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Skins at Filthadumpia Game Day Thread

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28 minutes ago, dswerdlw said:

Looks like they are going with Bergstrom as the interior line backup because he can play all three positions (LG, C, RG). I doubt Martin has worked as center. I thought we would keep two interior line backups active.  Makes sense, but I'd prefer Martin to Bergstrom once Martin gets some reps at center.



This makes how the LG situation played out even worse than it already looked.  The first option is trash and the guy that was supposed to compete to start isnt useful enough to be active.  Well played, Bruce, well played.

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3 minutes ago, SAli457180 said:

AP, WTF?  They need as many weapons as they can get, but let's have one less to make it easy on the Eagles D.  So dumb.


We need another gunner to sprint downfield on kickoffs that go out of the endzone.  

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