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  1. One of the oldest and most recognized news outlets in the country practicing blatant censorship now. Hope people are enjoying more and more of Big Brother America.
  2. Power on Starz is pretty good. Only other shows I'm watching right now are 24 Live Another Day (Fox), Under the Dome (CBS), and Defiance (SyFy).
  3. The only difference there ever was between the Miami teams and the Cleveland teams Lebron played on was Wade. Now that Wade is looking pretty much washed up Lebron is pretty much back to where he was before 2010.
  4. Sorry if that's true. I don't even wish that on Cowboys players.
  5. Seen a bunch of tweets about Sean Lee getting hurt in non contact drill and having to be helped by trainers off the field. Do Cowboys fans really think this guy will play more than 5 or 6 games this year?
  6. Please let Khan get the fight. I don't want to see Mayweather run circles around another flat footed puncher like Maidana for a boring 12 round snoozefest. At least Khan would bring a different dynamic as an Mayweather opponent and Floyd might actually get a spectacular knockout which hasn't happened since Ricky Hatton (of course I don't consider the Ortiz BS a real knockout).
  7. Stern screwed the Clippers by not letting the Kevin Garnett for Deandre Jordan trade go through when they got Doc Rivers. Jordan is so overrated it's not even funny. Some highlight plays here and there while having a low BBall IQ and poor fundamentals. Joey Crawford as usual called a bunch of quick fouls on a Miami Heat opponent early in the game letting them take over once Noah and Deng had to sit early.
  8. I would tell any media or fans complaining about the team's name to put your money where your mouth is. If they feel it's such an offensive term then boycott Redskins and NFL sponsors most notably Fed Ex. Do more than refuse to put the team name on your little website Peter King. Refuse to cover or talk about the team period. Same with you Mike Florio. If the Post and ESPN wants to provide a platform for their little minion reporters to be critical of the team name then why don't they refuse to cover the team as well. My point is that if any of these media outlets was really serious about the
  9. As far as Mayweather-Ortiz I had no real issue with Floyd giving him a two piece especially after Ortiz tried to go Junkyard Dog on him. Ortiz had no business in the ring with Floyd anyway. I'm not a Mayweather or Pacquiao fan specifically. I follow Boxing and don't jump on a fighter's badwagon. May and Pac have no one esle to fight except each other and the fact that these guys are still dancing around and not fighting each other after 3 years is pathetic. Floyd is full of crap saying this is all about drug testing. The fact is that he's basically been a Golden Boy Fighter since 2007 and he's
  10. Yeah I probably put it wrong to say he was hiding behind his bodyguards. He pays them good money to make sure he doesn't get into physical confrontations that could affect his health and Boxing career regardless if it's his own Father or some Punk on the street.
  11. Even though I don't have anymore interest in watching 24/7, I did see the clip of the Mayweathers going at it and thought it was comical to be honest. It wasn't staged or phony but it was two cats arguing over nonsense. Floyd Jr was smart to hide behind his bodyguards cause Floyd Sr is crazy enough to see just how far 'Money' would want to take that confrontation. I know alot of people like 24/7 but it's just become BS now. The Face Off shows they do now are the real must see TV. Just the two Boxers head to head, no entourages, no promoters, no media.
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