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  1. JaxJoe

    Press Release: #Redskins Quotes- Gruden

    I’m confused Earlier coach said Trent is out. But did I hear correctly it’ll be a game time decision?
  2. Nick Saban thought Anderson would move to the inside when he was drafted. I agree. But in a 4-3, which of the three LB should play Mike? It has to be a true downhill thumper; maybe that’s Foster. Trouble is, Brown has not covered as well so I think he could be weakside. That leaves Anderson at Sam. Or, I’d have Anderson in the middle, Brown at weak to use his speed, and Foster at strong to take on TE’s.
  3. I belive Anderson had 22 snaps. Interesting is that Cassanova had 24 snaps. https://www.hogshaven.com/2018/11/14/18058062/skins-stats-snaps-redskins-buccaneers-defense-st
  4. JaxJoe

    Redskins Lead NFC East

    I agree that the QB play has to get better - especially if we want to go deeper in the playoffs. It's working now and may win us the division, but from my personal perspective, I too want to see the QB play improve as we are too reliant on AP and there's no one to replace his performance if he goes down. But, here's a new perspective from Clinton Portis I had not considered and find it valid: With Peterson leading the way, the Redskins rank eighth in rushing offense. Washington’s 26th-ranked passing game leaves a lot to be desired, but Clinton Portis isn’t concerned about the way in which the Redskins are winning. In fact, he thinks it could benefit them down the stretch. “When the season changes and the ball becomes slippery and the conditions change, it gets tough,” Portis said on 106.7 The Fan. “Most teams are going to have to figure out a winning formula. Most teams are going to have to switch from aerial assault to nasty games, to let’s figure out how to run the ball, how to protect the ball and play good defense. When we get to that part of the season, we’re going to be 8, 10, 12 games in, because that’s our regular offense . . . Although we’ve been winning games and it hasn’t been pretty offensively, when it comes to the sloppy time of year, I think we’re going to have the perfect offense for it, because Alex Smith refuses to turn the ball over. His mind-set is not allowing him to take chances that’s going to put us at risk or put this defense in a short field." https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2018/10/30/adrian-peterson-is-making-all-his-doubters-look-foolish/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.ea923fbb0bae
  5. KC with 32 pass attempts and 255 yds at the half. Thats crazy! We might be witnessing history. Both QB’s over 250 yards. Reminds me of an 80’s game with San Diego vs. Cincy where each QB threw for 500 yds. Dan Fouts vs. Anderson, if I recall.
  6. Great question. Isn't there a grace period where a returning player from PUP won't count against the 53? But regardless, it makes some sense that if McGee is better than Hood that he should take his spot - unless Caleb Brantley gets cut and moved to PS.
  7. JaxJoe

    What Bye Week Adjustments Would You Make?

    Id like to see more 2nd string recievers get reps to find out which reciever combination can get open the most. But then again, if we are only calling 5 passing plays a half, it’s a moot point.
  8. JaxJoe

    Redskins vs Colts Prediction Thread: Will the Redskins "Luck" Out?

    Dont we get to dress more players because it’s a home game? If so, I’d like to see Adonis Alexander and Caleb Brantly get some reps.
  9. JaxJoe

    Redskins vs Colts Prediction Thread: Will the Redskins "Luck" Out?

    Apparently both starting tackles for the Colts are out. It could be a blood bath. Mike Wells ESPN Staff Writer Colts starting left tackle Anthony Castonzo had a "minor" setback with his hamstring and will miss Sunday's game at Washington, coach Frank Reich said Friday. Castonzo did not practice Thursday or Friday after being limited in practice Wednesday. He originally injured his hamstring in the first week of training camp in early August. The Colts are dealing with injures at tackle. J'Marcus Webb, who started at right tackle in Week 1, was placed on injured reserve earlier this week with a hamstring injury. Joe Haeg started at left tackle in Week 1. The Colts could go with rookie Braden Smith or Le'Raven Clark at right tackle or slide Haeg to right tackle and play Smith or Clark at left tackle.
  10. That sack by Ryan Anderson was a beauty. His hips allowed him to bend while staying low and come around the tackle 360* to get Bradford. If this is a new pass rush move Anderson can master, then we wont have to worry about Preston Smith signing elsewhere.
  11. JaxJoe

    Next Day Thoughts: Redskins vs. Cardinals

    Milliseconds after this, #20 of the cards gets plowed by Shawn Lauvao. Just completely hammered then bent over backwards. Ouch! http://www.nfl.com/gamecenter/2018090909/2018/REG1/redskins@cardinals/videos/0ap3000000959916
  12. Yeah, I heard the post game presser too, that Arizona was in zone most of the night and that took away the receiver routes. So Alex had to work the underneath stuff but when you have Thompson and Reed, it makes it look easy. Next week's defensive coordinator might have to have 7 or 8 in the box to slow down the underneath routes and the running game. Hopefully then we can see Smith get the ball to the wide receivers. I tell you what, those Cardinal safeties are going to feel it tomorrow. That AP TD run, #20 was plowed over by a pulling Trent Williams. Scary crushing block that bent the poor guy backwards. Also, interesting that Ryan Anderson, #52 was the lead block on that TD run.
  13. Who knew it was possible to win the first game of the year? Well, frankly, I did and I believe a majority of posters on the Prediction thread also called for a win. But what I never expected was for the team to be so dominant; very unlike their dress rehearsal 3rd pre-season game. I was as cautiously optimistic but couldn't find fault with those who were cautiously pessimistic. We knocked a bunch of monkey's off our back: Won the season opener: on the road, at that! Scored three red zone TDs Run D is as advertised Running game is actually better than advertised (182 net yards) Alex Smith is as advertised: game manager with few mistakes Our D sealed the game with a crushing strip sack Our O almost sealed the game if nt for the AP fumble Just so many positives like TOP and 3rd down offense (46%) and 3rd down defense (19%). We had nine penalties - a bit much but only one of those contributed to a Cards first down. The next milestone is to string three consecutive wins. I'm really pleased. Plus, credit has to go to the coordinators for great game plans and positional coaches to execute the game plans.
  14. Plus, if I might add, we currently have only $11 mil in available cap space. So, the DL and RB were solved with low cost draft picks, right? That really didn’t leave us a whole lot of money to sign “difference makers” during the FA, pre-draft period. But I also agree with @Voice of Reason in that our roster is somewhat the same as last season so it’s reasonable to assume there shouldnt be a big change in wins & losses. However, not to insult anyone’s intelligence, but football is a team sport where the sum can be greater than the parts. Let’s hope this is the case and we can eclipse 10 wins and move up to a perennial playoff team.
  15. JaxJoe

    Redskins vs Cardinals Prediction Thread: 2018 Kick-Off Spectacular

    Your right. I can argue the pass D will be about the same but we have a new starting CB and slot DB so it could be a tad worse. I’m actually going into this game like the 3rd preseason game: Sure, a win would be great, but I want to see no injuries, a much improved running attack and run-D, no turnovers, and few penalties.