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  1. JaxJoe

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    Or, Cincy trades down with Detroit knowing the Skins don’t need a QB and Still get Burrow. Or,they could trade #1 with NYG knowing Tua will be there aa you suggested @Voice of Reaso, they might like him almost as much as Burrow but know adding extra picks helps their team more. I said in another thread that if CY is gone and Burrow lands in our lap, we should draft him only if there are no big offers from other teams; since they may not think we’ll take him. Then try to trade him once we have possession of him and I think the offers go will up.
  2. JaxJoe

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    Maybe a simple trade down 1 spot with Detroit and collect a 3rd rounder or better. But, have signed agreement they won’t draft Chase Young. There’s a lot of good DBs and guards and LBs in the mid rounds I’d like to add.
  3. JaxJoe

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    NFLDraftScout posted some 40 yd dash times: 40 Low: 4.46 40 Time: 4.57 40 High: 4.67
  4. JaxJoe

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    If no team thinks we won’t select Burrow and doesn't offer us a haul, then I think we should draft him to call their bluffs. Then watch the ‘real’ offers come in. If we still don’t get the “king’s ransom” then keep Burrow and start working the phones to see what offers We can get for Haskins.
  5. JaxJoe

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    Plus, it looks like 80% of the plays were directed away from Young. That alone should show how much of a factor Young is. The plays that did go his direction he was doubled. I saw only one play where he looked bad: he over ran too wide on a QB rush allowing the QB to step up in the pocket and scamper for a good chunk of yardage. But what we need to really think about is how effective will he be on our 4-3 with Montez Sweat the other end who is also a 6-5 265 lb DE that runs a 4.4. Wow. It might be fun watching our defense for a change.
  6. JaxJoe

    4-3 Starting Lineup

    I think we should take heed to Nick Saban’s prediction at the time Anderson was drafted that he should play inside at the pro level. At least give it a shot. Otherwise, I could see JDR looking to bring in a MLB free agent - especially one he’s had past experience with. Foster is truly the wild card here - injury wise. I see him as a good fit for SAM. Look, we might see one or two teams a season where the TE is the primary receiver who catches 10 passes a game so I agree RF may not be a good fit. But, usually, a typical TE may pull in 3-4 receptions a game and RF can handle that. For the most part, they are run blockers or release from the line to block. I think Rueben Foster would be an over-match for 80% of the snaps when lined up over a typical TE. He would crush a TE on running plays. The Weakside linebacker is like a wait-and-see reactionary position. No doubt he is typically the speediest most athletic LB. his roles are keeping the runner inside or picking up a TE in motion. Or he has to cover slot receiver within the first 5-7 yards if there isn’t a nickel corner. I can see SDH and Holcomb battle for that position. Theoretically, I think we have the personnel here to fill each LB role but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a free agent signing for at least the Mike. On paper, Foster could handle all three roles, but the guy hasnt played a snap in, what?, two years and had injury issues prior to that. Sheesh. SDH is a tweener and Holcomb has but one year of experience and we are completely changing the defense! So, I can also see the pessimism as well.
  7. JaxJoe

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    I like your analogy. We truly are in the cat bird seat with both players though. It’s a win if we draft Burrows, although I agree not by much. It’s a win if we draft Young, by a more significant improvement- although I think switching to the 4-3 will make Kerrigan more of a factor. And it’s a win if we trade down for hopefully a huge haul. I’m very excited for draft night.
  8. One thing about the 4-3 that supports your “commit” comment is that you can usually stay in your base for all three downs. I think that helps your starters by keeping assignments consistent. A 3-4 would usually need to go to nickel on 3rd down and that usually meant only two interior lineman rushing instead of 3, OLBs have to drop in coverage, so blitzing meant bring up a MLB or safety and that opens up the short middle field. I’m being very general, of course. One thing I like about Del Rio is his knack of getting the most out of mid-round draft picks. It seemed like Jax had nobodies play like stars. Tight off-man coverage and smart safety play. He always had at least one stud tackle on the D-line like Big John Henderson. Payne may need to get back to 330 lb. The Jaguar’s defense for 15 years has always kept them in games and that pretty much started with Del Rio. I’m trying to think back 10-15 years to who our LBs were but no famous name jumps out. But sure tackling was usually present.
  9. Thanks for pointing out the Rams OL coaching, I missed that. I was looking at how he seemed to rarely have more than two seasons at any gig except for his most recent employer, the Panthers. I totally missed the Rams. GA Miami Ohio 1974-1975 OL Miami Ohio 1977 OC/OL University of North Carolina 1978-1984 OL Naval Academy 1985 OL University of Arizona 1986 OL University of Southern California 1987-1988 OC University of Southern California 1989-1991 OL Phoenix Cardinals 1992-1993 OL New Orleans Saints 1994-1996 OL New York Giants 1997-1998 OL St. Louis Rams 1999-2005 OL Kansas City Chiefs 2006-2007 OL Baltimore Ravens 2008-2011 OL Carolina Panthers 2011-Present
  10. The OL and DL coaches seem pedestrian at best. DL coach Sam Mills lll has only ever worked for Carolina and is the son of the Carolina LB Sam Mills. Not much of a resumé
  11. Do we have an OL or DL coach yet?
  12. I’m intrigued, too specifically in regards to analytics as it pertains to contracts. We all know metrics like completion percentage for a QB or pro bowl selection for any player are typical in most contracts as incentives. But, how do analytics play into a contract? Maybe it doesn’t and Rob Rogers is the resident nerd like PFF or FO to give him more insight in how much to offer a player.
  13. Here’s a scouting report on the new DB: https://www.fieldgulls.com/platform/amp/2018/9/2/17812968/seahawks-on-tape-simeon-thomas-scouting-report-cornerback-nfl-roster?utm_campaign=fieldgulls&utm_content=chorus&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&__twitter_impression=true
  14. JaxJoe

    Skins at Filthadumpia Game Day Thread

    Wes Martin and Adrian Peterson are scratches?
  15. I like JP Holtz. Good blocker and good hands.