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  1. wilco_holland

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Why on earth did we meet with a punter? We have the best punter in the NFL! This is such a waste of time Don't give me the "you need to do your research". It's a punter.
  2. wilco_holland

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Agree with Bush but I'm pretty sure he is going in the first. His skill set is in high demand right now. A LB who can cover well and be above average against the run. But he needs to have a free running role. It's not a LB who will blow up blocks and then get the running back.
  3. wilco_holland

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Would let's the chips drop (that's what you say in English right?). I think the value probally is in the 3th to 4th round. You can then grab a TE the other years might be a second rounder at least. And yes people am back from my Redskins end of season depression. This board had just to many negative opinions after that terrible stretch of game. But the draft man...
  4. wilco_holland

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    For me Murray is a pass. Beeing a successful QB is 40% physical skills, 60% mental. You need to work hard, be the first in the building and leave late in the evening. You absolutely need to love football. You just can't get enough of it. That's the difference between an oke QB and a great QB. Murray doesn't even know if he wants to be a QB. How are you then going to commit and put in the work? But I might he old fashioned
  5. wilco_holland

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    If we don't pick a TE this year then we are crazy. This class is loaded. Lot of young guys. It would give us a solution if Reed goes down or moved on.
  6. wilco_holland

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    We once had a staff with OC Kyle Shanahan (Head Coach 49ers), Sean McVay (HC Rams) and Matt LaFleur (HC Packers). Ugh
  7. wilco_holland

    Redskins Cut DJ Swearinger!

    First it was good fun and some nice fire but at some point we just get tired of his act. You can not calling out teammates over and over again when you are part of the problem. He should have showed some serious self criticism and get his guys to work. Not just bad mouth after every game. To bad it ended this way but he was cut before. Man talks to much
  8. wilco_holland

    Game Day Thread: Redskins at Blake Bottles Bench

    Yes they did it again. Give me a small chance of hope that we might get to the playoffs. No realistic but it is possible. Keeping Kirk out of playoffs football would be bitter sweet.
  9. wilco_holland

    Game Day Thread- Eli’s Stoopid Face at Redskins

    I have seen NFL and team revenue numbers. If he is going broke then he has made a really bad outside the NFL investment because teams make good money.
  10. wilco_holland

    Game Day Thread- Eli’s Stoopid Face at Redskins

    Yeah that might push me over the edge of throwing the TV out of the window.
  11. wilco_holland

    Game Day Thread- Eli’s Stoopid Face at Redskins

    If I where Jay I might just keep standing at the side line turning half time. No need to talk to the team. We all know they checked out. They are looking forward to the off-season.
  12. wilco_holland

    Game Day Thread- Eli’s Stoopid Face at Redskins

    Hello darkness my old friend. Yeah sure get me a new drink...maybe a new bottle..just bring me a barrel
  13. wilco_holland

    Redskins vs Giants Prediction Thread: The "Take Me Behind The Woodshed" Episode

    So with the new guys on IR are we going to see a lot of youngsters play against the Giants? Or do we really think we can make the playoffs. Give them some experience for next season's. Maybe start signing some practise squad guys from other teams.
  14. Such a promising start of the year Such a disappointing second half This is what beeing a Redskins fan is. Get hope, be excited and then get punched in the face with bad football.