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  1. Yeah, but was it a fade though? Asking for a friend down in Jax.
  2. Maybe the league could ask the Seahawks to run some Zoom training sessions on fake crowd noise. Ahem.
  3. I predict that the Lions will stink again (no better than 4-12), yet Bob Quinn and his friend Matt Patricia will somehow still have jobs. Jim Caldwell will be somewhere scratching his head at it all.
  4. Over time, the Zampese-Turner combo will be so doggone good for Haskins. I'm glad he's finally getting some solid coaching. Any recent news from LA beat writers that our former OC was really the one responsible for designing the new stadium out there, for re-inspiring Boy Wonder, and for the sun setting in the west?
  5. An actual, honest-to-goodness defensive scheme in Washington...........for the first time in a long while, I think I believe!
  6. I like LT at TE. Another example of a good eye and good coaching by Jim Caldwell. Hope LT can make some waves for us. Really curious how that position will develop, and how Turner & Zampese will use it. Don't sleep on the Hentgman!
  7. Those figures for other UDFAs are the base guaranteed salaries, not the signing bonus.
  8. Peyton Manning's wife must receive a bit of her mail at the Steiner residence, too.
  9. Maaaaan, that leg. He's been relentless in his rehab. If he never plays another down of football (and I hope he doesn't), he's already one hell of a champion to have overcome this. He won something that is far more - and far more important - than a game.
  10. Cravens was definitely a basketcase, and coming to this team (Joe Barry + well-documented issues with our training staff) definitely didn't help matters. Gotta say though - and I actually like ol' Compton - that if I was a player out there, I wouldn't be the least bit interested in hearing or talking about that Dr. Phil/Stephen Covey bullcrap that Will was going on about. Somebody go ask Compton how much that's helping him now while he's staring at the phone, hoping a team calls to sign him. Back to Gibson, though, I love that we have such a dynamic player. Defenses will have to ac
  11. David Bada, a German dude was signed today. He plays on the DL.
  12. Maaaan, that dude with the last name Shower-Handel........I lost it when I saw that; all the hyphenated names these days. Anyway, this is a great thread (thanks to the OP!) and I am very thankful that we've got such a group of guys with deep insight. If you watched this draft unfold and went back to the evaluations of our guys on here like SIP, volsmet, stevemqueen, KDawg and others, it was easy to see how/why teams picked who they picked based on what those coaches like to do. A lot of the blowhards on the networks are good with hindsight justifications for picks. These guys here at ES are on
  13. Exactly what I was thinking. He's a helluva blocker. Hoener can develop him, and there's no rush. Maybe we'll see this kid blossom from a Terry Orr/Don Warren into a much more lethal weapon. I'm glad Smith & Rivera stuck to the draft board and didn't reach for a TE just because several were there. Hype by the alphabet networks and websites doesn't necessarily mirror what FOs have seen in their deep evaluations. That's why there were punters drafted before some of the TEs that many were hyping up. I still want to see what Logan Thomas can do. Jim Caldwell wanted to switch him to TE for a re
  14. Put him on that Haskins 2019 off-season training and diet regimen.
  15. This offense is not just Turner. It's ̶T̶u̶r̶n̶e̶r̶ ̶&̶ ̶H̶o̶o̶c̶h̶ Turner & Zampese, and Zampese is very creative in the passing game. It's going to be fun to watch how he uses all of these new weapons. Another arrow in the quiver.
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