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  1. I think what @Veryoldschool means by the 2012 fiasco is having the owner go crazy go euphoric and develop a relationship with the star QB that usurped the authority of the HC and did a great deal to kill team chemistry; in the end, it was detrimental to the QB's relationship with his teammates and to those on the coaching staff who were charged with setting direction for him, not the other way around. The success on the field was sweet, but overly excited owner-to-BFF-with-the-QB really ruined things. I agree 100% with the hope that Snyder's visions of jersey sales won't adversely affect his judgment here. My hope is that he's learned from his previous mistake and will let this kid learn and develop. We're not a QB away right now, and with this coach we'll always be far enough away, anyway. He shouldn't rush this kid into the starting lineup just to sell jerseys, fill empty seats, and/or replace all the opposing teams' fans who are increasingly taking over the stadium.
  2. Yeah, I'm definitely excited about the depth, the quality depth we're building with that running game. And you said it, we've got a dynamic stable of backs. Let's just hope that Gruden fully utilizes the weapons at his disposal at this position. I almost threw everything in the living room at my TV when he abandoned the run so early against the Colts in that second game last year. Did AP even have 10 carries in that game? Man, I was steaming. As the season went on, it seemed like whenever AP would get hot, Gruden would send Kelley or somebody else out there. Drove me insane.
  3. Eager to see what the kid can do at the pro level. I liked his college game. Also curious about the trajectory of this defensive unit under Manusky, and how LB coaching evolves for the team now that KO is gone; not to mention Horton working with the DBs. Could be an interesting year for our D. It's stacked.
  4. skinzplay

    Starting QB 2019???

    Haskins needs to sit, study and learn from Cavanaugh and Rattay. No need to rush his pro development, especially since this team isn't a QB away from the playoffs. Let Callahan and crew do their thing with our new guys on the OL, and bring Haskins along slowly. Gruden probably won't even be there next year, so I'd say no need in letting the kid get tainted during his rookie campaign. If that leg is fine, Colt will start (if it's purely Gruden's choice). And I hope the team keeps 3 QBs on the active roster. That should've been the approach all along, especially with the injury history of that line and the liability that some of those linemen pose.
  5. skinzplay

    Welcome to the Redskins Wes Martin OL Indiana

    He had me at "lunch pail". I like the two linemen we picked, and the coach who'll tutor 'em.
  6. skinzplay

    Welcome to the Redskins Wes Martin OL Indiana

    Somewhere, Fred Smoot is celebrating. Hopefully not on a boat.
  7. One of the good things is that we don't have to rush him into action. Let the rehab fully run its course.
  8. skinzplay

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    The Cardinals stunk across the board last year, and it started with coaching. Rosen was put in a terrible situation, a real disaster for a 1st-year QB. In Miami, Caldwell is going to really teach that kid. It'll be interesting to see how he progresses, and especially whether they start him from the jump or make him sit and perhaps earn his way past Fitzpatrick at some point during the season. The Dolphins are not on the verge of anything, so I'd just let him sit and learn from Caldwell this year.
  9. He's a good QB, but still needs proper coaching and preparation at the NFL level. That won't come from Gruden. I wish there was more clarity on the role actually played by our assistants. Cavanaugh can develop a QB, but we've brought in Rattay, I guess, to lead that charge. I really wish we had hired Ken Zampese. Anyway, I think the kid needs to sit at least one full year before being put out there. With matadors at both RT and LG, I wouldn't dare risk this kid getting steamrolled and injured just for the sake of playing time. We'll see if Snyder is impatient and wants to get him on the field too soon (for marketing and seat-filling purposes) or if he's thinking long-term development.
  10. skinzplay

    Starting QB 2019???

    Colt starts, if that leg is alright.
  11. skinzplay

    Snyder values Norman's "star power and sizzle" despite coaches?

    Norman is a very good corner. He simply hasn't been used in a way that allows him to be consistently as effective as he was in Carolina. We've done this before -- we've watched a player perform marvelously for another team, then we sign him, and when he gets to Ashburn, we ask him to do things that run counter (no pun intended) to what made him so effective (and desirable) in the first place. Reminds me a lot of the Jeremiah Trotter situation. We signed the dude and asked him to become a read-and-react LB, but that's not what made him such a great LB with those stinkin' Eagles. We've done the same with Norman.
  12. Let's hope the defensive coordinator knows how to use this kid. With him, Foster, and that D-Line, this ought to be a formidable defense.
  13. skinzplay

    Starting QB 2019???

    Dude is a headcase; a talented headcase, but a headcase nonetheless. The offense they're going to be running in NY doesn't need OBJ, and they're putting together a completely different kind of offensive attack. I hope it fails miserably, of course, but I think they did the right thing by dealing him to Cleveland.
  14. skinzplay

    Starting QB 2019???

    NY could be a good landing spot for Rosen if he's gonna get dealt. Working with Shurmur would be phenomenal for his development, and Mike Shula runs a very good offense. Rosen could sit for a year behind Eli and get the tutelage he needs, and the kid could be ready to roll for the 2020 season. Just a thought. Getting OBJ outta there minimizes drama and complications for a young QB. I'd keep an eye on how the G-Men approach this.
  15. Let's hope against hope that our DC knows how to use Collins properly. As Keim said, you can't get too goo-goo eyed about him and ask him to cover every back outta the slot; he can't. Dude is a baller, though. Hope that shoulder is fully healed by training camp and he's ready to roll.