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  1. Oh yeah, I'm with you on this SIP. I was referring more to the talking heads (PFT and others), or those who clamor for the latest shiny object. I trust RR too. The way he and the coaches have gone about the off-season, and the way he's guided this team in this short period speaks volumes. EDIT -- My bad on the FA status for Mariota. Thought the Raiders had picked him up on a 1-year deal.
  2. Mariota might be the only FA I'd be interesting in bringing in to compete for the starting job. He's affordable, he has talent that his previous coaches have squandered, and I think Zampese could really bring out the best in him. We're on to something good here that shouldn't be derailed by sending out the Brink's truck for someone who might not even fit was RR and his coaches want to do (or fit with the culture they've begun to successfully build).
  3. I think Stafford is a damn good QB purgatoried to a losing situation. I just wouldn't want to sacrifice any draft capital or significant cap space on him because it would prevent us from continuing to build the right way.
  4. What's the latest word on Bryce Love and his rehab status, and how might that affect our draft activity in the mid-rounds?
  5. No to Ryan, Kitzpatrick, Stafford and Rivers. None of those QBs will do any better than the two viable in-house options we have now. Not sold on Tyrod as an option, either. The only intriguing option to me is Mariota, a guy who has never had quality coaching since he entered the league, and still doesn't have it. I think he's a change of scenery (and linkage with real coaching) away from demonstrating his real potential. Zampese might be drooling at the prospect of getting his hands on him.
  6. Re-sign Allen and Heinicke, bring in a reasonably priced vet for competition. Let them duke it out. Don't derail the process of building this team the right way, which is how RR is going about it. Let's keep that up!
  7. Nor does he have the HC. Quinn, like many assistants, succeeds under total HCs who fully understand and can direct all units of the team (Parcells, Carroll, BB, Jimmy Johnson, and Kyle is emerging in this vein). Take somebody like Quinn out of that environment, and you'll see what you really have. I don't expect that Dallas D to be markedly improved next season.
  8. Get the man a legit complement in that WR corps, and this offense could be rockin' & rollin' next season.
  9. A full offseason of training and I think that helps tremendously with the few shortcomings we might identify in Heinicke's profile. Coach Wilder (ODU) was trying to tell anybody who would listen that dude was legit and was gonna ball out. Just needed a stage to show it. Both Norv and Scott were in Minnesota when the Vikes signed him in 2015. He was a known commodity to the coaches even before Carolina. @KDawg's post above is absolutely spot on, and explains a helluva lot about how kids like this slip through the cracks. He wasn't gonna unseat Teddy Bridgewater in 2015 and wasn't gonna unseat C
  10. Amen to this! And a proud Monarch alum this morning.
  11. Whether it's 1 or 32, I trust these scouts and this front office leadership/coaching staff to get it done with player evaluation and selection. The key is keeping the owner out of the process, except for signing the checks.
  12. Don't forget what team doctor Donald Penn said. Sweat can scratch his knees standing up! I love this D-line. Hope we can keep that young core together.
  13. Lots of great things to build on from this win and from what has been emerging since mid-season. I like what I'm seeing. The whole approach is light years different than it was under the previous regime. Man, I'm getting excited about what Rivera and Co. are putting together. This was a solid off-season, though I still (like @KDawgsaid) hope we can do something significant at LB. Curl is the real deal, and I highly doubt we bring Collins back. I think this D can be nasty. I love Gibson. Gets better and better each week, and with the way the line is playing, this could be one helluv
  14. We already knew that we needed more playmakers on offense, and that the DBs might be a bit of a challenge. It takes time to rebuild, and we're absolutely in a rebuild. I'm concerned about Hopkins, though. That miss on Sunday wasn't even close. No wind, no wet field to adversely affect the hold, etc. Dude just screwed it up. The coaching is good. I have zero worries in that context, unlike with the previous regime. We just need more talent. It's patently obvious.
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