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GP: Cannibalism in North Korea


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Cannibalism in North Korea

What if it wasn't just a rumor? A leaked official document raises concern.

Just when you thought North Korea couldn't get any more disturbing.

A leaked official police document reportedly details at least one case of cannibalism.

If true, the report would validate what has been rumored in the North for quite some time: that people are so hungry they are eating other people.

According to the Korea Herald:

"The report, later obtained by South Korea's Caleb Mission, provided a rare look into the alleged cannibalism and other crimes, but it did not say whether cannibalism has become a widespread practice.

In one account, a male guard who could not bear his hunger killed his colleague using an ax, ate some of the human flesh and sold the remainder in the market by disguising it as mutton, the report said, without giving any further details such as when the alleged crime occurred."

The confidential, 791-page document, called a "Manual for workers in law enforcement," chronicles 721 criminal cases. The majority of cases involved food.

Five of the cases, according to the International Business Times, involved cannibalism.

Click on the link for the full article

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You'd think the North Koreans would be fed up with their country by now. This is a very unsavory story.

edit: We're all going to hell, aren't we?

North Korea has to be the biggest example of Stockholm Syndrom in history. A whole nation taken hostage by one family.

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For those curious about North Korea and a good supplementary documentary to what Destino posted:

Really makes me mad at what the piece of **** Kim Jong il is getting away with.

I actually just watched that a week or two ago. It is really amazing how completely and utterly cut off from the rest of the world they are. The cult of personality that Kim Jong Il and his father created is so pervasive it was just jaw dropping. I knew it was bad, but after watching that documentary I was just blown away.

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Wouldn't surprise me. I remember reading an article about a Journalist who was able to report back on the horrors he witnessed. He said he witnessed a cow take a dump, and then watched as multiple Korean kids fought each other over the Kernel or Corn in the Cow's dung.

Also, if you go to google maps and look at North Korea at Night. The only area that even has lights that can be seen is from Pyuonyang or however you spell their captial city.

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