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  1. Cougarrick

    Case Keenum antisocial?

    How did Quick drop that perfect pass anyway?
  2. Haskins can get his experience at the end of games and in practice just like every other QBs has. The cream always rises to the top.
  3. Coach - ok men we aren't going to be any good this year so we are are going to take our lumps and play Dwayne. Is that ok with you AP? And all you defensive players better suck it up because we don't want any easy touchdowns after Dwayne coughs the ball up on our end of the field. Or this- ok guys we are going to do our very best to try and win every game. We are all in this league to make a lot of money and we are going to do every thing we can for every player to see that we can all play and coach at our absolute best.
  4. Cougarrick

    Case Keenum antisocial?

  5. Cougarrick

    Case Keenum antisocial?
  6. Cougarrick

    Case Keenum antisocial?

    Keenum has had a tough row to hoe in his career. He sits on top of the NCAA record book in passing yet went undrafted in 2012. The Houston media said he would never make it in the nfl but he is still around 8 years later. He worked his way up from the practice squad of the Texans and the Rams to starter. Every team he has been on he ends up being the starter. If he would have been drafted I think his development time would have been shorter and had he been drafted by a team with a decent line he would be entrenched as a teams quarterback for some time. But through it all he has maintained a great attitude and work ethic. If you want to know more read his book. Players like Keenum are why I love football so much.
  7. I would make him sit and lose money if the above post is correct info.
  8. Cougarrick

    Case Keenum antisocial?

    Wrong, he was talking to some kids signing autographs and asking them questions about his career. I've met him several times and he is very nice. Read his book.
  9. Cougarrick


    After last night's performance by the o line.They better ask Mr. Williams what he wants to return to the field and give it to him. Wouldn't hurt Haskins to ask as well as it appears his health is at stake too.
  10. Haskins will be lucky to get through preseason unharmed with these o linemen. I thought he was lucky last night to not get hurt. He can sling it for sure.
  11. Cougarrick

    Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    You think that will work for playstation vue? I used a vpn last year for the Broncos games but I think they've sniffed me out cuz it's not working now for the Manassas area. I'm in Houston.
  12. Cougarrick

    2019 Redskins Training Camp/Preseason Thread

    All I keep reading is how McCoy knows the offensive so well. What good would a weeks worth of practice gonna do him, he wasn't a rookie. Keenum is better.
  13. Let's see what he does when he starts missing game checks. He is risking millions.
  14. Cougarrick

    2019 Redskins Training Camp/Preseason Thread

    I just watched last years game at Dallas. Keenum is better than McCoy. But it's all moot if the o line can't run block or give any qb the time to get the receivers downfield and deliver the ball. Also these receivers need to be able to get separation to sustain drives.
  15. Cougarrick

    A little insight on Case Keenum.

    Every qb needs a good line to provide protection and to open holes to run through. Keenum is plenty good enough to win with. You can have Brady back there and you're not going to win without it.