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  1. I don't now if this was necessary. I expected the team to keep this position open and see if after the draft or later this off-season could hire a guy for this kind position. But I guess Ron liked what he saw and heard from Kyle. Has faith in working together.
  2. wilco_holland

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I just hope Chase Young is wired the right way, because there will be high expectations and a lot of pressure on him. Wherever he goes. Personally Simmons speaks more to me but I'm not sure if his impact can match that of Young. It's easier to work with a decent lb/s when having an great pass rush VS work with decent pass rush and great lb/s.
  3. I do agree that would be fun to bring in an OC from the outside and consult with him on his staff (he doesn't pick then but can make recommendations and is allowed to give his opinion. Get a bit more diverse. Because was that Carolina team so good then? No improvement possible? But on the other side. Why would Ron Burgundy take a shot at somebody he doesn't know? And bring in people he doesn't know? The biggest issue we had last year on D was that all D guys didn't see eye to eye. Team Manusky and Team Ryan. Ron now knows: These guys know what I want, they can work together and share my vision. The upside might be a bit lower but the risk is also way lower. He is taking the save road.
  4. Good luck to the new guy. Let's be honest how big of a deal can the cap guy be? NFL is an open market. If they offer Brandon a lower amount then his agent expects to get in the open market...good luck with getting him signed. And creating cap space can be done by any accountant. That's not crazy science. So I'm good and it's what people wanted. Clean the house. Get fresh culture in from the top to bottom. Last year we already released Scot Campbell right? So we don't have any "been here for 10 years" guys left?
  5. wilco_holland

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Hmm Fromm declared. Qeustionable. Not sure if he couldn't improve.
  6. wilco_holland

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    I posted this the same day as the news broke we hired O assistants. Was for me trigger that KOC would not stay. You don't want to be coordinator of 10 guys who know each other. And shame on the guy who mentioned the Bingo caller . Let's not get back to the three headed play calling with delay.
  7. Looking around the league. Dan could have made a lot worse hires . East is really...let's day interesting.
  8. wilco_holland

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    At least sign a guy who wants and believes in Haskins. I don't need a Jay RGIII 2.0. He doesn't have to hand him the job but needs to believe in him as a prospect.
  9. Never knew how many Chris Harris guys played in the league when looking up info
  10. wilco_holland

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    Not huge fan of how we are building the O side of the staff. We already brought in position coaches but no OC? Don't they need to match each other? I thought the reason why Del Rio was in the house was so they could discus the rest of the D staff. I'm not saying the OC should hire his staff but would be nice if he could have input. Now you might force stuff. For me this also shuts the door on KOC. If they are still discussing the position and the guy starts hiring his old O coaches, I would not feel comfortably. "You can run your off but I want it to look like this and these coaches can help you with it". And if Ron doesn't like your playcalling its s easy move to go to his guys who "know what he wants". In general I'm always dissapointed by the hiring of NFL position coaches. I never feel like there is a real "interview proces". You just need to know the HC and you got the spot. Would be lot of work to interview 3 guys for all positions but then you can find some gems. Why was a Ike Hilliard not interviewed for the WR job? At least talk to him and see if he is better then the guy you always worked with. Take an open minded approach.
  11. Some people claim that thanksgiving comment was inside joke between Ron and Dan. Because he got fired around thanksgiving when we beat Carolina. It's also how Ron started his part.
  12. We can say a lot about Dan but he put in the effort and convinced Ron to come hear. He had other options but I believe that Ron really liked this job. From the history to the players to the vision Dan has. Sure we need to see how it works out but if the man does something well, it can be mentioned! But man starting with happy thanksgiving???! It had my European/Dutch mind totally confused
  13. wilco_holland

    4-3 Starting Lineup

    I know, it's just old men talk. One guy who could shine in this D might be JHC. In our current system he doesn't really fit but in 4-3 olb. Could work better for him.
  14. wilco_holland

    4-3 Starting Lineup

    4-3 olb'ers are not that hard to find and not that much in demand. I don't see a long term issue with that. Only thing that annoys me is that OLB college kids these days weight around 220-230. That feels so light In the old days these guys would come in 250.