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  1. Interesting to see Martin taking reps at right guard. No mention of Piersbacher getting reps at center with Roullier absent. Not much OTA news after Day 01. From Redskins.com: ”The offensive line is a bit confusing right now. Without tackles Trent Williams in town and Morgan Moses fully healthy, the Redskins are going through some shuffling. Protecting Keenum to start the day included left tackle Tyler Catalina, left guard Ereck Flowers, center Tony Bergstrom (Chase Roullier was absent), right guard Brandon Scherff (who rotated frequently with Wes Martin) and right tackle Timon Parris.” https://www.redskins.com/news/practice-news-and-notes-2019-otas-day-1
  2. JaxJoe

    2019 NFL Important Dates

    I’m pretty sure you’re right. But I got confused when I read this article in Redskins.com and saw the statement, “In preparation of seeing the team in a practice setting for the first time this year, here's a quick look at where the defense stands on the current 90-man roster (note that some players may not participate depending on where they are in their rehab programs after injuries).” I took that to mean only injured players were exempt so that is why I wrote the qualifier, “If I’m not mistaken...”. I do think that OTAs are voluntary. I guess I could’ve worded it better. Still, though, it'll be good to see the rookies mesh with the veterans. https://www.redskins.com/news/redskins-90-man-roster-breakdown-defense
  3. JaxJoe

    2019 NFL Important Dates

    I wanted to bump this thread up to let folks know this week is OTAs. If I’m not mistaken, all 90 players will attend as these are mandatory practices. I’m one of the guilty ones in writing off Doctson long term but I’d like to see him connect well with Keenum and Haskins this week.
  4. At first, I expected Harmon to play X, too, because of his skill-set. But I can see why they want him not an X because his weakness is beating press coverage and getting separation. And since the split-end receiver (X) has to play on the line, he is likely to be opposed by the defensive’s best corner and that means getting jammed at the line, press coverage, and boxed by a safety. The flanker role can play off the line, making the TE eligible, and with that ‘cushion’ can get open easier. Kelvin Harmon was excellent last year with off-coverage and in zone. So now my mind is racing because I can see a new paradigm at WR with the future being McLaurin at X, Harmon at Z and Quinn at Y. This lineup may be realized sooner than later as Richardson is oft injured and Doctson could continue his pedestrian trend and get replaced by McLaurin. It could work but I still think we might need a Doctson sized X but a faster more sure-handed receiver, probably a 2020 1st rounder. However, If our offensive strategy will primarily be a running team eating up clock and lots of 3rd and shorts, then we likely don't need that type of elite receiver. I hope Mclaurin and Harmon work then we can then instead draft a 1st round CB to have our D completely set.
  5. Lost in this discussion is Kyler Murray. Personally, I believe from a national coverage standpoint, it will be Murray-Haskins this year and likely for years to come. First off, Murray will likely play day 01 and Haskins will likely be the 1st off the bench as Jones could very likely be held back the entire season. Secondly, it has a classic argument of the future NFL QB of run & gun vs. the classic pocket passer. Come next season, Jones likely wont even be included in the conversation as the next year’s drafted QBs will be the hot topic. That’s how I think this thing plays out.
  6. Here’s a decent article on Zone vs. Power blocking schemes. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/football-insider/wp/2015/05/21/differences-between-the-zone-and-power-running-schemes/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.44a3db47812c
  7. He will be so dominant that all the Chuck Norris jokes will use Montez Sweat’s name
  8. JaxJoe

    Ravens Sign Robert Griffin III

    Baltimore drafted Penn St QB McSorley in the 6th round so I think its sayonara for RG3.
  9. Another thing I failed to annotate was consistency. There were several games he looked just ‘OK’ like the games against Virginia and North Carolina. The Florida State game, the CB basically took care of Harmon, yet NC State won!. Games against BC and Clemson he was jacked and you could see a noticeable difference on the field. Despite his effort against Clemson he only had two receptions. Unfortunately, I think two beautiful sideline grabs were ruled out-of-bounds. NC State was neck and neck with Clemson that day until Finley threw an ugly INT down by the 5-yd line with only a couple minutes left. Not Harmon’s fault. In short, his energy level fluctuated and therefore had inconsistent games. An oddity was that his top two most dominating games, Syracuse and Wake Forest, NC State ended up losing. Scouts may have looked at that and thought Harmon, despite great production, isn't a ‘game changer’.
  10. JaxJoe

    WR Cam Sims 2019 Campaign

    My way too early roster prediction: Cam Sim made the 53 last year and I see no reason why he won’t make the 53 this year, other than his injury affecting him. The 2018 opening day receiving corp was: Doctson (X) 6’2” 202 lb 4.50 sec 40yd Richardson (Y) 6’0” 170 lb 4.40 sec Crowder (Z) 5’9” 177 lb 4.56 sec Harris (x) 6’3” 200 lb 4.56 sec Quinn (z) 6’0” 200 lb 4.55 sec Sims (x) 6’5” 212 lb 4.59 sec 2019 could/should be: Doctson (X) 6’2” 202 lb 4.50 sec 40yd Richardson (Y) 6’0” 170 lb 4.40 sec Quinn (Z) 6’0” 200 lb 4.55 sec Sims (x) 6’5” 214 lb 4.59 sec McLaurin (y) 6’0” 208 lb 4,35 sec Harmon (x) 6’2” 221 lb 4.60 sec On paper it doesn't look like much of a change and it probably isn't. Ugh.
  11. Finally got to watch some games Kelvin Harmon played over the 2018 season. Harmon had the second most receptions for NC State at 81 catches for 1146 yards and a team-leading 7 touchdowns. Over the season, Harmon generally caught 6 or so passes per game but had three monster games against Syracuse, Boston College, and Wake Forest totaling 35 receptions for 509 yards and 3 touchdowns. Harmon had 6 games where he caught over 100 yards and one game against Syracuse where he caught 11 passes for a whopping 247 yards and 2 TDs. Watching six YouTube game cut-ups (Virginia, Boston College, Clemson, Florida State, Wake Forest, North Carolina), I believe I have a better understanding of what kind of a player Kelvin Harmon is. First off, he has incredible hands. I think I saw only four, maybe five drops over the six games. He also can make incredible circus catches, sometimes one handed grabs. He gives it his all and will go the extra mile to haul in a sideline pass. He is a physical X receiver who uses his body well to keep him in between the defender and the QB and can adjust well when the ball is in the air. He is mostly an outide-the-numbers receiver but has had snaps at flanker and slot though usually on run plays. He is more of a possession receiver than a YAC type. He excels in zone coverage and can find the open holes. I saw him run all routes successfully. He is always looking back at the QB and can haul in those under-thrown balls. In highlight films, it looks like he’s only a hitch-type come-back receiver but if you watch the entirety of his games, you’ll see he is frequently open in any route he runs: outs and ins, posts and go routes, etc.. Routes I didn't see him run were crossing routes: deep or shallow. He tracks the ball very well and can make tight-window catches over either shoulder or slow his pace to catch under-thrown balls. He also can come back into open areas when the QB is under duress. He doesn't have that extra gear or leaping ability to catch overthrown balls. The times he is running outs or ins is when the QB, Ryan Finley, seems to hit other targets like #86, Jakobi Meyers, inside the numbers. Meyers actually led the Wolf Pack with 92 receptions - mostly between the numbers and his season yards total was less, at 1,047. I will say that Harmon does struggle against press coverage as it is hard for him to get separation due to his slower 40 time of 4.6 sec. However, like Arcego-Whiteside, he can usually keep the DB outside his hips to allow for a chance at the ball. Harmon runs really well against off-coverage and has shown quick moves to get really open in zone. Watching the Clemson and Florida State games, you can see Harmon struggle a bit with the more talented CBs. In those two games, Harmon only caught 6 passes for a paltry 50 yards and one touchdown. Now, most analysts say he is a good run blocker. Yes, he does always engage a DB on run plays, which is great as he doesn’t shy away from contact, but IMO isn't as physical as I think a 220 lb receiver should be. In fact, playing against better CBs like Clemson and FSU, you can see the DB usually get the better of Harmon as they were the more physical. Harmon at the Combine had a not-so-fast 40 but seems to play faster as he has quick feet and has good moves when given the space to apply them. His hands are incredible. He seems to have an alpha male dominance when the ball is thrown to him. He plays with a fire too that is exciting to watch. His vertical is pedestrian at 32 inches so he won’t make ballet type catches but instead uses his body to get into position then lets his hands do the work. He is the type of receiver that has the trust of his QB because he can improve the his QBR despite imperfect passes. His struggles against press coverage will need coaching. In terms of production, I can see him easily make 30-40 receptions this year but I think he starts off slow. Without a doubt, In future years, I see him easily replicating Doctson’s production which isn't saying much and this could allow the Skins to let Doctson walk after this season.
  12. I saw Payne has gained some weight. He’s listed at 319. I swear I saw another website a week ago that had him at 325. https://www.redskins.com/team/players-roster/daron-payne/
  13. Saw a rumor that 49ers DE Solomon Thomas was being offered for trade. I didn’t think he was that great coming out of Stanford. More interesting is that he and Rueben Foster were both their first round picks in, what? 2016 draft? The GM later denied the trade rumors but still, very underperforming 1st round pick. https://www.profootballrumors.com/2019/04/49ers-shopping-solomon-thomas
  14. I’m sure he could replicate what Niles Paul did for us but Harmon will need to add 20 lbs. If you want him close to the line, I think it better to have him in motion and then sit just outside a TE for run blocking or slip out for a route. This way he is ensured of matching up with a corner or safety who is similar in size. But, I think Harmon will be better for us as a receiver and we should acquire a true blocking TE who can occasionally catch a pass. Niles Paul wasn’t terribly effective for us, although a fan favorite. http://www.nfl.com/player/nilespaul/2495211/profile