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5/20/14 Edit: Per John Keim: Morocco Brown will become VP of player personel for Browns


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Honestly, if he were to leave, I'd just say we keep the same structure and try to get somebody else in here who knows how to evaluate nfl talent. The same way other teams are good at getting info about Brown and how good he is without seeing the result on the field, we can see the same things about scouts on other teams.


I just did a search and this is what I came up with:



Joe Collins – New York Giants

John Wojciechowski – Green Bay Packers

Kevin Kelly – San Diego Chargers

Tim Mingey – Jacksonville Jaguars



Terry Bradway – New York Jets

Ted Monago – St. Louis Rams

Justin Chabot – San Francisco 49ers

Scott Studwell – Minnesota Vikings

Jeff Shiver – Chicago Bears


Now, I know these are all (mostly) college scouting guys, but we can easily modify the search and find guys who are good at evaluating pro talent.

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It may just be dart board material. He seems to mention people who've work for Lovie Smith in the past, not just Brown. It's also possible that Brown would choose to stay here because he's able to have input on the head coach position whereas the Bucs did their search backwards to make sure they didn't lose out on their guy. Not sure how much power past GM's have had there but I'm pretty sure the Glazers are viewed as pretty much similar to Snyder in terms of how inept they've been since they were last competitive. All speculation I guess.

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I would love to have Brown remain with the team, but for his own sake, I think he should be on the first plane smokin' outta Dulles en route to Tampa. Bruce worked for the Glazers, so he will have no doubt shared some perspective with Brown. But then again, he was fired for a reason, so I wouldn't put much stock in what he has to impart about that organization. Brown is a sharp football mind, and the dude can evaluate. He can stay with the Skins, under Allen, and continue to do what everyone in the league knows that he does well; or he can establish himself and run his own operation in Tampa. If I'm Brown, I'd opt for the latter.


The team thought that they'd lose Brown last year, which is one of the principal reasons AJ Smith was brought in.

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One possible deterrent is that the Buccs have already picked their head coach and are picking his staff now. So a GM coming into that has to accept that he had no part in selecting the coaching staff and may also have to yield decision-making to the head coach at times.

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I'm guessing Morocco stays.  Title or not, if Bruce is going to turn things over to him, it's not a bad situation to be in.  And he gets a say in the next HC, and it seems that Bruce has delegated personnel decisions to him.


So, I think the'll stay.  


If not, then they'll find somebody else.  

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Brown worked in Chicago's FO when Lovie was there, correct?  I'd say it would take more then just giving Brown the GM title to keep him here. 


Yes.  Correct.  Brown worked for Chicago under Jerry Angelo for a couple of years.

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Looks to me like they just made a list of people who worked with Lovie in the past.


Personally I don't like Bruce Allen in the current GM position because he is to much a business man then a football guy. I think he probally does a great job running the organisation and stuff, but he is not doing the scouting.


I think there are only a small amout of great talent evaluators, people who make great scouting reports and can build a team. You want to keep that talent on the team...would be sad to see them leave because Bruce is ''running'' the show.  


To me the added value of a Bruce Allen is way lower then a scout. So I would rather see a football mind in that position.

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