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  1. Your right I should have and I am sorry. I come here to discuss wrestling not to be trolled by people with serious issues. I apologize for my words but that wasn't started by me, clearly Sinister threw the first punch here In answering your question give me a moment and I will. I'm done with those two
  2. So your just trolling me now right? Because I asked you straight up if I ever spoke to you EVER and the answer is NO, I'm pretty sure that you have an agenda like Matt and that's to troll me whenever I post and I hope the Mods see the behavior you two guys are engaging in. If you don't like me IGNORE ME
  3. You apparently do know me. Have I ever spoken to you? Have I ever insulted you? Did I ever talk to you in any post the way you just did to me? Yet you say you don't like me, insult me, and start this with me, I don't respect you, I don't know why anyone would. We were discussing wrestling and you started this not me What do you have to do with this at all?
  4. I did not insult that fool and was having a discussion and he turns around saying that BS about he doesn't like me like a little *****? Come on man I didn't resort to that. I said he was wrong to say that HHH played a major role in the MNW and that's the truth, and its also probably truth that is dick probably isn't even old enough to know about this stuff or have lived through it and just reciting what he saw on the WWE network.
  5. Well that escalated quickly, not surprised really you always came across like a dick to me and I'm sure you wouldn't have the balls to say any of that to my face but behind your monitor your a tough guy. Same **** different toilet with some of you
  6. Your pretty cranky Sinister, so lets review....YOU said Wrong. In my eyes there is no way in hell that one of the "Main Reasons" WCW lost the MNW was because of HHH, Not a chance not in this lifetime. HHH was a B player, WCW didn't lose the MNW because of B players. Guys like Undertaker, Kane, Mick Foley had much more influence on the MNW who were also B players but none of them were "Main reasons" they lost. I'm glad you think your right and that everyone here is wrong but your wrong, by the time DX was in full swing the war was already over and its been proven, think what you want t
  7. completely agree....For a comparision the last PPV the WWF had in 1998 compared to that clustertrash that was Starrcade 1998 was Rock Bottom: In Your House - General Motors Place; Vancouver, British Columbia 12/13/1998 - Light Heavyweight Title: Champ Duane Gill beat Matt Hardy - Kevin Quinn beat Brian Christopher - Triple H beat Droz - Tag Team Titles: Champs New Age Outlaws beat The Acolytes by DQ - Mark Henry & D-Lo Brown beat The Godfather & Val Venis - The Headbangers beat The Human Oddities - Steve Blackman beat Owen Hart by count out - The Brood beat Bob Holly, 2
  8. Funny you post this after LKB just posted his reply to that. Look if you choose to think that HHH was a main player in the War then I personally would think that Sixx Pac, XPac, the Lightening Kid whatever you want to call him Sean Waltman played more of role in that war then HHH did as did Mike Tyson. People weren't turning into MNR to see what HHH was going to do until he clowned on the Nation of Domination and by that time the bookers at WCW had watered down the NWO so much it was barely watchable, they had no one to bring in to spark a new MNW because ECW was so regional that bringing
  9. Exactly she was even on the cover of playboy magazine, hard to imagine today but back then the pops the New Aged "Oh you didn't know" Outlaws at the time were more over then HHH was too. In 1998 DX was mired in feuds with the Nation of Domination, Owen Hart, and then the corporation and still was splitting up on TV. History is being rewritten saying HHH was a huge part of that war, he was a part of it but nothing like they are portraying to me.
  10. I wish you were joking but I'm sure you aren't. Triple H and DX in my mind didn't really do much at all to win the MNW. To determine the influence you have to define when the MNW occurred. To me I think they ran between 1995 and 1998. I know that WCW didn't fold until 2001 but the height of that battle was between those years and after Ultimate Warrior arrived in WCW for a couple weeks in 1998 Nitro didn't win the ratings battle again and fell off a cliff. By the time DX was being run by HHH the war was pretty much over sure WCW still existed but no longer was it even close. DX came to be
  11. I suspected it was some sort of in ring showing that the Monday Night Wars was won by the WWE and put to rest was my guess. Not like we need to be reminded by HHH that happened, think he needs to be reminded that when the wars were going on he was a first match joke getting thrown in pig dung and was nothing during them. Chyna was more over then he ever was in those days but if this is the last we hear about the MNW I can live with it. True story my 12 year old twins said to me "Isn't Sting that guy from TNA" when they saw him. WWE needs to remember that there are fans out there who have n
  12. Loved wrestlemania this year, my head scratcher moment was the handshake after the Sting HHH match but overall was a great show. Next year I will be there
  13. Appreciate the afternoon company Epoch..... So first you do know that the DRAFT is a way and the very best way to improve your team right? Also you do know that if a player is cut he is not a free agent that counts in compensatory picks right? And you do know that teams that spend money in FA generally do not win right? The results for big spending in FA doesn't work. We of all fans should know that And maybe you know that money we "had" to spend could have been used to re-sign players like Ryan Kerrigan and Trent Williams and we still need to do that right so not doing that ac
  14. If you think that losing Orakpo wouldn't have earned us a high compensatory pick on his own then your wrong. Orakpo signed a 4 year 32 million dollar contact with Tennessee. Orakpo's contract just on it's own last year would be worth a 3rd round pick for compensatory picks. The problem is that is what we just gave Chris Culliver the same contract, 4 years 32 million bucks. So instead of us getting a 4th or a 3rd round pick the contracts will offset and we get no compensatory picks for Orakpo leaving. What I am saying to you is that when you say things like "You seem to be missing where
  15. I disagree with this and of course that snarky remark that PJ just put there and we can agree to disagree but let it sink in with you that the Ravens who I have zero affection for since they came to existance long after I moved from the local area, were winning the Superbowl in 2012 and currently have only 5 starters on that team remaining on it today just a few years removed from it yet were a bad refs call away last year from appearing in yet another AFC Championship game. The team says they value draft picks but they act in ways that show we are miles behind the Ravens in terms of runn
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