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  1. This is why I would say trade down. The second tier LB you get is the same as you get end first/top second. But I just don't see for what player people are going to trade up too. Maybe a RB? To stay in front of the Steelers and grab the top RB.
  2. With all the QBs going early, could we see Parsons maybe drop? You got 5 QBs, 2 OT, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 DB and 1 DE who could all go before him. We are not that far off then. If we want to go LB. I think there is enough talent at the end of one vs need...that you can slide to the back end of round 1 and still pick one.
  3. Can we please add Sundberg to the title and make a big round of applause for beeing there for 12 years. Dude has been part of this rollercoaster for 12 years! Respect for that
  4. But he is ultimate flash player. You remember the NFL redzone highlights. You don't remember the Texans struggle to let him preform like that on a weekly bases. That he was not even on the field because of injuries.
  5. Why is it so quite? We lost 2 D starters made one move for a QB. Team with almost the most cap. Are we saving stuff to resign our Dline later? I expected us to be more buyers. Take some risk. Cap not spend is wasted resources. Feels like we might go cheap veterans again. Third waive of signings
  6. Looks like we really wanted to add some weight to our FO. We bring in guys with experience but do be honest...is it working? I don't see how this collective group of new co-workers can find an amazing work relation during covid in such a short time before FA and draft. Why didn't we make changes in August. After most of the scouting season. Feels a bit odd.
  7. Don't believe any draft interest in Feb till April. Just saying. But I do agree that we will bring in a veteran. To compete and have a solid stable plan. We don't need him to win games.
  8. Put me in the price to high group. I feel we need more talent and you know you are going to miss on a couple of picks...So trading away a first and third in the same draft could be really annoying. I don't feel our roster is close enough for that move.
  9. But let's be honest... Are we this close we need to go all in on a QB? If feel like not...
  10. No no the report seems to be that our deal was better THIS year. So I think, including Goff, gave the Lions a better total deal. But our deal was better in the first year. They chose the one that gave them a better return in the long run. Add this to my comment and we got our answer. Don't forget that this draft year is hard because of a lack of games and pre draft stuff. Less scouting events.
  11. I really need to rewatch this game. Feel like I missed a lot because it was a pretty fun game to watch casual. But need to do deep dive in oline stuff and DB coverage off ball. I feel that this is your typical player that is a pure baller but when you send him to the combine people we jump over him...because his size and timed speed are not top end. I'm not sure where I would a lot him but no combine might help him.
  12. Don't get me wrong. But we hired a minority again. I hate all the silly Rooney style rules. But I respect that we look to be one of the most diverse franchises in the nfl. That's something I can be proud of.
  13. Omg best connection. I learned recently that on average a new GM hires a coach that has the same agent. That blew my mind. I'm such an innocent thinking person.
  14. I didn't like Hurney because it felt to much old boys network/Allen Tampa Skins. But Mayhew looks oke
  15. But if the structure is that MH is doing some side business and someone else roster stuff. Who did that work this year? And why not hire him as football operations executive whatever. But give him the NFL terms highest position. But if the structure is that MH is doing some side business and someone else roster stuff. Who did that work this year? And why not hire him as football operations executive whatever. But give him the NFL terms highest position.
  16. I'm gonna keep beating this drum. I respect Ron and the work he does but I don't think the hiring staff process is the way I like. Jason Wright, who was a totally outsider, was hired because he was the best man for the job. Or at least it looks like it right now. I feel that the Ron hires are more. I know this guy. I like to work with this guy. Lets take him. Instead of this is the best guy. Only reason I can come up with. Is that the other GMs wanted roster management and Ron wanted to keep that or let Kyle do that part. That they we just looking for a con
  17. I was not going to be annoyed about this process because I thought we would just cast a wide net. We didn't just look to hire the first guy Rivera knows and become Carolina 2.0. I has that feeling before and was critical about it. But now I need to say something because we totally ignore the youngest guy in the office who at least looks to have done a solid job. Now we interview Stokes... It's unfair to give a guy like that a shot and not give Kyle an interview. If I would be Kyle I would be pretty pissed. If they don't respect his work. Right now I'm pretty sure he stays until th
  18. Can we please sign the starting QB of the XFL team that Heineken backed up? That guy must be a monster.
  19. Can't blame this team. D was just not good enough today. Dline got beaten and Brady was perfect.
  20. Based on our games this year. This is not bad but TB has best second half O. So this will show us...who is better.
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