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  1. skinzplay

    Watching the NFL playoffs

    Some of these lawyers are just plain stupid, nothing more than headline seekers. Yeah, a court's gonna hear this case and rule on it before 03 February, so the Saints, if they win, will have time to prepare for the SB. Come on, man. Bad calls, no's been the theme of a particularly bad year (once again) for NFL officiating. None of the other games were played over; this one ain't gonna be either. But to this theme of watching the playoffs, I'd love to see what kind of defense Richie Petitbon would cook up to stop some of these offenses. I'm not a bettin' man, but if I were, I'd be willing to drop a few cabbage leaves on Petitbon coming up with something beautiful.
  2. Change is good, but there's been way too much of it in Miami since Ross took over. Dude bought the team in '08, and they're about to hire their 5th coach in 10 years (can't count Sparano because he was hired by Parcells in January and Ross didn't buy in until the following month). Ross is to coaches what Snyder used to be when it came to big-name free agents. Hot new coordinator? Gotta have him! And that entire Dolphins organization is just multiple layers of nonsense. And now Ross and Garfinkel are sending Marino to scout at the Senior Bowl. I wonder what the real football heads think about that, given that there are scouts down there with competence in that very line of work.
  3. Hence, the hire of the worst ST coach that could possibly be found, outside of LeCharls McDaniel. Thankfully McDaniel is not a member of Pi Tampa Phi, even though he did get a ring with us. Otherwise, the team president would probably give him a call.
  4. The Dolphins owner has his head buried about 5 inches deeper in the sand than Snyder; just as clueless and detrimental to building a real, functioning football organization and hiring the right people to instill a sustainable culture to the team.
  5. That's a good read for outlining what he's gone through (and may have to endure in the near future). Screw football. Dude should focus on his health and recovery, and his family and just enjoying life; could've lost his doggone leg. Happy to see him out and about, though. I can imagine being cooped up in the house must've been driving him nuts.
  6. Another one bites the dust. And not just for a lateral move, but for a lateral move at the non-pro level. Speaks volumes.
  7. skinzplay

    Gameday Thread

    Not saying they're innocent, just that the Saints can't blame their loss on officiating. Sure, there was helmet-to-helmet contact, but the officials were told before the game to watch carefully to see if the offensive player lowered or angled his head as or before the defender began the action of tackling. They were told to use their judgment to determine intent. It was blown terribly on the non-call that everyone is talking about, no doubt. But the Saints need to look elsewhere for the ultimate cause of their demise yesterday. Payton's play-calling on their last drive of regulation just plain stupid. You know who can blame their loss on the officiating and do so with confidence and a straight face -- the 2001 Maryland Terrapins basketball team, in that Final Four loss to Duke. Lots of officials, themselves, still talk about how Maryland got jobbed by Ted Hillary, Dave Libbey, and Mark Reischling in that game.
  8. skinzplay

    Gameday Thread

    I'll never say the Rams don't deserve to be in the SB. It's obvious to everyone that it was a blown PI call. I won't say "missed" call, because you simply can't miss that. You either call it because it should be called, or you decide that you don't want to call it. Payton needs to shoulder a lot of blame for the asinine play-calling of his on that drive. Why not run the doggone ball and eat some clock, making the Rams have to use their last timeouts? I won't dwell on that PI non-call. The Rams were getting hosed the entire game, and I mean HOSED. Not a single penalty against the Saint til about mid-way through the 3rd quarter. And all of those non-calls on delay of game when the clock had clearly expired? The Saints can't say a thing in the world about how officiating cost them the game. Officiating helped them tremendously in the early going, but better coaching helped the Rams overcome the early officiating, the crowd, a deficit, and a young QB with the jitters in the Superdome. Kudos to Boy Wonder and the Rams for winning the NFC Championship.
  9. skinzplay

    Gameday Thread

    And he should've never deferred that opening kickoff. You're playing at home in the AFC Championship against a team that's been there 300 years in a row, it seems. And you have a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde defense. No way you let Brady and company set the tone from the outset. They marched right down the field, eating up more than half of the whole quarter doing so. Your offense was the most prolific in the league during the season. Let your guys do their thing; let THEM set the tone. Colossal mistake from the jump.
  10. skinzplay

    Gameday Thread

    That RT did his best Morgan Moses impersonation on that sack play.
  11. skinzplay

    Gameday Thread

    Agree that it should've been called. But had the Rams lost this game in close fashion, they could have easily pointed to the fact that they were being roundly hosed until mid-way through the third quarter. I don't think a penalty was called against the Saints until sometime in the 3rd, right? It was a great game, and i hate that a lot of the talk will now focus on that non-call. Two great teams, only one could come out with a win. I didn't care which one it was, though I guess I'm a little partial to Boy Wonder. Super Bowl will be fantastic, no matter who wins the AFC crown later.
  12. skinzplay

    Gameday Thread

    And Boy Wonder is off to the Super Bowl. Congratulations and well done. That was a doggone good game.
  13. skinzplay

    Gameday Thread

    Wow, just wow......this is one wild and crazy game.
  14. skinzplay

    Gameday Thread

    Payton is harping at the officials, hoping for a make-up call or two. They need to just stop going on and on about the "no call'. The first 2 and half quarters of the game, the calls were decidedly in favor of the Saints.