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  1. roanoker Redskins Name Bill Callahan Head Coach

    Good luck Bill. Hopefully, the team can cross the finish line with at least a positive foundation for next year.
  2. roanoker

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Wow! And I was beginning to fear that we would lose the off-season award for theatrics we normally win.
  3. roanoker

    NEW Bang Cartoon! "Giant Shoes"

    Lol - great job. Only comment, maybe the rock could have been a turd with a cowpile star or the fish. Then the Skins, Eagles and Pukes would have been covered.
  4. roanoker

    Would you want HBO Hard Knocks to feature us this year?

    Hell yes we should do hard knocks. Anything Redskins is fine with me. I don't believe I have ever seen an extended inside look of the team outside of our own production releases. Imo - having an opportunity to see coaches coach, plus getting beyond a first impression with new players is a good thing.
  5. roanoker

    Redskins vs Jaguars Prediction Thread: 2018 Disappointment Superbowl

    Skins won't be "super smart or play their guts out". Jags 21 Skins 10.
  6. Many say "hey we're alive", then as an earlier poster said "we get curbed stomped" 35-3 by the Jags. Although bruised and badly battered there will still be life in this team. The Titans then pound us into submission. Longstanding Redskins fans will rush the field after the game to resuscitate so there is at least a faint heartbeat for the final game. Then the Eagles will swoop in and rip it out. The Redskins way...
  7. "now our savior is a big Johnson..." Lol- hopefully that's not on viagra. We would be flagged 15 yards for a Ped violation.
  8. It's going to be exciting to see what this young man can do at this level. It looks like we got a steal here. Hopefully, he will make a difference. Oh btw welcome to the Redskins!
  9. Great News about SCOTUS ruling. As a long time Redskins fan, I cannot get over how the WP launched its not stop attack on the Redskins name. Hence, I will continue to avoid reading their rag.
  10. roanoker

    **** the Cowboys

    Dam great game; very enjoyable to see cowpile fans cry. The tradition continues in Jerry's world.
  11. RGIII? Glad he's in our rear view mirror.
  12. roanoker

    **** the Cowboys

    Tick, tick, tick, great finish cowpiles!
  13. Lol - The Browns are the media queens of the world. Glad we relinquished the tiara...
  14. roanoker

    **** the Cowboys

    Good game; I dont like the Iggles but like the cowpiles less. It was refreshing to see Romo getting into proper form for this time of year by throwing 2 ints.
  15. roanoker

    **** the Cowboys

    3 ints yesterday. Glad to see Romo is back to normal.