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  1. I need to see it all on the field. Trent hasn't played in a year but is our current LT better then Trent or vet replacement? Right now we got two unproven young guys. Did we improve in our back 4 where we struggled badly? Fuller is nice piece but Dunbar left. Norman also left. So need two fill two starting spot from early season. Safety might be a bit better. The only thing we really improved on his o-line depth, passrusher and more potential in off weapons. I know it's about culture and stuff. But pure player wise I don't think we took a huge step forward. So if we improve it will be all on the coaching staff. That they can get more out of this bunch then the previous. Imo
  2. wilco_holland

    2021 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    This thread gets earlier every year! For ILBs you got Moses from Bama but I'm not sold on him. Parsons from Penn could be more what you look for. But I haven't seen a lot of Penn games. So only read about him.
  3. wilco_holland

    Undrafted free agent signings

    Don't think it matters to much because I don't then I there will be a normal pre season and stuff. But curious to see that we don't want to mass kick tires.
  4. wilco_holland

    Undrafted free agent signings

    The Rams signed 20... already.
  5. wilco_holland

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Just curious if all of these guy can earn a roster spot because I expect a shorter off season.
  6. wilco_holland

    Redskins to sign Adrian Peterson per NFL.com

    We have more spots this year right? On the roster. Not sure for what we want to use that.
  7. wilco_holland

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Yeah it's a high upside draft. Chase can be huge. If we find way to use Gibson we have a huge weapon, but if we do it wrong he does nothing. LSU tackle at least could push for the LT spot...but could also be live long back up. Rest look like role players.
  8. wilco_holland

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Guess we want hybrid guys. We used to have seniors that where team captains. We now have guys who played multiply positions.
  9. wilco_holland

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Thumper lbr or speed guy?
  10. wilco_holland

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Yes we know nothing about him. He is a special find of our scouting staff!
  11. wilco_holland

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    You can just scheme out the TE's. Will just put a lot more pressure on the WRs and make the run game harder. But my main issue is. Last year's we either had a TE who couldn't block **** in the run game or had a TE that was so bad as a receiver...that teams knew we where going to run. So you just want to make us more versatile and harder to read. You need a do it all TE for that imo.
  12. wilco_holland

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    So now these 2 days are over the real draft starts. Any idiot can find talent in first 3 rounds. These are the real scout rounds. Without the full draft off-season I expect it to be wild. I'm excited to see what we do. My feeling say we would be smart to grab a TE and OT. But I looked around. I don't see an OT that I think can be a legit started Any time soon. So would skip that. For the TE the guys look to be pretty close. I don't think a TE in the 4th is way better then one in the 5th. So I think in the 4th just take guys you really like. I love to get Quaterman with one of the 4th rounders. There is nothing fancy about this guy but played from day 1 for Miami. Did nothing else then just produce, hustle and hit people. Are his height weight speed numbers good, nope. But he gets the job done. This guy is going to produce.
  13. wilco_holland

    Welcome to the Redskins Antonio Gibson, RB/WR Memphis

    Yeah put me in this group. I like the guy his upside and playmaking ability but he isn't a pure RB. His vision is nowhere close to the backs we have. I think you just need to get him in space with quick slants and screens. For the 3th down back his pass pro needs to be top notch. Can't find any info about that. But I must be honest. Was this the player who is going to help us the most? It all depends on how much Turner is going to be able to get this guy on the field and be productive. So I'm a bit skeptical. Love the upside but it's a high risk.
  14. wilco_holland

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    About the Love move from GB. I think sometimes GMs get caught in this "value" thing. "We have a high grade on him, QBs have high value." But what is your plan? You got a great QB who can play for years. Get him players to win now!
  15. wilco_holland

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Must say. I don't like having the second pick. It's no fun . And this first round was weak. Looked to much like the mocks. No real shockers or big trades.