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  1. MassSkinsFan

    The Cult of Case

    My fault - I liked Billy (and forgot J. Candle)
  2. MassSkinsFan

    The Cult of Case

    My level of apathy is illustrated by my thoughts on this trade: ”I guess he’ll have to wear 4 since 7 and 17 won’t be available...”
  3. MassSkinsFan

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I would guess every Skins fan hopes you’re right and I’m wrong. Which is probably why it’ll be Manziel.
  4. MassSkinsFan

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Johnny Manziel 🥺
  5. MassSkinsFan

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

  6. I only have DG28 and Joe Jacoby. Given how awful the team is nowadays I haven’t worn either of them in 2+ years.
  7. Cleveland Browns. Face it - what we want is for Snyder to remove his head from his ass, hire a good football mind, put him in charge and get the mother**** out of the way. Haslam, after years of Snyderesque buffoonery, seems to have done just that. Cleveland should improve steadily in the next few years. You could watch them and imagine it’s the Skins turning it around. God knows the real Redskins will suck until Snyder is gone.
  8. Are you a Cowboys fan? Must be if you’re happy to see fans leaving and Dan and Bruce staying. And continued radio silence on Jay’s status is also confusing. Is anyone steering this ship?
  9. MassSkinsFan

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Maybe it is time for a “Second Team” sub-forum for Skins fans who want to place their devotion in escrow until Lord Farquaad is no longer owner, so they can enjoy football again.
  10. MassSkinsFan

    The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    I’m not from TX but I am evangelical about no beans in chili. No tomatoes either! Cheap beef (cubed), onion, ancho, cumin, guajillo pulp, other hot peppers (my secret - favorite is Carolina Reaper), at least two cans of Guinness (in the pot) and a long afternoon = real chili.
  11. MassSkinsFan

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    Running on 1st down is ALWAYS appropriate.
  12. The point about this is not our 7-9 record in 2018. It’s really about the crippling dysfunction in the organization. By every account Dan and Bruce routinely overestimate their own busness and football acumen, surround themselves with sycophants and fire or drive out anyone who isn’t 100% behind them. The Redskins records under Snyder (139-180-1, 0.410) and Allen (42-70, 0.350) are bad and will not change anytime soon. Why? Because they are afraid of the types of football minds necessary to create a winner.
  13. MassSkinsFan

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    He can drink and he is nice to Dan Snyder, so... yes!!!
  14. MassSkinsFan

    Taking Action To Make Redskins Park Listen

    Maybe not Twitter though - character limit might be an issue with that article.