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  1. Has there been any word on whether Keenum is sticking around? I would like to see him stay if the Redskins fix the offensive line. Otherwise adios.
  2. Point is, better fix that o line or you will never know what Haskins can do because he will get hurt before he learns how to get away. A better line line would help him grow, when he gives a damn anyway because he sure did a poor job of getting ready to play at the beginning.
  3. Haskins is glass. Get an o line or he will never pan out.
  4. Keenum will be fired up, back in Texas playing indoors. I expect a great game from him.
  5. Two hands on the ball, perfect pass, catch it!
  6. These aren't the first passes Sprinkle dropped. Keenum threw him a good one that was dropped on a huge play as well.
  7. I guess Haskins will be making selfies on the sideline for his great td drive.
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