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  1. skinzplay

    0-5 Start, Tell Me It Can't Happen, Please....

    0-5 is a distinct possibility, though I certainly hope we can come out of that stretch with at least 2 wins (against the ladies from Texas and New York). If we can garner 2 division wins early, I'd be pretty happy. The reality, though, will depend on how prepared the HC has the team. The track record does not make me optimistic. And last year's 6-3 start was a bit of an illusion. Of the teams we beat, the only one with a winning record was Jerry's crew; and they beat us in the second match-up. The terrible coaching that was on display in that game against Indy was unforgivable. Let's hope things look better to start this season.
  2. skinzplay

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Methinks that many in the league agree with @Riggo#44. This team president is not held in high regard, particularly on Park Avenue after what went down with Lafemina.
  3. skinzplay

    2019 Redskins Training Camp/Preseason Thread

    Damn, "the Earth's Core" that's what I call a hotseat!
  4. Sonny is all Redskins. I wish we could've given him something more inspiring to watch these last several years.
  5. skinzplay


    Alright fellas, looks like they don't want to hang a trainee out to dry. The laundry on that OPI was tossed by Frankie Steratore. He was replacing Tom Hill on that crew last night, and is part of the league's development program for college refs. The guy made a mistake, and as I'm told, acknowledged as much to Biceps, Jr. after the game. Let's just be glad it's preseason and this wasn't a regular season or playoff situation.
  6. skinzplay


    Somebody cue Nell Harper and Gimme a Break! I guess none of those officials ever saw Michael Irvin play WR. That was a push off by Harmon? Come on, now. He blew by the dude off the LOS. Where's the push off?
  7. skinzplay


    Thanks for sharing that, @SkinsGuy. Yep, he's an idiot. How in the wide world of sports can you NOT see that the call on the field was incorrect. If that wasn't indisputable visual evidence, then the replay screens in New York must be operating in some kind of parallel universe.
  8. skinzplay


    Man, we could be LeCharls McDaniel bad. Be thankful that it hasn't sunken that low......yet.
  9. Extremely happy for both of these guys. Definitely well-deserved. Is Jim Haslett joining London for dinner afterwards?
  10. skinzplay


    One of the reasons so many officials have been retiring, including some damn good ones, is that they didn't want to continue working under Riveron. He's terrible, and the officiating - especially the reviews from New York - has been dreadful under his watch. Can't wait to hear how he tries to explain away the OPI call from last night; or maybe the league will say "oops".
  11. The conversation between these three in Keim's podcast is really worth a listen: Sounds as though there's somewhat of a disconnect among some units in terms of both communication and approach to player recovery. Keim is pretty clear that this hasn't always been the case at Ashburn.
  12. skinzplay

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Keim's article about Kerrigan's health & fitness routine had me cracking up. Not because of what Kerrigan does, but mostly because I kept imagining him trying to pitch those ideas to our guys from that glory era of the 80s. Dudes were probably throwing back one Schlitz Malt Liquor after another on the night before games.
  13. Few people on a message board can be sure about others' qualifications or the real motivations behind the decisions of coaches or a FO. Most often, it's pure speculation. Sometimes it's based on other information you don't share on a message board. And, of course, much of it is nothing more than a fan's opinion. I'll leave it to you and others to determine the merits of my missives here. I have no axe to grind; just love the Skins and hate to see this stuff happening over and over. Joe Barry didn't feel pressure, he applied pressure. Now we've entrusted the development of a QB to Tim Rattay. Well, let's just say it's a good thing he was a backup in Tampa. Otherwise, he wouldn't even be in the league coaching in any capacity. He has tried.
  14. With Keenum, you need a perfect storm of exemplary coaching and an arsenal of offensive weapons. Whoever hired Rattay or thought he was ready to be a QB coach in the NFL, let alone the primary whisperer to a 1st-round QB who needs developing, should be fired. We're going to stunt Haskins' development if Rattay is allowed to continue in his current capacity. This is not the guy you want determining the trajectory of the QB you hope will be the future.
  15. You mean Tim Rattay isn't getting it done? Clutch the pearls!