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  1. Would it be an option for Dan to basically now resell some of his ownership to generate money? I thought that the NFL has this odd history of new owners being minority owners of other teams before they bought a team. So I think there are a lot of rich people who want to gain that advantage by buying a couple of percent of Dan. You are then part of the inner circle of nfl (minority) owners.
  2. European guy jumping in. Yes the original soccer stadiums in Europa have a crazy good atmosphere but most of the new builds are a step back because of current day safety rules and bigger seating numbers. Don't forget that most nfl stadiums have a bigger capacity then must European once. As an example only 1 stadium in England has more or equal amount of seats as FedEx (although they don't need that much).
  3. Agree. It's also not the most logical moment in the off-season program to cut people. They had a rookie camp with 10 players (that's says nothing) and people checked in for the voluntary program. That's it.
  4. guys call down. No need to cut half the roster right now. We need a big squad going into the off-season program...people get hurt. It's not like you can just sign a UDFA who is better. That's just what is annoying. Ron is a competition guy but he didn't let the OTs compete and cut down our depth at one of the most important positions. He takes a risk. Expecting the new to be better then the old (something about the grass always being greener at the neighbours).
  5. It is ridiculous to cut him and have a solid starting tackle leave for nothing. See one team getting a injury at left tackle and trading a 4th for a sub par back up to fill that spot.
  6. Unnecessary risk. Before this off-season we had very questionable LT situation. We brought in a rookie and a one year deal vet. Now we also take away our solid starting RT...when it's still early off-season. If rookie is not ready or 1 guy gets injured your depth is totally gone. There is no reason to make this move now.
  7. I'm still a bit sad that we needed a new longsnapper....
  8. These rounds is just swinging and hope you got something. I always like trades there that get you more swings. Rookie camp try outs are also limited this year (covid max), so having a big draft class will benefit a team.
  9. Need pick? Was he best guy available? I like to just swing in players from the 4th and see if any work out. It's not bad pick. Just zero excitement.
  10. Sexy Rexy Grossman should have played in this O
  11. The Dutch recap day 2 I'm pleasantly surprised by the first year we are really running the draft with Ron and all his lieutenants. Not with some former regime guys. After today I'm 100% sure what they want to do. They value athletic (speed) highly and go for the more athletic upside pick instead of the more saver pick. At day 2 there was always a saver position player imo but with a lower ceiling. In previous years we might have taken the more solid team captain prospect, you know he is going to produce can be on the field early...but also knew he is not going to be a star. I like that we
  12. -------- About the QB discussion. Elite D with Fitzpatrick won't win us the Super Bowl. We might ride into the playoffs but look at Super Bowl winning QBs. You don't win with an average one. I think if we get in position to draft one. You take him. Because it's just a numbers game. For every amazing QB there are also amazing failures. If you keep hitting, you might find one. Next year's QB class is really really questionable. I can give you 6 potential guys but non has star power written over him. So skipping this year, bad class next year. 2023 our D will be different becaus
  13. This has been a weird offseason. Without all the pre draft events it's hard to gain Intel for media members and nobody really knows what teams gonna do with players that skipped a full year of football development. I think more then ever the draft boards of teams will be very different. That makes a very fun and unpredictable draft. Personally I think we skip oline in the first. There is good depth and I think there will be a little run on them before our pick. That will make a premier D player drop to us. I see us pick one of these: Parsons, Horn, Moehrig or Owusu.
  14. This is why I would say trade down. The second tier LB you get is the same as you get end first/top second. But I just don't see for what player people are going to trade up too. Maybe a RB? To stay in front of the Steelers and grab the top RB.
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