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  1. Yeah. If he’s catching a 7-10 yard out, for example, and there’s a few defenders in the area, they usually can tackle him handedly. So his lateral quickness and his ability to find open field after the catch needs improvement. In facr, it’s the same drills that’ll make his curl and button routes better. He needs work, but the good kind of work. I like him. I like his attitude. He plays hard for a sprinter-type. I am baffled why the mocks have him 5th - 6th round. I’d be tickled to get him in the 4th and wouldn’t lose it if we snagged him with our 2nd 3rd round pick.
  2. So glad you brought up Schwartz. Definitely needs to learn his routes. In fact, even for college-level, is a poor to moderate route runner but can and should be so much more than the track star he is be ause he shows willingness out there. He needs help in running after the catch, too. But what intrigues me about Schwartz is the fact we now have Fitzmagic who will send a throw to Schwartz who you know will have a couple of steps on the defender. If Alex Smith was still our QB... no way do I ever consider Schwartz. But drafting him in the fourth seems more plausible.
  3. I’ll throw my hat in the ring with my favorite names: 1. Washington Marshalls as in George Preston Marshall but could also have a federal law enforcement flair. 2. Washington Monuments. Probably my favorite name. Unoffensive and very representative of our town. Or, 3) The Washington Federal Employees: overpaid and no accountability. Also super fast as a Federal Employee gets off work at 5:00 and is home by 4:30
  4. I didn’t see this during the game but Wow! What a play by Logan Thomas!
  5. I think what impressed me most about the goal line stand was Cole Holcomb lining up on the outside shoulder of Steelers backup RT #65, Jerald Hawkin. Pre-snap, Rothlesburger must see the obvious mismatch and has the running back shoot for the hole hopefully created by the two right tackles. This is the Steelers Heavy Jumbo lineup. The RT and RG double team Settle who holds is own and that leaves #65 to simply keep Holecomb to the outside and open up the lane. But Holecomb, who’s 50-60 pounds lighter, not only holds his ground but prevents himself from being turned and in fact, slides #65 in
  6. This is where statistics get lost on me. If one was to read “7 of 8 sacks, Wentz held the ball for 4+ seconds” one would conclude that a bad Wentz was more responsible for the sacks than our good defense. But, off the top of my head, at least three sacks Wentz ducked and ran off another 2-3 seconds after 1st contact trying to avoid another tackler. Plus, the secondary coverage also likely contributed to Wentz not being able to release the ball when he wanted to. Wentz looked pretty darn good in the first half and I bet Philly fans were already popping champagne corks. This is why st
  7. I’ve seen lots of comments about the defensive coaches’ half time adjustments but not much details other than “took Apke off the island” types. Here is a tweet from Kiem that explains more of what the defensive coaches changed the coverages to limit the threats from the Eagles’ TEs. John Keim (@john_keim) Tweeted: This was just one way to combat the Ertz/Goedert combo. See Moreau down low; Collins inside help. See Bostic engage/carry Goedert with Apke over the top. Then the pressure gets home. WFT used more 3 Safety sets & nickel vs two TE looks after early issues in base. https://t.co
  8. Saw this tidbit on twitter: Aaron (@Anpalacios5) Tweeted: Dwayne Haskins got the ball out every 2.25 seconds on average vs Philly, the fastest release of any Week 1 QBs thus far. That's how you neutralize a pass rush that was dominant early on. For reference, the longest time to throw week 1 was Josh Allen at 3.08 seconds. Wasn’t it understood that a QB to be successful needed 2.5 seconds in the pocket? Or, is that a foregone benchmark? If so, can our O-line improve a quarter of a second to be just ‘minimal’ but not a disaster?
  9. My bad! I should've been more careful reading the tweet you referenced. I thought it was Leno the Bears LT. My apologies.
  10. Funny. But I see it like this: He's the difference between finishing 7-9 and not making the playoffs while having a healthy and steadily improving Dwayne Haskins and finishing 6-10 and not making the playoffs while Dwayne Haskins is in full traction at the hospital wondering if he’ll ever play again. Totally worth the 3rd rounder.
  11. I’m with you. No doubt the left side was getting manhandled and I would love upgrades but as a unit, they peddled back in reasonable unison and gave DH 1 1/2 to 2 seconds. My goodness, we scored on 4 of 5 drives in the 2nd half and that didn’t happen by accident. It looked like the coaches knew there’d be little time to throw and game-planned for that. Yes, we need an upgrade at LT but I’d like to see if Martin improves if/when Charles replaces Christian. I saw the comment Kiem made about Christian lunging but to me his first kick step is to slow. It’s been that way since h
  12. Agree. But is there a silver lining to their play? One positive observation is that the line as a whole didn’t miss assignments; meaning defenders weren't consistently running through untouched. The tackles, on pass pro engaged their man and kept them outside for the most part. Trouble was that DH only had two seconds or less to pass. Can’t have a receiver run more than 15 yards in two seconds. I thought Roullier and Scherff played well. Those two running TDs had very good blocking. So, yes, our line was overmatched. But, can the line improve? Is there enough good things from Sund
  13. https://twitter.com/john_keim/status/1302654538021777416?s=20 John Keim (@john_keim) Tweeted: Cam Sims to Washington PS per source..
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