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  1. The Tampa line was holding its own, literally.
  2. This defense is gonna be so, so nasty, and I think this guy is gonna make a real contribution to that.
  3. I love the Humphries signing. Really like that one! Man, if we get a bona fide RB who can thump it, this offense is gonna be nasty. Gibson is the real swiss army knife weapon in that arsenal, and defenses won't be able to deploy a sufficient enough response when Gibson, McLaurin, Samuel are attacking the field, along with McKissic out of the backfield. And I think we still get a helluva burner in the draft. Young speed, hungry speed.
  4. Smoot always cracks me up. I mean dude is funny as hell. He also knows football. Deeply. When he was on Keim's podcast recently, he convinced me to side with the Red Wolves name, so sign me up!
  5. People shouldn't be so quick to dismiss the kid, especially if you don't know what role the offensive coaches have for him. It could be markedly different than what you all think.
  6. Really curious what the coaches have planned for Charles, especially if Keim is indicating that they want to upgrade at T.
  7. If Louis was as good in a front office as he apparently is at racquetball, maybe he'd be working in the league. Just sayin'.....
  8. Something smells fishy to me. Sexual assault in any form should be met with swift and severe legal consequences. But this is odd. None of the alleged victims filed a police report, but they all happened to call the exact same lawyer? Filing a false police report is a crime. Seeking a payday is not. We'll see how this shakes out. My gut tells me there is some coaching going on here, and it doesn't involve someone with a clipboard and headset.
  9. Twitter jockeys are always trying to make predictions by connecting the dots to previous coaches. I highly doubt that Bridgewater ends up in Washington. Turner wants to go deep, and that's one of the glaring weaknesses of Bridgewater's game. Too inconsistent in that area.
  10. The equally relevant reality is that he would never start for any team other than Washington in 2021, so what to do, then? I do think it'll be hard for anyone to beat out Heinicke in training camp. Mariota ain't gonna do it. Who else among the reasonably available?
  11. Paulsen is always quick to buy into whatever hired staff are willing to tell him. O'Connell had that poor dude believing he was the second coming. Nobody of consequence shares anything with Paulsen. Nobody. What we do know is that RR had a conversation with Smith at the end of the season. I think he laid out his plans because he's a straight shooter. And he didn't leak that to the media because he's more responsible than that, and it's one of the things I love about RR. Smith wants to keep playing. Can't blame him, dude is a bad ass competitor. I think he would be one helluva asset
  12. Your word is bond, hoss. Always. But they didn't include everything that Smith said in that interview. Some who were present will send a little clarification on that soon (hopefully). It's silly season. The 24-hour news cycle has gotta fill the void with something. Even when comments aren't sensational, making them seem sensational generates clicks and site visits, which generates revenue. This is killing real journalism and I hate it.
  13. Those Alex Smith quotes............the media doing what the media does. It's NOT everything he said. He loves this coaching staff and the encouragement he got from those guys. They gave Haskins a chance but always hoped that Smith could show something to rise to the occasion. Had he not suffered that bone bruise, dude would've been rollin' into the playoffs for us. I still like Heinicke, but I have 734% strong respect for Smith. Dude is a baller who fought through impossibility to continue playing. Most dudes aren't fighting through that. Please, let's drop the selective edits of media reports
  14. It's nuts. I go back to what RR said a few weeks back: "If you get what you want, but you don't have what you need, then you create problems. If you can't protect the quarterback, or if you don't have playmakers around him, then what's the good of having that guy?"
  15. No one among the Browns football people had any real interest in Darnold. By the time the kid's pro day had come around, their decision had largely been made. The only person who was intrigued was the owner, thanks largely to a lot of private lobbying by fellow Tennessee alum Jimmy Sexton. With surgical precision, though, Zampese explained, in minute detail, why Darnold would never pan out. The dude knows QBs.
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