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  1. Who said they wouldn't mind Keenum coming back next year?
  2. He needed 180 before the game, not now though.
  3. It would have been PI if Henges knew how to sell it.
  4. Fox just showed a wonderful shot of Moronsky after vthe touchdown.
  5. A pass on first down, so much for predictability.
  6. Why doesn't Manusky game plan for Ertz.
  7. It's not often you hear an announcer saying that the Redskins O-line is controlling the game, HTTR!!!
  8. Hell hath no fury like a QB scorned......
  9. I don't believe in the posing after the interception, they have not done enough this season to warrant it.
  10. Same outside rush every down, too predicatable.
  11. Because there are no consequences on the players part, and that's the coaches fault.