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  1. The answer is and will always be Rex Grossman.
  2. What in the ever-loving **** is this new pile of ****? Un****ingbelievable.
  3. If it were me in Dip**** Dan’s size 6 shoes, I’d have changed the name to the Washington Burgundy & Gold for this year pending a final rebranding and kept the unis the same (removing the nickname and logo).
  4. This is beyond lame. Not so much the idea of being cautious and diligently researching what will and won’t work - that makes sense. But it’s the fact that this franchise was caught flat-footed when this has been coming for years. WTF Dumbass Dan Snyder? W? T? F?
  5. The jury is still out. I’m in the U.K. now but planning to be spending more time back in the US. We own a house in metro Boston and I’ve been in that area since ‘89 but always maintained my Skins fandom. I will want to root for them, but if it’s a huge brand change (especially if they ditch B&G) then I’m likely done. Sadly the local team (Pats) is **** and I don’t want any part of them. Plus becoming a Pats fan now would be like jumping on the Skins bandwagon circa 1994. I could be looking for a totally new team. HTTR!
  6. Thanks for your hard work as a Redskin #97! Hail!!!
  7. Both awful. Vinny was an ignorant clown with absolutely no brains. Bruce is a malevolent jackass with enough brains to avoid being Vinny but not enough to avoid letting his own petty, vindictive stinginess scuttle the ship.
  8. Bruce has an “anatomy lab” on site at Ashburn. He’s working on reanimating Vince Lombardi.
  9. I lived in Boston (Somerville) until late 2018. I got pity from the Pats fans but also some nods from them about how we were a dynasty like they are now. I would always point out that they should enjoy the present before they get their Dan Snyder. Now I live in Scotland. I see other people with Skins gear once or twice a year. Generally we are both sheepishly excited, but also embarrassed.
  10. Until last year I lived in Boston. I can tell you no serious Pats fan would laugh at this. They’d be embarrassed and secretly pissed at him. They’d condemn that behavior when talking with other Pats fans. They expect professionalism. That wasn’t professional. I hope he learns to keep his head in the game. If he’s going to lead the O he needs to be super aware of every second. Sure he got excited and carried away. But it’s still not something your starting QB should do. On a brighter note I do think he’s going to keep getting better. Can’t wait to see it.
  11. If I did something similar when I was playing I’d feel like total dog****. I’d be apologising to my teammates not unrepentantly crowing about my greatness.
  12. You’re correct that the current dissatisfied fans won’t come around as long as Snyder is owner but not for the reason you think. As long as Snyder is owner this team will continue to lose. If they won all would be forgiven but after so many years of failure there is almost no chance at all that Snyder will ever right the ship. He is inept and cannot put together a decent front office. Without that we’re not going to suddenly become winners.
  13. When I played, most of the teams I was on - from Pop Warner to college - had a rule: helmet on at all times, full awareness of the game situation, ready to go. Sure I’m old, but WTH? Is this not still a rule for most teams? Or do they not insist on at least the underlying intent which is full readiness? If I were Callahan there would be some consequence to this. Harmless outcome this time but what if he’s ****ing around when you really need him?
  14. Myles Garrett should be banned from the NFL for life after what he did last night.
  15. Dream scenario: I go back to giving a **** about this franchise.
  16. Not. One. Bit. This is the first season ever where I’ve decided to ice things early on. After getting to 0-4 I gave up. It’s so painful that I can’t watch anymore. And that’s really sad since I’ve watched games whenever I could since 1973. **** this ****.
  17. No it’s far more interesting than any game day thread could possibly be in 2019.
  18. This looks like it generally is something you treat by cutting it off. According to this chemo is not typically indicated and metastases are extremely rare. It also sounds like it can be tough to diagnose because it feels like a scab or scar. I’d love to hear more because if TW has the most common type/severity of DFSP then it seems he’s blowing it out of proportion. Anyone have more info?
  19. Some are asking why start Colt? I’m asking why we couldn’t have brought Rex Grossman back to play this game as our starting QB? **** it. Go deep Colt!
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