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  1. Happy Father’s Day! I’ll be poolside at a resort in Orlando while keeping my four kids from drowning and dodging New Yorkers and their covid!
  2. My gut tells me there’ll be a full NFL season. Football is different than the rest of the pro sports in that the TV contract is so much larger in proportion to ticket sales. I think, at worst, we’ll see 1/4 full stadiums due to social distancing. If there’s a more concrete treatment come August, then Gov’t may allow more. If a vaccine Is discovered by August, then I think It’s back to full capacity. it also may be that states like NY, CA, or Mass may have a more limited fan participation compared to here in JAX, FL where COVID wasn’t so devastating.
  3. I didn't realize he played one season for the Redskins as a DB. RIP, Coach Shula.
  4. Holy cow, this thing is escalating too fast! I commented on a post about trading Ioannidis and was wondering what his value might be. You cannot disagree that we have too many tackle types on the roster so it’s not unreasonable to contemplate what value Ioannidis would fetch. That being said, Ionnidis’ style is one where he is a master bull-rusher, peel-n-tackle type. My point was this style of play is of greater value to a 3-4 front than a 4-3. And, I also pointed out that any talk of trading anybody is moot since the FA and draft phases are behind us. Ioannidis is a major asset to this team both in his play and his leadership. I nor anyone I know want to see him traded.
  5. Typo. I meant 4-3 DT. Ioannidis is such a good player that I’d hate to see him not on our team. I guess he’d be the 1-tech Del Rio mentions when he talks about the roles of the 4-3 front. I know he played all over with our 3-4 front but in a 4-3 the role is different, gap-wise. I’m sure he’d do well For us regardless. But as you are intimating, we now have a surplus of 4-3 tackles. Settle being farmed out is a no-brainer. But I think my agreeing with the other poster, it’s all moot at this point since the draft is over. Meaning, I think Del Rio likes the core we have and is going to run the process and see who sticks. Just sucks the off-season has been hijacked by the quarantine.
  6. I agree that KS should at least start thinking about what Ioannidis’ value would be; maybe throw around some darts at teams that use the 3-4. I don't want to start a war here but I think Ioannidis is likely better suited as a two-gap 3-4 DE than a 4-3 DT. He is a mauler when he gets into an OL’s pads and can quickly shed and tackle. Frankly, I rarely see him shoot a gap like Allen or Payne. I know Ioannidis is one of our top lineman but he can bring in 2nd rounder or higher then that might be something to look into.
  7. This is what I’m thinking. I know he’ll get some reps at LT and, frankly, I think the whole team is going to have to earn their positions so it may be possible he can win the role for starting LT. But my money’s on Geron Christian this season. Like you, I think Saahdiq should make an excellent guard because of his physical traits as you have noted. Frankly, if no long-term deal is made with Sherff, I think Saahdiq could be his replacement in 2021. So, my question is: does the team force him into the tackle position where he may never be better than average? Or, does the team play to his natural traits and make him an excellent guard?
  8. Hopefully, Ron likes Bentleys! I had to do it... sorry.
  9. I think J.R. Reed, the safety from GA who has a bunch of defensive awards is still out there. He should have a recent chance to make the 53 here.
  10. Hopefully Hunter Bryant. He has a legitimate chance to make the 53 and that should be enough to convince him to come to DC.
  11. So, the 2017 Bryce Love was the runner we had all hoped to see. Trouble is that we ended up with the 2018 RB. 2017 was an incredible season and 2018 was expected to be aa good or better since Love was to take the lions share of snaps as McCaffrey ledt for the NFL, and Stanford returned 4 of their 5 OL. What happened was opponents had 8-9 in the box and Love, who’s on the small side, had to earn every yard. Whereas the year before, he was brought in to relieve McCaffrey and saw huge holes where Love would sprint untouched past the DL. That’s why I’m thinking the above tweet by Mark Bullock is significant regarding Gibson. Love was far more productive when McCaffrey was the main target as the D was likely caught off guard thinking the back may come out into the slot and run a wheel-route. Bryce Love took advantage of that. But when he was the featured back and was not a threat to catch, it became old-school defense and Love faltered. So, as Mark Bullock pointed out, does the safety cheat up thinking Gibson is going to come to the slot? With a split backfield, Sam and Will have to widen their gaps because you don’t know which side is a run or pass. Then, if it’s a wheel, a lagging LB has to trail the RB and the safety has to cover the top of the route. With 3 other receivers on the field, that could cause some major mismatches. it’s like the WCO on steroids. And, with split backs, that can add to better pass protection if the intended targets are the wide outs. Having a 6’0 228lb RB like Gibson should be a better blocker than Love at 5’9” and 205lb. If course, this is all in my imagination. But, our O-line being the way it is, 12- or 22-personnel sets might be a necessity rather than specialty set.
  12. The pick is definitely a tell of what Turner will try to employ as his offense strategy. My uneducated opinion on Turner’s brief time as OC at Carolina looked like a spread concept, maximizing WR routes. Personally, it seemed that McCaffrey’s role diminished somewhat when Turner took over yet that may be due to his injury. So, I’m a bit confused. Since a pass catching TE was not the priority in FA or the draft (not over yet), I’m thinking TE is primarily a blocker and decoy. I can see Gibson as being the X-Factor McCaffrey type with 3-4 receiver sets like Turner did while OC. Shoukd be a lot of open guys in the short / intermediate range and McLauren and Gibson can certainly turn on the jets. Dwayne Haskins has decent mobility and good pocket presence so I’m thinking Turner isn't going to set his offense up to be a classic drop back passing attack. In this sense, OL could be more ZBS and flighty, especially LT. Perhaps that’s why Ron Rivera and Turner see that the x-factor weapon is a higher priority than tackle. I’m probably reaching here while also trying to understand the Gibson pick.
  13. WR? That’s disappointing. What the heck is wrong with Jones?