate the guy because in part he is a practising Christian and someone who has spoken with Trump on a couple of occassions, but you have to wait until the end of this season at least before you say that.

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These gameday ex-players don't make anyone laugh but themselves. By far the worst coverage of any sport, which is unacceptable given the NFL is the most popular of all of them in America. The NFL fanbase could be SO much smarter and more informed if they didn't push this dumb **** on everyone. So many smart analysts doing interesting work out there who deserve these jobs. 

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giving you

50 minutes ago, ConnSKINS26 said:


The coaches and players aren't trying to tank, the FO is. Eventually they'll hit a big play or something, they want this game as much (or as little) as our players and coaches do. They could care less about tanking. In fact they probably know that we're they're best chance to not suffer the embarrassment of going 0-16.


giving yourself up is for sliding feet first

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Such stupid ****ing logic by the commentator here. "You run on first down and if you get lucky and get something, then you can try to drive and score before the half"


Um, just don't choose to waste the down on a run, decide to pass and try and drive and score. 


Luckily we didn't actually just call a give-up run. Maybe Callahan hated that about Gruden like the rest of us did. 

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