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  1. O overall needs to make a big step. Based on the names, we were already sceptic but it's not good enough right now. O line can't stop the opponent, Haskins is way to streaky, skill players struggle to beat 1v1 and playcalling is not helping. Biggest issue might be that Haskins his style doesn't fit the teams players. I think he is best from within the pocket with deeper routes. But for that you need clean pocket and receivers beating 1v1 down field. I agree with most that quick passing game would help some of the o line issues...but not sure if fits Haskins well. Accurate quick re
  2. Why pretend you are surprised? Eagles made us look good but O looked terrible in that. Just see exact same this week.
  3. I love the enthusiasm but are we sure the Eagles weren't just really bad last week...
  4. Normally I can come up with a serious break down but...mentally I checked out after the 1st. The second half was just a hype train. Took me by surprise and now I got no proper break down
  5. Look we started terrible made adjustments and won this game. Well done well done. I stand corrected.
  6. Maybe I was wrong... Good moment to be wrong
  7. Did we do half time adjustments? Who are these guys?!
  8. Lets be honest. It wasn't the DBs that looked good in camp. It was our total lack of receiving talent that made them look good...
  9. Nice hold. Good to see that refs didn't change either. Same old soooong
  10. Lets be honest. This O is underwhelming. We knew it and we see it.
  11. New year, new name, same team! 3th and 20 get burned for a deep ball . Our DBs had one job
  12. I'm sorry but this O is the most unimpressive depth chart ever. I can already see the messages comming on my phone. "Who is that guy? And that?"
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