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Happy Birthday RG3 !

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I would like to wish our franchise QB who is number 10 on the field, but number one in our hearts a happy 24th birthday. Seeing everything he has accomplished in just 24 years on Earth compared to what I have accomplished in the same amount of time, I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit jelly. All-American, Heisman Trophy winner, NFC East Champion, Pro-Bowler, Offensive Rookie of the Year, and Starting QB/Leader of my beloved Washington Redskins, oh I'm jelly. Happy Birthday RGIII ! 


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Happy Birthday RG3.


Not a lot of responses so far. I guess that's what 3-13 gets you.]


You have to wonder if there is any chance he even comes on this site. So why wish happy birthday to someone on a message board like this? Seems like common sense to me. Hope he has a great b day and has great season next year.Peace

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I don't wish him a happy birthday. In fact hope he spent every waking hour of it studying film and the playbook like a PROFESSIONAL no matter how much Rebecca begged him to go out or distracted him with sexy lingerie. If hes not focusing on football 24/7 he's not doing his job. He owes us, or something am I doing this right?

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I'm more proud of these  accomplishments...


College Gradute in 3yrs

Married at 23

Born Again Christian



Happy Birthday Robert. May God continue to grant favor in your life!


Why would being married at 23 be something you're proud of?



And Happy Birthday, Robert *cheers*...all the best to you and your family.

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