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Game Day Thread - Skins at Fins Someone’s Gotta Win


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1 minute ago, ConnSKINS26 said:

Such stupid ****ing logic by the commentator here. "You run on first down and if you get lucky and get something, then you can try to drive and score before the half"


Um, just don't choose to waste the down on a run, decide to pass and try and drive and score. 


Luckily we didn't actually just call a give-up run. Maybe Callahan hated that about Gruden like the rest of us did. 

There’s the give up run...

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Just now, carex said:


waiting for Miami to call timeout

What? If they were going to call time out they would have done it at 52 seconds. That play ended and we had 15 seconds left. Not a chance. 

They THOUGHT Miami would take one, even though after a big gain like that Miami would have been mistaken to do so. When they didn’t they had to scramble for a play call because they weren’t thinking ahead. 

Not good game management.

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Just now, Voice_of_Reason said:

5-11 for 41 yards for the QB.  


In almost a half.


against a team giving up ~300 yards passing a game.



Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic that we can't even scheme something up to manufacture some yards between McLaurin, CT, and Sims. Just a little creativity.


Either O'Connell is a total dud (as I suspect) or Callahan is dictating a lot more than we've been told---another possibility, given how emphatic he was about how he sees the offense going...despite handing the playcalling to someone else?

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14 minutes ago, Voice_of_Reason said:

We’re playing a team who is giving up 40 points a game.  And we’re up by 7.




Most of those 40pts a game come in the 2nd half. 


Last week Chargers were up 17-10 at half. 

Week before Dallas was 10-6 at half. 



*I predict we score 20 total points in this game. 

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Just now, Vanguard said:


You’re ridiculous.  


And you know it.

I’m not and I don’t. Interim coach doing things almost the same as the old guy isn’t an excuse. “Questionable” calls - there was one. 

I like the added emphasis on getting Peterson carries. He’s a guy who benefits from letting the engine rev. So that’s a new twist. 

But my issue isn’t even Callahan. It’s the way the team is assembled. Injury prone players are guys we rely on and we get on these streaks.


You took that as me attacking the new coach, but it wasn’t. It was me saying “nothing has changed because the problems are still there and we haven’t been able to restock the cupboard with players”

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10 minutes ago, ConnSKINS26 said:

These gameday ex-players don't make anyone laugh but themselves. By far the worst coverage of any sport, which is unacceptable given the NFL is the most popular of all of them in America. The NFL fanbase could be SO much smarter and more informed if they didn't push this dumb **** on everyone. So many smart analysts doing interesting work out there who deserve these jobs. 



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