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  1. Dwayne is preparing to play this week. Throw him in. Case wore out his welcome with that bull**** performance. If Gruden can’t get Haskins going versus the Giants week ass D then demote him to sad face specialist. Let’s go. **** this . If Haskins is trash. Be trash. And draft the next man up. I'm tired of this mediocre ass bull****. We’re not even that. Oh. Yeah. Colt McCoy can just join Alex and ride into the sunset.
  2. I’m taking it is capital punishment if you set up an offshore account and pay players with gifts or unseen money. I’ve always wondered and thought this went on in certain situations but hey it’s 3 in the morning and I’m here. Give Trent a permanent stay on the bosses super yacht with a full time hibachi crew throwing him shrimp all day. Trents a warrior and deserves his Snyder money.
  3. I haven’t watched much of Haskins other than highlights. How is he in read options? I obviously know he is more of a pocket passer but did they run bootlegs? Can he throw on the run? Did Ohio state even have a run game. Does he know how to set up the run game? Some QBs seem to enhance the run game. Just some thoughts I had.
  4. JPG

    2018 Fantasy Football

    ME: A Rodgers, Mayfield Gurley,D Johnson,P LIndsay,C Carson, S michel A Theilen, D pettis,D Baldwin,M Williams J cook, Ian Thomas Zuerlien Cowboys,Dolphins VS Brees L mIller, M MAck, A jones, J samuels, D williams D hopkins, D Adams, J edleman, T Boyd E Ebron NE Fairburn Championship game I'm so damn worried. Gurley is feeling like a no go. I'm going with Rodgers because it is him or Mayfield and I'd rather have the steady Rodgers points then a total bomb from Mayfield. I could be worng here.I need some suggestions.. Mayfield? Rodgers? I have Carson, Lindsey and Gurley going and D Johnson as Gurleys re[placement. I'm going with Theilen and BAadwin. Now.... Cowboys D vs Tampa Or Browns D vs Cinci? Any input helps. This guys team is put together from smart waiver wire transactions. Can't hate him. Two great wrs and Brees and then fill in after fill in. I Hade Ebron on my team earlier in the year so I hope he doesn't kill me. Who do you guys got?
  5. JPG

    Safety Clinton Dix to the skins

    How can this guy be this bad unless he doesn't care? I swear he's the reason Montae went and beat some fools. JK... But yeah to lose your Job to this dude.. Is he the reason Kirk torched the packers on SNF years back? Its not even the draft pick we gave for you. Its the waste of space he consumed during his tenure. He's a floppy armed muppet with jewels in his ears but nothing else between them. Heartless BAmma. Bill Burr rant over.......
  6. JPG

    Say it ain't so Montae...

    He could of easily gotten stabbed or shot. Pride is the sign of a foolish man.... To whoever said the robbers probably didn't have a gun on them because they did'nt use one to rob them. How the hell would you know he doesn't have one in the car? Thats a dumb ass thought process. Dude in the car could of had a screwdriver and stuck it through is neck. he put himself in position he shouldn't have. It would be more understandable if they got away with the chain and he was trying to get it back.
  7. JPG

    Redskins to sign Adrian Peterson per

    His warrior mentality I really think kept this team from really second guessing themselves more ealrier on in the season when Alex was still figuring things out. TRu honor to see him play and play with this passion. Is he the first supposedly washed up start that came here and actually did something?
  8. JPG

    Gameday Thread

    Why the hell couldn't of we came out more prepared and at least tried vs the Giants? Cam is a freak of nature Bum. I doubt he ever wins a ring in the NFL.
  9. JPG

    2018 Fantasy Football

    Somehow squeked out a win evn thou I dropped Mike Wiliams and went with D pettis and I had Theilen not doing anything. Thank you ATL D, Gurley And Zuerlien
  10. JPG

    Gameday Thread

    Is it crazy to think that if Alex was still healthy and started clicking a little better with recievers that we had a damn shot this year.
  11. JPG

    2018 Fantasy Football

    What? This is so off and and I have been drinking. What is this ? Somebody more sober.... Either way.. My dumb @#@ dropped Mike WIlliams for Pettis and I'm salty.
  12. JPG

    2018 Fantasy Football

    So. Yeah. I'm mad at myself. I dropped Mike Williams and contemplated him for a while. I guess I'm going with Pettis or C Samuels. DAnn bad time to sleep on Mike Wiliams. Still not sure if I should go with ATL D or Buffalo. I have David Johnson or Chris Carson and I'm leaning towards DJ for a breakout game but he's been questionable.
  13. JPG

    NBCSports: Foster says **** this team and the fanbase

    Not on board with that sentiment. The guy is telling his cousin all this. Tha's straight from the heart. He might be frustrated but it is a true reflection of what is going and the how everyone is buying in. They are done.
  14. JPG

    2018 Fantasy Football

    So yeah. Forst place in the playoffs. I had bye last week which was needed because I had Theilen and Gurley do nothing. I have the tpughest playoff matchup which if I would’ve known I would of tried to get second in standings. Oh well. Here’s the question. I’m sitting Rodgers for Lamar which I think is the right move but with manny Sanders going down I needed a second wr. Pettis or Curtis Samules? Lineup I think I’m going with. Lamar Jackson Gurley D. Johnson Theilen D Pettis P Lindsey Bills Zuerlien I have Atlanta d too. You thinking bills vs Detroit or Atlanta vs Cardinals
  15. JPG

    Safety Clinton Dix to the skins

    Thinking more and more about this trade and the way they handled the whole benching of Nicholson. Lets start the firing of whoever is letting him play. The guy is giving no effort at all. How the hell are you as Head Coach not seeing this and stepping in. They all need to go and if we don't stop getting played for fools by Dan Snyder and his poorly run organization than he is going to lose even more and fans.