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  1. i cut the cord a while ago and got a VPN to watch nats games. It worked last year fine. this year, if i chromecast to my tv, the chromecast seems to be telling MLB my location. First, anyone experiencing this? Second, does anyone know of a third party router/wifi that works with fios? i could maybe put the vpn on the router. expressvpn.com
  2. Basically, I have one computer which hosts a website and I want that computer to maintain its static IP address. I want my other devices to be able to take advantage of the VPN so that I can stream MLB, e.g.
  3. So, I'm on my way to cutting the cord. Bought the antenna and a tablo. Going to get sling TV also. Also going for a VPN, but have a question about that. If I get the VPN, will it disguise every device on my network or doors the VPN go on a computer and disguise only that computer, specifically? Thanks all
  4. what do you use for the internet proxy? Yea, the last piece. SlingTV does get ESPN suite of channels though. HD antenna gets football games... just Nats games left really. For me anyway.
  5. I'm getting interested in Sling TV. Has anyone tried it? Also, is there anyway to watch Nats games live if I live in the DC area without cable? Over the air? Internet? Anything. That's the last piece for me i think.
  6. That's just the only thing he said that had any concrete value. And it doesn't decrease costs or improve access to healthcare.
  7. So, there was no answer to how, except medical malpractice reform. Of course, states that have medical malpractice reform, and about 40+ do, have seen their health insurance premiums rise at exponential rates. There's no evidence that med mal reform would lower any costs or provide access to healthcare for anyone. The evidence is just the opposite. Plus, "why have Washington bureaucrats making decisions for the states as to what med mal reform is best for each state?"
  8. welll, that's what gruber said, isn't it? that obamcare was sold on lies. So, you don't think it was...???
  9. I'll hear you out that his comments are "true." Explain to me how Obamacare was sold on lies? Give me your argument. I will grant you that it turned out to be untrue that "if you like your insurance you can keep it." You, I assume, will admit Obama took steps to try to fix that when it became apparent that wasn't true. But, like I said, explain to me what the lies were that Obama told to get Obamcare passed.
  10. Totally disagree. Very little talent where it counts. Just admit it and you'll feel better.
  11. That was prior to the election and from the right wingers. The "mantra" on the board from the left was that Romney was selling a bill of goods that didn't add up and everyone could see it.
  12. That isn't very top notch. 57% of people don't want it repealed.
  13. First off, you completely changed the subject. Second, there are a lot of polls that say repeal is unwanted now: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/plum-line/wp/2014/09/09/even-in-romney-states-more-want-to-keep-obamacare-than-repeal-it/ The poll’s topline shows that a total of 57 percent of voters support Obamacare (43 percent) or don’t support it but want to let it go ahead and see how it works (just under 15 percent). Meanwhile, only 39 percent want to repeal the law. That’s 57-39 for keeping versus repealing the law.
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