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  1. This is the most interesting problem to solve if the season is cancelled, IMO. Knowing the Redskins luck, they'll get screwed lol.
  2. No, they elevated Doug Williams to that position so they can send him out to take bullets for the organization, while leaving him out of big roster decisions (i.e., Alex Smith).
  3. Yeah, normal people with insight would be embarrassed and compelled to change. However, that flies in the face of what is actually the issue which is Dan has never exhibited an ability to look inward and change how the organization operated. It is always someone else's fault or ineptitude and if they can just get the right people in place, BUT still operate the organization the same way, then they'll be fine. No capacity for insight combined with plain incompetence in terms of running organizations gives us what we see every football season now. Not sure how Bruce being released h
  4. I was just about to ask this question. Marty was actually "winning" but got fired because Dan and Drasner weren't "having fun". Coaches left this organization in the offseason for LATERAL position moves!! Redskins non-football staff left in droves, as well. Blaming coaches is understandably easier, but no one succeeds in what is known around the league as the "reverse car wash". Pretty depressing.
  5. Didn't watch a second of the game, except for what they showed on the Redzone channel, and it was a freeing experience for someone like me who kept coming back to this garbage product over the last 20 years. Kind of depressing knowing that no coach has succeeded under this ownership, except for Marty, who they fired cuz Snyder and Drasner weren't having fun. The confidence in Snyder's ability to identify, interview, and evaluate front office and/or coaches is zilch and THAT is the death knell.
  6. Redskins have a lower amount than average of nationally televised games in the regular season, too, if I remember correctly. I guess if ratings and attendance are down locally then why would national audience care?
  7. Two separate tweets, one from Benjamin Albright and another from Patriots beat reporter, are saying trading for Trent is being discussed with other teams. Couple this with Penn saying he wanted to play for a team he could start for and spoke with Trent before signing, tell me that moving Trent in a trade is probably in the works. Please lets get a more than few teams bidding for his services so the asking price gets driven up. On a side note, I love TW as a player and would love to see him play for the Pats and contend for a Super Bowl.
  8. Being able to attend camp the past couple of seasons, although with a newborn in the house I skipped this year, I've always come away impressed with how Doctson looks. But, the season starts and he's just a "meh" player. I don't think he's awful, I actually think he'll have a fairly long career by NFL standards, but will probably bounce from team to team after he leaves here.
  9. The times I've gone to camp the last few years, I've always been impressed by how smooth he looks doing almost anything. Too bad he's just a mediocre WR on gamedays. That being said, I'm really hoping the new WR's show us something.
  10. There's a pic I've seen a lot of of Allen and Payne in full uniform sitting at their lockers, and both of their legs look enormous. You can see why they're such impressive athletes. Allen is my fave Skins player, besides Trent, these days.
  11. Wear light clothing, bring lots of water if permitted, and have a large hat for shade. The hat thing is weird but there is no shade where the fans sit and watch and it can get brutally hot.
  12. Your point about the young core is a good one and getting ahead of the market and trading him is imperative based on that. His trade value plummets each day he isn't in camp. Even more when stories about how unhappy he is to play here and any of the leverage they might have in a trade is gone. I believe Trent could fetch some decent draft value.
  13. I usually have a firm grasp on expectations I may have for one position group or another but the WR's are the most baffling to me. I think Trey Quinn could have Jarvis Landry-esque production but he can't seem to stay healthy. Richardson's health gives me the same pause, even though I think he would produce if he played. I'm disregarding Doctson just because I don't, and have never, thought he was good enough to be a starting #1 or #2 WR. McLaurin is the only rookie I have strong feelings about and that is mainly because he's a special teams menace which pretty much guarantees a p
  14. I thought this was a Montez Sweat thread? J/k Anyways, Kerrigan is a good player but no one would argue he is elite. Edge rusher is the most important position besides QB, IMO. If Sweat fulfills his athletic potential at edge rusher, it would change the entire dynamic of the defense, much like an improvement at QB would affect the offense.
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