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  1. You forgot the officiating that screwed us out of not 1, but 2 TDs.
  2. Has anyone noticed that Terry McLaurin hasn’t practiced this week ?
  3. Guys ! I think we should give this Kyle Trask from Florida kid a look. I’m liking what I’m seeing and reading about him.
  5. They’ve had it coming ever since they disrespected Sean Taylor’s death. Really since ‘05.
  6. Your forgot that $60 million cap penalty that was spearheaded by their douchebag owner John Mara.
  7. I think Saahdiq Charles should seek the tutelage of one Chris Samuels while he’s here in the area. I believe that’s what Trent Williams did when he first started in the league.
  8. Here is what I find interesting. After we’ve drafted players like Antonio Gibson and Antonio Gandy Golden, I’ve been combing the internet a little bit to see what kind of offense Scott Turner runs, or atleast get an idea of what his offensive philosophy is, so I can see whether or not said players fit his scheme. After doing some minor digging, I’ve find out that the Carolina Panthers, and Cam Newton for that matter, best offensive years came under the guidance of Mike Shula at offensive coordinator. So if Ron Rivera knows and have seen his best offensive performances under Mike Shula, what di
  9. R.I.P Redskins Legend Bobby Mitchell. Prayers to your family right now !
  10. You really shouldn’t generalize sir . I had to learn that the hard way in this thread.
  11. NOT TRUE ! The last time Bash was here, the fans were hating on him when we singed Josh Norman, all because he wasn’t Darrelle Revis, and the fact he struggled against Antonio Brown, same game he had an INT mind you, with Ben Rothlisburger needing to make near perfect passes with him in coverage. The fans got into twitter spats with him every chance they got because they felt that he wasn’t like our shiny new toy (Josh Norman), who the fans want gone now as well, due to his play on the field declining tremendously, just like the fans wanted Alfred Morris gone in favor of Matt Jones , and j
  12. Look at goskins10 treating me right . Making me feel all special. I’M GOING TO SIZZLER Y’ALL !!!
  13. goskins10 ?! WHERE THE **** IS MY STEAK DINNER !!!
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